IU vs. MSU Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Oct. 6, 2012

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    Kevin Wilson
    On what wasn't working offensively in the second half:

    "I think they (Michigan State) played a little bit harder. They got off blocks, we didn't get our running game going well. That's the nature of their defense. One, they're pretty stout and they're pretty good, but two; they're just going to outnumber you and make you work the ball outside where the 12th defender is - the sideline. Again, I was just disappointed in our rhythm, it was similar to Ball State and similar to the first half last week. Just our ability to get the right calls or get the kids to execute the calls. If they're the right call and you don't execute them, then it's not the right call. Just getting in sync, we're just a little bit off. We can be third down and real long and third down and six or eight and we come off the field. Again, give credit to their guys and their coaches, they got it done at halftime and played a good second half. You're not going to beat a good team, you're not going to win the Big Ten like that and you're not going to beat good teams if you don't play 60 (minutes)."

    On whether he thought of making the switch to Nate Sudfeld:
    A little bit, but at the same time we went so long with Cam. I thought he played reasonably well, we weren't forcing picks. They only reason we went with Cam was that he was slightly better on Wednesday and Thursday. It was really just better in communication as a young guy and a couple plays. When we were practicing Nate, he would be a little off on a couple plays, just butchered a couple, didn't mean too, it's just him being a young guy. We truly don't chart our statistics, but it's close. Actually, one of our coaches today said `hey, are we going to start Nate?' That's kind of how he practiced. We went with Cam, he got a hot hand and we rode him. In the second half they did a nice job, again we didn't have the ball for 20-something minutes, so again they did a nice job of working us and staying on the field. By then to me the game had gone away. If I would have told you before the game, it probably wouldn't have happened. With the dynamics and the ways things went, that's just the way we rode the race out.

    On how much different Coffman was than in the first half last week:
    Support helped, too. We got in a rhythm offensively, a rhythm playing-calling, we were attacking, there was some energy. We have to find ways to keep creating energy. I think there was a whole lot of energy in the second half. I think sometimes we stand around waiting for something good to happen. We have to keep attacking, we have to make things happen and we have to keep fighting with those guys. As a team, you have to create energy. It's all about making plays. The first half we made plays and we had energy. Second half, we didn't make plays and credit Michigan State.

    On what was going really well with the defense in the first half:
    I think our defense got better in the last week. It was a tough animal the way they can spread you out and make you work with their stuff. I think their coaches addressed some things and we were just putting some guys in different positions for movements and blitzes, we did get worked in the pass game a little bit on the perimeter, we have to tighten that up.

    Shane Wynn

    On what changed in the second half:
    "In the first half we took what they gave us. In the second half they came out, they made a little adjustment to bump their willbacker out. We called the right plays, we just didn't capitalize on them."

    On what happened in the first half and what slowed them down in the second:
    "First half we went a lot of tempo. Second half we slowed it down in tempo."

    On if tempo is hard to maintain:
    "It's not hard with a tempo team. It's something that we are used to. It's something that we can do the whole game."

    On if it's about staying on the same routine in terms of tempo:
    "No, we just practice tempo every day. Like I said we are a tempo team, so we should be able to handle it the whole game."

    On how disappointing this game was:
    "It's tough, but it's behind us now. We've got to focus on Ohio State next weekend."

    Cameron Coffman

    On getting in an offensive rhythm:

    "We just couldn't get it going. Our offense, we like to go fast, go up-tempo and it's really about that first set of plays. If we get going, get in a rhythm, then we're really rolling, really moving fast. If we don't get going those first couple of plays then we're not as good as we should be, and we just couldn't get it going a couple of times and that's my fault."

    On the plays in the first half not being there in the second half:
    We hit a couple of shots in the first half and we just didn't make them in the second half. They were defending a little better, but we've still got to make plays no matter what they're doing."

    On plays being run across the middle:
    "Their defense defends the middle of the field, so we tried to go outside and do other things, but we needed to be better."

    On the importance of the screen game in this offense:
    "Very important. It just keeps us balanced and it's a lot easier for two of our guys to make a block on the edge then all five of our linemen, so we like to throw those screens, get easy yards off of them."

    On playing well in one half the past two weeks:
    "We just need to keep chipping away, keep getting better, every single day at practice, keep getting better and it's going to happen. You saw how good we can be when we're playing well, but we're not into moral victories and we fully expected to beat that team, and we didn't. That's my fault on the offensive side."

    Michigan State Head Coach Mark Dantonio

    Opening comments:
    "We are 4-2, but that first half is something that you don't forget. I thought at halftime the players refocused and did a great job setting the tone in the locker room for themselves and started rallying back. We came out the second half and we only got a field goal the first series, but we started playing much better. We played much better on defense, and offensively we played extremely well. In the fourth quarter, I felt throwing the ball in the last six minutes was key in the game. And then obviously it's great to see Aaron Burbridge and the catches he made and then it was great to see Bennie Fowler with a big catch."

    On lack of first quarter execution:
    "We talked all week about having to play. It's not easy, but everyday you have to come ready to play. I always think our focus is there and I always think we have good practices. I felt really good yesterday and really good this morning, but we came out in the first quarter and didn't play well. They made plays though. I knew all week long that one thing I knew about Indiana was that they were going to throw the ball up and their guys were going to go up and play the football."

    On IU play and end result:
    "They did a great job in terms of recognizing and really executing their philosophy. We didn't run the ball effectively. We didn't throw the ball very effectively either. Again though, the end result is that we win the football game. The end result is that we played well down the stretch. Maybe more impressively than anything is the way we came back and the way we played and to me that sends messages to people. Just keep playing and good things will happen. We have done something here once before and we can do it again."




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