Postgame Quotes - Michigan at Indiana

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Oct. 2, 2010

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    Postgame Press Conference Video

    Indiana University Head Coach Bill Lynch

    Opening Statement:
    "That was a great football game. I'm really disappointed for our kids. I thought they had great effort and kept battling the whole time. We played a very, very good football team with some great players. It was a different kind of game, in the sense of some of the traditional things like time of possession (don't always tell the whole story). Big plays today, on their part, won out. I'm really proud of our guys and the way they played."

    On Denard Robinson:
    "He's just a great athlete. He's one of those guys that's just different. He's got speed. He's got awareness. He's got instincts and he's a very, very good passer as well. You can see it on film getting ready for him, but on the field you sense the same thing. Some athletes are just different. They have not only talent, but competitiveness and a sense of how to play the game. We've got some of those guys too."

    On Ben Chappell:
    "I think he's one of those guys too. Stand back there and throw it that many times against a good Michigan team. He put it on the money and made some huge plays in some critical situations. I thought Tandon (Doss) and Damarlo (Belcher) were pretty good too."

    On positives to take away from the loss:
    "I think, first and foremost, that what you ask your kids to do is give great effort from start to finish and they gave great effort. We ask them to prepare throughout the week for the game and they did that. So I couldn't be prouder of them. We'll learn from the mistakes and the plays we didn't make and we'll get ready to go play this Saturday. There's a lot of football left, a lot of football left in this year."

    On the offensive success by both teams:
    "It was just one of those games. I hope the fans enjoyed it because there certainly was a lot of offense and they tend to like offense. There was great effort, really, on both teams' part. It was a heck of a football game. It's a game that didn't have a lot of turnovers. It didn't have mistakes in the kicking game. It didn't have a lot of penalties. It was a pretty well-played game for two teams going at it like that."

    On all-around play from the receivers:
    "I just think they played hard. I think they ran hard after the catch. I think we had a lot of extra first downs from running hard after the catch. I think Matt Canada, our coordinator, and the offensive staff did a great job putting together a plan that was effective throughout the game. We got stopped a couple of times and looking back at it, we needed to score a little bit more."

    Indiana Players Postgame Quotes

    Darius Johnson
    On last drive and how Denard Robinson took over the game:
    "We made a few mistakes, but he's a very good player. You can't make mistakes against a team like that. If you do, they make you pay for it."

    On stops made in the fourth quarter:
    "We saw that the offense was carrying the team the whole game and we came to the conclusion that we needed to make some stops to help them out."

    On the defense covering Denard Robinson:
    "It's all about trust. If we're in man coverage, you have to trust the other 10 people on the field with you to do their jobs."

    On "finishing" [the game]:
    "Well they scored so we didn't finish. We didn't come out on top like we wanted to so we didn't finish. From a defensive standpoint, we finished for the most part and as an offense, they finished too."

    Tyler Replogle
    On Denard Robinson:
    "He's number one for the Heisman. He obviously is a great player. There's not much else to be said. One of the positive things is that they got a couple touchdowns early in the first half, but we were able to stop them for a little bit in the second half."

    On what the team needs to improve on:
    "Tackling, angles and execution. We're going to watch the film, we're going to learn from it and we're going to be a better defense."

    On recovering the fumble:
    "I think it was a miscue with the center and quarterback. I saw the ball on the ground so I went for it."

    On positives taken from the game:
    "We'll watch the film and see what we did right when we were stopping them. We had a couple three and outs that I'm anxious to see."

    On Ohio State next week:
    "It's good. We've got to play Robinson and we've got to play Michigan. They're a great football team and we've got another great football team next week. I think you want to play great football teams, especially after a loss."

    Mitchell Evans
    On Michigan's speed:
    "They're a big-play team and it's hard to replicate that overall speed when the Big Ten season comes. I think we finally got used to the speed later on in the game. They came out flying and I think it caught us off guard a little bit."

    On what the team can take from the game:
    "I think there's a lot of pros and cons we can take away. On the offensive side, they're one of best teams with a Heisman front-runner. I think we made some plays on them and they made some plays on us. It's a tough way to look at it, but we'll get better. Our defense stepped up big at the end of the game beside giving up that pass (on the last drive). But I think it was the drive before that we rallied together and made some plays."

    On why Robinson is so tough:
    "He has great field vision and he's elusive and he has that next gear when he gets to the open field. All three things make him a threat."

    University of Michigan Head Coach Rich Rodriguez

    Opening Statement:
    "The stats are interesting, huh? 35 first downs for them to 15 for us. They ran 98 plays to 45 for us. I don't like seeing that. But the most important one is the win so we'll take that. Any Big Ten road win is a good win. We still have to know that we have to play a lot better. But we made the plays when we had to and got the win."

    On Indiana:
    "They controlled the game with their offense, which is something that worried us coming in here. We had a couple really quick scoring drives offensively so that leads to a little bit skewed (stats). But we had a lot of different looks out there sometimes and they are growing up in a hurry."

    "Coach Lynch and his staff do a great job and they have some outstanding skilled players and they made some big plays, and like I said we made one big enough to win it."

    On the final drive:
    "We had a couple timeouts and decent enough field position to run it, but the other thing is his explosiveness. He can turn a short run into a big play in a hurry. The last pass that we hit, we probably wished that we would have caught it earlier.

    On Indiana getting stops on defense in the second half:
    "We simply did not execute- and they did a good job defensively. Every time it seemed like we were short a yard. That is the thing that was disappointing for us is that we had two to three opportunities to go up two scores. I still would not have felt completely comfortable but I would have felt more comfortable that I did.

    On running the ball at the end with Denard Robinson:
    "We don't consider any run with Denard to be conservative. We had him run towards the middle of the field so that if he did not score, the field goal was going to be like an extra point. But Denard being Denard, he saw a crease and was able to score."




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