Postgame Quotes - Indiana vs. Ohio State

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Oct. 3, 2009

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    Opening statement:
    "We played a really good football team tonight. First half we could not get them off the field. They converted and they just had the ball too much. Then, we got behind and we weren't able to run the football.

    "They are a great defense and we knew that going in. That's as good a defense as there is in America. When you get behind and then you have to do some things that you don't really want to do. Particularly their front four just came after us and gave us problems. We had some turnovers that really hurt us. Particularly, in the middle of the game, I am not saying that was the difference, but that certainly hurt us and they controlled field position. I am proud of the way our defense kept battling the second half. I thought the field position was totally in their favor because of how they played and our kicking game wasn't great. Our defense kept battling and I was proud of that. We will learn from it. With that, we have to move on, and go back on the road and play an ACC team. I think Virginia beat North Carolina today, so it's a big challenge. Bbut I give Ohio State credit. They are a great football team and we knew that. We didn't play well enough, and they certainly did what they had to do to win."

    On Terrelle Pryor:
    "You know, he's a difference maker. I think that's the best way to put it. I don't know how many times he got them out of situations with his legs to get first downs. It was much the way we thought, he's a very difficult guy to tackle, because he can straight arm, he's allusive, and he never rushes himself either. He made some good throws too. He threw a post in there for a score. He's a pretty special football player."

    On Ohio State's defense slowing them down:
    "You know if you watch tape, that's how they play everyone. That's how they played USC. We had one drive tonight, that's what USC had against them. They scored on a 1-yard drive after an interception and we kind of put the little thing there at the end, but they are very, very good. Their front four are very strong. If you have to throw it, it really stresses your protection because they are going to, if not get sacks, they are going to hit the quarterback. They got after him a lot and we have to go back and watch tape and correct some of the things we didn't' do well on offense. I will stand here tonight and say we played against a pretty good defense."

    On the last touchdown:
    "Our kids battle and if we have a chance to score, we are going to take advantage of the situation and score. If we were 80 yards short from the goal, I wouldn't be calling time out. Our kids are battling out there and they are trying to score. I was proud of them the way they kept battling."

    On balancing the progress of the team playing against two very good opponents back to back:
    "We played a lot better last week. I don't think there is any question about that. I'm not going to stand up here and compare opponents. But, we played a lot better last week and I think that we certainly didn't play well enough tonight, but Ohio State is a very, very good football team. I think the best thing to do is give them a lot of credit, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. With Pryor, they score enough points and they really controlled the game in the first half with their offense."

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    Indiana defensive back Ray Fisher

    On preparing for the game:
    "We had a good week of practice. We had to really go back in and go to the drawing board. Now we can focus on preparing for Virginia next week."

    On the effectiveness of the OSU running game:
    "We didn't play the way we have been playing all year. They were really just minor mistakes that we will be able to go back and look at them on Sunday or Monday and improve on them."

    On what Ohio State did to neutralize Greg Middleton and Jammie Kirlew:
    "If we just play Indiana football, then those two are great football players. We don't have to change anything because they go out there and do what they do, week in and week out."

    On playing against an old friend from high school (Ray Small of Ohio State):
    "It's a childhood dream, really. We grew up together. We really grew up with each other. We went to high school together. We spent every day in high school together, so really it was a great opportunity for both of us. We just went out there and had fun."

    Indiana quarterback Ben Chappell

    On the athleticism of the Ohio State defense:
    "Their defensive line is big and athletic. I think that is the strength of their defense, and their other guys are good too.

    "They are a solid defense, no question. We moved the ball on them that one drive and we had some other opportunities and I missed some throws. So we were able to move the ball a little but that is still a good defense."

    On whether he got into a rhythm in the pocket tonight:
    "We went three-and-out too much to be able to get into a good rhythm. In the no-huddle offense you cannot go three-and-out and expect to win. And you can't turn the ball over. Those two things are not good and we have to fix that."

    Indiana linebacker Will Patterson

    On the team growing through the challenges of the last two weeks:
    "Today we really got hit with adversity, so coming off of that we can really learn to be in the moment. Now we know what it is like and we can learn from it. Now we can build on it."

    On the times that the defense would do things right and Pryor would still make a positive play:
    "There were definitely times where the things we did, we would be OK. But with Pryor, you have to be perfect. He definitely created things and kept them in the game and kept them going."

    On the Ohio State running attack in the first half:
    "It was just missed tackles. They weren't running over us and putting us on the ground, but they were effective on what they were doing. Their offensive linemen were doing a good job of staying on their blocks, so we were not able to get off of our blocks to make the play."




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