Indiana vs. Northwestern Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Oct. 25, 2008

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    Indiana vs. Northwestern
    IU Head Coach Bill Lynch Quotes

    Opening Statement:
    It was a great team win for us.  I thought the defense hung in there all day and they got some turnovers and that was something we talked so much about. When we were struggling we were turning it over and not creating any turnovers and that was the difference in the game today was the turnovers. The defense did a great job in forcing fumbles and getting interceptions. The offense didn't turn it over and that was huge.

    We knew it was going to be a tough go against their defense because their defense is very good and very difficult to run the ball on.  Bobby Johnson has done a great job with the offensive line - we kept rotating new people in there today and I thought they really handled themselves well. Some young freshman wideouts made some big plays for us and I thought special teams were solid and helped create some field position for us. So it was a good team win and one we certainly needed.

    On employing trick plays today:
    We used two and they both worked, so we weren't emptying out the playbook. We came into the game to win and those were two plays we had and sometime you hit on them and they hit today.

    On Chris Hagerup's crucial first down:
    Athletic play, heads up play - that's what that was. Obviously that was not by design. If anyone thought that was a fake punt, that was not a fake punt.  The snap pulled him off and that is where the kid has to make a judgment as to whether he can get it off or he has to do something with it. But, he made a decision and he went full speed and I think that is the key. Sometimes you see a kid make a decision like that and hesitates and it doesn't work, but he took off and it seemed like he had a good sense of where the first down marker was and got to it. So it was a big play for us because that would've been a change in field position after they had already had the lead I believe.

    On winning a big game after losing five in a row:
    That's what you play for. You play to win and for the rewards of all the hard work. I feel happy for those guys in that locker room. They have been through a lot over the last five weeks and it hasn't been easy. But they haven't quit and kept fighting. Throughout the week I liked the look in their eyes about going back to practice and doing the things it takes to get better and I think also it is the guys' willingness to move positions and to sacrifice a little bit because of injuries, but they've done it and I am really happy for those kids and also the staff.  They have done a tremendous job through all this as well and they deserve a lot of credit.

    Northwestern Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald

    On the game as a whole:
    I credit Indiana.  Coach Lynch and his staff did a great job of coming in and taking advantage of our mistakes, our lack of discipline, our inability to take care of the football.

    On what was the biggest factor in the loss:
    Five turnovers.  You turn the ball over five times; they're going to lunge back.  A good football team like Indiana, a team that can make big plays, is going to make the play.

    On how much the fumble at the end of the first half hurt his team:
    I think that we talked about it at halftime in the locker room about 30 minutes of football, flushing what happened in the first half and going out and executing, playing disciplined, doing our job. Obviously, for the most part, we did not accomplish that. That's my fault, that's my responsibility.

    On whether he felt his team wasn't making plays from the beginning:
    No I think we missed a tackle in the one long run to start the first quarter and again, didn't do our job. We came back, we held them out and then we let up a couple of trick plays and our guys just stopped being disciplined and doing their job. You can't do that against a good football team.  We can't turn the ball over five times and expect to win.  That's my fault.  We knew exactly what we were getting into coming down here.  We talked early in the week about this being a 60-minute game.  Our last four games, five games now have been decided by six points or less.  We knew exactly what we were getting into and it's my fault we didn't come down here and execute.

    Player Quotes


    Freshman punter Chris Hagerup

    On the failed punt and run for the first down:
    "It wasn't planned, just a little bit of a high snap and I knew they were going to come up the middle. One of those punt blockers happened to be out of line and it just timed out pretty well."

    On what Coach Lynch said on the sideline:
    "Good quick thinking, because a lot of times they'll try to have you get the punt off, and that time it just wasn't going to work out so it just happened to be a good thing from a bad thing."

    On the punt that rolled down to the two:
    "During the week, I focused a lot on getting those huge punts to drop inside, and fortunately, I was able to have two of those today. I just took a little bit off so they wouldn't go into the end zone."

    Junior defensive end Jamie Kirlew

    On how hard it has been to go through the stretch of losing games:
    "Obviously its not good for anybody. I think we knew we were a lot better than we were playing, and it was disappointing. I think we got the attitude back that if we play physically and mentally tough football for four quarters, we can win. We came out and did that. They're a great team. They drove on us, but I think we made critical stops when we had to."

    On his feelings when he knew the game was won:
    "The main thing was that we're back on track, because our back was against the wall. We had five games before this game, and we have to start winning. We have to play the next game, play the next down, so it's just great winning, but we have to look forward and try to transfer all this energy into the following weeks."

    On how the win helps the team moving forward:
    "Especially for the young guys, it's easier to lose confidence. This is a big confidence builder for everybody and you can do so much with confidence. You can play your best games with a lot of confidence, and if we continue to play confident and practice confident and go through every game, I think we'll be alright."




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