Bill Lynch Post Game Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Oct. 11, 2008

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    Head coach Bill Lynch

    Opening statement:
    "In the second half, Iowa just totally dominated the football game in every way possible. They ran it at will. They threw it. They maintained possession. We didn't do enough with it when we got a chance. I think it was somewhat even at halftime. I thought there was a little bit of juice going in after scoring late, but the second half they just absolutely dominated us in every phase."

    On the loss:
    "Obviously, I'm disappointed, and we have to play better. We'll go back to work, and we have to play better as a football team."

    On the no-huddle offense:
    "I think our biggest problem was we just never got them off the field. They stayed in such good down and distance situations. They hit a few third and longs but most of the time they were first and second and not even in third down (situations) in the second half."

    On the game's momentum:
    "You have to do something to turn it. You have to do something to turn it in the kicking game or get a turnover or do something offensively. We had them down there one time. We punted it down there, and then they got the first down and retook the field position. We had the turnover early in the game that certainly gave them points. They beat us in just about every way."

    On defending the run:
    "They got the runs on a number of carries. We just never got them in bad down and distance situations. They weren't getting the real long runs, but they were certainly getting the chunks. When they do that, they get you committed to a run, and then they did a nice job with some play-action pass. They played very well offensively, because they moved the ball, used time and possession, and didn't turn the ball over."

    On the offensive line:
    "We had guys that are a little bit beat up so we had to play some guys in different spots, and we tried to play as many as we could."



    On Ben Chappell running the ball:
    "That is part of the spread offense. Those runs were off the spread today. They weren't off scrambles on a pass. That is part of the offense."

    On the pass rush:
    "It is the type of game. When they are running the ball so much and they're in those type of down and distance situations, it doesn't set yourself up to rush the passer. Plus, they weren't in a position to have to throw much."

    On the plan coming out of the half:
    "Really, we wanted to continue on what we did in the last drive. We played a fast tempo, and I think it gave us an advantage. We were able to move the ball and do different things, mixing a little run and pass. The run was the quarterback, but again, that is part of it. Really, we liked what we were doing there, and that is what we wanted to do when we came out and started the second half. I think we completed two passes for about four yards, and then on third down, Ben (Chappell) had to scramble a little bit and we didn't make the play there. We had to punt and from that point on, they just took over."

    Iowa Head Coach Kirk Ferentz

    Opening Statement:
    "First of all we're thrilled to get the win. It didn't come easy. Can't remember a game down here being easy for us, and our guys really had to work today, so we're thrilled about the victory. Very proud of our football team, they've been working hard. They've been playing hard. I think today we just played a little cleaner, a little smarter, so just happy for the guys to have some success and it's good to get the win and we'll enjoy it here for the next day."

    On the Iowa offensive line:
    "My estimation, they've been playing pretty good football now for about a month and they gain a little bit of confidence with each and every week. I think they're practicing well and it's carrying over to the game field. Obviously we're a little bit more experienced than we were a year ago, so it's a real credit to the way the guys have worked. And then to also to throw a guy like Bruggeman in there who comes off an injury and he's playing like a fifth year senior. So it's been fun to watch those guys come along."

    On the Indiana offense:
    "They showed their explosiveness. We have great respect for their explosiveness offensively and they scored right before the half against Michigan State, they did the same thing against us, took them a few more plays than it did Michigan State. In my mind I'm thinking maybe we get a field goal there before the half, you know and stop them, get field position, get a field goal and the next thing you know they're right down the field in a short time. So they closed the gap on us. It was really important, I think, for us to come out and get a good kick off and play good defense. Our guys were able to respond there, and I'm really pleased with that. And on that topic too, I think it was a good team win, but both of our kickers, Daniel Murray and Ryan Donahue, really played a good game. Ryan did a great job of controlling field position with his punting and all but one of Daniel's kickoffs was really nicely done and he came up with a tackle too and not sure I would have predicted that one. I was not having positive thoughts at that moment."

    On his team:
    "I read somebody's review, I can't recall what article but I guess they were expecting me to be doom and gloom and you know, I'm around these guys everyday. They work hard and they've been consistent really since March this team. We're getting great leadership. We don't have a lot of seniors but they're giving us great leadership and everybody else is just following right along so the guys have been practicing hard, they've work hard, they've got a very positive attitude. I think they're well aware of what we've been doing to keep us from having success and the challenges and getting those things corrected. So I think that's where our focus has been and I don't think anybody has been discouraged. We've been disappointed but nobody has been discouraged. We feel like we have a good football team so it's just a matter of us trying to become a little more consistent."


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