Indiana vs. Illinois Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Oct. 17, 2009

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    Lynch Audio | Postgame Press Conference Video

    Head Coach Bill Lynch
    Opening statement:
    "Well that was obviously a great win for our football team and one that we needed. I was really proud of how they bounced back from a tough couple of weeks. Those of you that have been around know that we challenged them pretty good on Monday and they really responded and I think that's a real credit to the leadership of the kids and the entire football team. I thought the staff did a great job of putting together both offensively and defensively great plans and the kids really executed. It was really a good night for us too. I say this, the crowd was unbelievable and again the students. To have over 10,000 student tickets sold and to be here on a cold night when we were not a very good football team a week ago, and for homecoming crowd. I know there were a lot of activities and a lot going on all week. As we tell our guys, their responsibility is the football team and we are proud of them that they did their part. We really do appreciate the crowd and the support we got."

    On Kirlew and his two forced fumbles:
    "He's a very good football player. He's a high-energy, play-hard guy. Which, I think any coach in America would tell you, those are the kind of guys you like, because he just goes. I thought the defense did a great job the whole game. They played the kind of defense we wanted to play. We didn't give up big plays, they got the one touchdown pass there in the first half, but other than that, we made them earn it. They have some explosive players. We wanted to create turnovers, and they did that and most of them were created turnovers too. It was good defense. I just thought they did a great job and even at the end, they made Illinois milk the clock, at that point once we had the lead. A lot of credit to the defensive staff and the planning they put in. We had some guys banged up and had to have some new guys out in there. I thought they all responded. We lost Will Paterson during the game, we lost Donnell Jones during the game and the next guy stepped in and played.

    "I thought the offensive staff did a great job too. We had really good balance in what we were doing offensively and that's really how we need to play. I was just saying this to Don Fischer during the postgame show, where has some of that been the last two weeks, some of the things we do with the Mitchell Evans offense, when the game is even, then it's very effective. The last two weeks we were so far behind, and forced into a passing game, and some of those things were taken out of the offense. They were effective at Michigan, but sometimes the score of the game sometimes effects what you can do. Everyone did their part. I think that's why a great team wins. I think that's what you really enjoy when you're coming off a few tough weeks. Everyone rallied and did their job, and they certainly did tonight."

    On quarterback Ben Chappell:
    Well, Ben to me is like Jamie, you can't explain what all Ben does for our football team. You can look at numbers and say ok, he threw for x number of yards, but he does a lot of things for this football team and obviously the offense in particular and making sure everyone is on the same page and the preparation through the week. So, any success he gets, it's like Jamie, they deserve it because they work for it.

    On bouncing back after the two missed field goals:
    Well, you know what, I think that was the mindset that our kids came into this. They were very disappointed, obviously. I said this to most of you on Tuesday, we were disappointed, but not discouraged after last week and I think that's how they went about their work. They were just going to play. We talked about needing execution with intensity. That's the way they played. When you do that, you don't let little things along the way in the game hold you back. Really for Nick, the two he missed, he hit well. Teddy Schell is a holder and a great guy who's honest. The holder knows whether they hit it well or not. They do it so many times throughout the week during practice. They were just a hair right. He usually has a little draw on it. It was the dreaded straight ball, for any of you golfers out there. He didn't panic. You can tell with the kids, they were all locked in and there wasn't any panic."

    On where you are now:
    "A whole lot better than a week ago. That's why you play. Every week you have to line up and play. That's why there's upsets every week and there are blow outs every week. I have to vote late tonight or tomorrow morning in the coach's poll. I have to go over all the scores in the country tonight and there will be some "wow". That's part of the game. Particularly you see them early in the season those first couple of weekends and then once you get in the middle of the year, you have it. You have to really credit a major college football program that goes on to be undefeated for a season. To be at the level it takes for twelve out of thirteen weeks, it's hard. We had a couple of weeks where we didn't play to our ability. We are back to being the football team we thought we were when we came home from Michigan. Just because we have a little juice going again. I think that's a little confidence and a little enthusiasm back and to see those kids in the locker room singing the fight song, we got that back. That goes a long way, but it's a new challenge next week."

    Ray Fisher
    On the play of the defense:
    "We came out with so much intensity, it was contagious. We took if from the first play and kept going and going and never stopped."

    On containing Illinois quarterback Juice Williams:
    "We have been going against running quarterbacks, so Juice is a good football player and everybody played their assignments and we played assignment-solid and came out with the win."

    Ben Chappell
    On the importance of individually playing well against Illinois:
    "It was fun. The offensive line played great. We were able to run the ball and the wide receivers made great catches."

    On the importance of the play-action passing including a 44-yard touchdown pass to Tandon Doss:
    "It was open for us. It was because of the run. I missed one over the middle to Demarlo that was there too. The play action was there."

    Demarlo Belcher
    On spreading the ball around to a variety of receivers:
    "It makes the defense struggle a little bit, make them think a little bit. If everybody touches the ball and the running backs run the ball, we will be a hard offense to stop."

    On the importance of getting the win after three straight loses:
    "We needed this win. We just lost three straight. We just needed to get back on track and we came out here and did what we needed to do."

    Jamie Kirlew
    On how the team re-built their confidence:
    "(Coach Lynch's) ideas, and him talking to us, and making us think outside the box, and getting us back on track. So many things he did in practice, things we did earlier in the season that kind of faded away. This is a big win for us. It's homecoming and everyone is feeling good, and we definitely want to use this as momentum for the rest of the season. "

    On stopping Illinois from scoring at the end of the game: "It was great. I'm sure a lot of guys were just as tired as I was. We didn't want them to get in. I know they were fighting to get in and make the game closer and closer, but we just wanted to stop them."

    Illinois Head Coach Ron Zook

    Opening Statement:
    "We're better than we're playing. Obviously, you can't have turnovers, and this is really the first serious problem we've had with turnovers this year. We've got to keep pounding away. There are some things that happened in the game, just like the quick kick that comes down and hits one of our guys. There's no way of knowing where the ball's at, it's just one of those things."

    On the play of Juice Williams:
    "When he's got an opportunity, he's got to put the ball on the guy. He can't turn the ball over and obviously we've got to block and protect him. With turnovers, that's one of the things he usually doesn't do. He's not careless with the football. I feel bad for Juice because he's a good kid that's worked hard. Things just aren't working for him right now either."

    On the Indiana offense:
    "One of the things they do a very good job of is the different formations. The unbalanced things that they do that try to get you to make checks, and when you do that, there's a lot of thinking involved. At halftime, I said let's forget it and line up and just do our stuff, and quit trying to check everything that they're doing. We felt like we were simple enough coming into the game that our guys wouldn't be confused. I think when Donsay went out, it rattled Walt a little bit because Donsay was the guy that was making all the calls and so forth."

    "It wasn't hard to necessarily figure out what they were doing. They get you in a lot of different things because of what they were doing and they do a good job. That's why they do it. They really do a good job of making the defense think."

    On the Indiana defensive front:
    "They didn't blitz a whole lot. They were primarily rushing four. Their defensive ends are pretty good, and their inside guys hold the point. They do a nice job."

    On Mitchell Evans:
    "He's a good player and did a good job. We were prepared for it and it's not something that surprised us. It's just one of those things where they get you in different things and making different adjustments, and then we're playing back on our heels. Then in the second half we just went to our base and stopped trying to make checks."




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