Postgame Quotes - Penn State at Indiana

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Oct. 1, 2011

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    Indiana Head Coach Wilson

    Opening Statement:
    "Guys played hard, came up a little short. Defense was good in the scoring zone, offense didn't score any, so it's a tough game. Penn State has a good defense, so it was a good battle, a good fight, and we just didn't do what we need to do to win."

    On Dusty Kiel's performance on the final drive of the game:
    "At the end we ran out of time, so we had to chuck one up that was underthrown a little bit into the wind. But the last two drives were a little bit more straight two minute, hit a few passes. Prior to that, though, our offense just didn't click too much so we had to work for everything. We had one good drive backed up with some good running plays that kind of helped us, kind of saved the defense a little bit. But the offense didn't help the defense. The defense bailed the offense out a lot today. I think they were 3-for-5 in the scoring zone with three field goals. We forced two turnovers in the scoring zone. They had some yards, but our defense did a great job rallying."

    On Penn State's front four:
    "They're good. They're always good. Big, stout, strong, mature. We've done a lot here trying to lean our guys, get them into shape. We've got to build them back up, I thought we were a little soft to begin with, so we've kind of stripped some things down but we've got to build back. We can do a little bit through recruiting, but it's really through a little bit of time and we're on that right now. We've got guys after practice everyday doing a boat load of things with some nutritionists trying to internally build us as we move forward. But they are a little overpowering with their size. That being said, it allows them in coverage to not over-aggressively play corners and safeties, where they keep everything in front of you. They're just a big stout team and they make you work at it, and that's why they're one of the better defenses in the league."

    On the decision to start Dusty Kiel and his performance:
    "Ed Wright-Baker had an ankle sprain. He didn't practice all week. It's okay, went the wrong way several times. Of course, he didn't have a lot of help....He's missing a few things, but he didn't hurt us. He's like Ed, they're both young. They're both battling, but the only reason he totally played instead of Ed, and we probably would have played them both, it would have been interesting to see how it would have went, but Ed was not able to go. Now he's close, I don't know if he could have played today, but it looks like the way he's moving around by Monday he'll be close to practicing and we'll have both of them next week as we move forward. Is there an issue or a controversy with who we got? We'll figure that one out when we get to Monday, but right now, Dusty played well. He needs his supporting cast to play better, but he also has some glitches and as he plays he'll keep coming along."

    Indiana Linebacker Jeff Thomas

    On the defense in the Red Zone:
    "I feel like we've been doing pretty well with people in the red zone. It's been a good job by us. We just have to keep chugging along."

    On the difference in the first half and second half:
    "We were on the field a little bit today. When they keep gashing you and keep doing stuff like that, it takes a toll and as a defense we have to respond a little better. We still played pretty well but we have to pick it up."

    On playing more man defense:
    "It's more of a zone man but yes, that's what we do. We just never want a deep touchdown play. That was my fault. We were supposed to have the right side wide receiver doubled and the tight end was running straight down the field. I take full responsibility and blame for that one. We made the right call. Should have had the guy doubled. I slipped up in coverage and the safety had to get me. We had one on one with Greg but you know Greg usually makes that play nine out of ten times, but today the wide receiver was pretty good and he made a good play."

    Indiana Running Back Steven Houston

    On the offense getting going the last two minutes:
    "Whoever is in the game, whether its me or the other freshmen, whenever its two minutes were always on the top of our game. The line stepped up, our quarterback did, our wide receivers, the whole team stepped up."

    On the play of Dusty Kiel:
    "He came and he showed up and got off to a good start . I was proud of him. He kept his composure. He had everybody in the right spots and he just made plays whenever he could."

    Indiana Quarterback Dusty Kiel

    On the fourth down bootleg run for the first down:
    "Yes, it was nice. I was just reading the defense on that play. I mean he bit him hard, so I went around him and just try to give us support."

    On being comfortable running the hurry-up offense late in games:
    "I wouldn't say that. I think with our hurry up we get a couple first downs and it makes everyone more relaxed and on pace.

    On what he learned in his first career start:
    "Yes I did, I learned a lot. It's the Big Ten and those guys are pretty big out there."

    Penn State Coach Joe Paterno

    On offensive performance:
    "I didn't think we looked perfect. We have to do some things better obviously. Not staying on blocks; we didn't do a couple of things there. We'll go back home and try to get a little bit better. But, every time you say things like that, you take away from the other guy. I thought the Indiana kids played with a lot of enthusiasm, they hustled on all the plays and I though their tackling was very good. So we've got a lot of work to do, but I think you've got to give the Indiana coaching staff and the kids a lot of credit."

    On offensive performance versus Indiana:
    "You know darn well that one week a team can play with a certain intensity and another week a different one - certain things happen differently. Indiana played down at North Texas last week, they didn't play at home. I just thought it was a good tough football game. The Indiana kids played well, they were well coached and the best things about us was that we hung in there. We've got a lot of work to do, I won't disagree with that. But we hung in there and won the game. That's what you're supposed to do."

    On turnovers in the red zone:
    "It's a mindset maybe. I don't know. I think we're wasting too many opportunities. I think if you waste too many opportunities, sometimes you just don't have enough, your defense can't keep you in the game long enough for you to win it. I thought our defense played a good solid football game, as they have all year."

    On quarterback situation:
    "I really haven't thought about that. We played both kids again and I think both of them did a decent job. I don't think either one of them played a better job today, but they both hung in there. I think we'll go back home and we'll take a good look at it. We play a good, tough Big Ten team next week, we'll be at home and I think we'll see where we have to go. But I have no intentions of concern. I think we'll take a look at where we are and what we can do to get a little better."

    On offensive line:
    "I didn't think we were staying on blocks. I think remarks about Indiana last week may have had a little bit of an impact on how they went into this game. They thought that it was going to be easier. The Indiana kids played a much better game obviously. At least I would say that they did. I think that's a credit to their coaching staff. We didn't stay on blocks and we had a couple missed assignments. Guys at this stage I would hope would be a little bit better."




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