Postgame Quotes - Indiana vs. Central Michigan

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 1, 2008

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    Indiana Postgame Quotes
    Indiana vs. Central Michigan

    Head coach Bill Lynch

    On today’s game:
    “I think it’s early after the game and we’ve got to take a look at the whole thing. And I thought we had a number of guys that really battled and we didn’t make enough plays offensively in the fourth quarter to keep the ball away from them and we didn’t make the stops on defense and then a couple of plays in the kicking game certainly came back to hurt us. I’ll give them credit. They came in here and played a good football game.”

    On running the ball on third down and four:
    “We have a pretty good tendency of throwing in that situation, we thought we were going to pull off that run and we really did and I think when we go back and look at it we probably came closer than it looked in person. But we knowing we had two downs to make it, you know it wasn’t like a third down where if we didn’t make it we were going to punt we knew we had two downs and thought that we’d be able to pull off that run. We had throughout the course of the day.”

    On the offense:
    “I really think offensively we did the things we wanted to up until probably the fourth quarter. We continued to move it in the third quarter and had some good drives and we didn’t execute, didn’t make enough plays in the fourth quarter. I don’t think, you know at some point Marcus got his ankle hurt and didn’t play but again, I thought we had pretty good balance and we were moving the ball around like we wanted to on offense.”

    On the season ahead:
     “We’ve got to go back to work. We’ve got three very difficult games ahead of us starting with Wisconsin. We’ve got to evaluate what happened and really analyze the tape of the game and everything that goes into it and we’ve got to get on to Wisconsin because they’re going to come in here and they’re going to have a lot to play for as well as they try to get to postseason play.”

    On the touchdown that was overturned:
    “You know, those things come back to get you and that obviously was a big sequence. There was a lot football after that where we didn’t necessarily play well enough. But that was tough because we had gotten the turnover and taken it right down and we were in scoring position and thought we had one and then got it overturned. But you know, you’ve got to bounce back from it and keep playing.”

    Central Michigan Head Coach Butch Jones

    Opening statement:

    “Obviously, a great win for everyone in our football program because it’s win number seven.  It gets us that much closer to a bowl game and again it’s a 60-minute football game we talked about.  The adversity, the things that happen, and we just kept holding the rope and you know a big, big field goal by Andrew Aguila.  It obviously was a great win, but we got to get corrected on personal foul penalties, which I promise you that will be corrected, but a great, great win.  Any time you can go on the road and win, especially against an opponent like Indiana, it’s a great, great team win.”

    On Brian Brunner:
    “ Well, I’ll tell you what, it’s as good of quarterback performance that I’ve seen in a long time.  He managed the game.  He had some adversity. We weren’t able to run the football, so we became one-dimensional and all of a sudden they started brining pressure and applying pressure to him. He just kept persevering and made the plays he had to and made some big throws.  You know he defeated some tight coverage. I just can’t say enough about him, his poise and his leadership.  The way he prepares is something special.”

    On his confidence in Brian Brunner:
    “ Well, I think you saw the confidence we have in him today with our play selection.  We trust him.  We talk about; you know everything is about the ball.  That’s what you play the game for, the football. That ball posses all your goals, dreams and aspirations. It’s like a gold nugget.  Again, we took care of the ball.  Right now, we lead the country in ball security.  That’s something that we work hard on everyday.  One of the keys, too, is we were able to protect the football.  Especially as many times as we threw the ball, and again, that speaks volumes for Brian.” 

    On the team’s mentality:
    “It’s never easy.  We found that out.  We scored and we missed the extra point, now all of a sudden a field goal can tie you.  That’s the way it’s been all year.  But our kids expect to win.  It’s one thing if you expect to win, but you have to deserve to win. How you deserve to win is going to class, doing well academically and doing all the little things.  I have a journal that I keep.  You know from going to class, being on time to meetings, extra film study, all those things go hand in hand with wining.  You can expect to win, but do you deserve to win?  Our kids deserved to win.  Again, we made the plays we needed to.  They believe in each other.  They have so much confidence.”




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