Minnesota vs Indiana Post Game Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 2, 2013

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    Minnesota vs Indiana

    Indiana Head Coach Kevin Wilson Post Game Quotes

    November 2, 2013

    Opening Statement:

    "That was a tough loss. Our guys really didn't play well early, but man they battled and really hung in there. We had a lot of chances but I made a poor call and we did not execute the play at the end. We left three scoring opportunities empty- we got down to the goal line there at the end but turned it over and that was the difference of the game. Defense gave us some big plays so we tried to be more aggressive at the end. There was a stretch at the end where we were really playing well together and had a lot of momentum. I thought we had the best chance to win that game and I'm really disappointed for our players. As coaches we have to help them out at the end and make the right plays, and that last one was not the right call."

    On the final play call:

    "It was a swing play so there is always a chance for a lateral, it just didn't get executed right. We didn't get on the ball like we should have either. When it's a close game, those fundamentals like always giving the ball to the referee and never leaving it on the field are so important. Don't just assume anything. Always grab the ball just in case. It was poor execution and really not an ideal call at that time in the game, and because of it, we lost the game."

    On going for two twice in the game:

    "We had talked about different scenarios like that. Our thought was that if we kick it and make it a five point lead, they could kick two field goals and win. If we made the two and were put up six, we knew that if they got two field goals we would be tied and if they scored a TD we would be tied as well. They would still have to kick an extra point to go ahead if they scored and we have blocked several kicks this year. We almost got in the end-zone on that two-point conversion with Nate(Sudfeld) scrambling. Maybe we were being a little bit over-aggressive in hindsight."

    On why he waited until the second half to put Sudfeld in at quarterback:

    "With the way their defense was set up, we felt like we needed to run the ball because of their man coverages. Our backs did well today and we thought that Tre would take part in that. Tre was just a little bit off in the first half, as was the rest of the offense. We just felt cold at the end of the second quarter. We talked about it, and we almost put Tre back out there again to start the third but we decided to give Nate a shot. We are not trying to play it by half, we just play who's doing a better job. Tre didn't play poorly, he was just a little bit off and the way the running game was going, Nate came in and gave them a boost."

    Indiana Players Postgame Quotes Nov. 2, 2013 vs. Minnesota

    Wide Receiver Shane Wynn

    On coming back: "You definitely take a lot of pride in that. This is a team that is willing to do anything for anybody, not giving up at any moment and just keeps pushing and keeps fighting."

    On his catch on the final drive that was reviewed: "I knew I couldn't beat him deep. I just dropped out and I was like, `Oh, the ball is on me now.' I just tried to snag it and I ended up catching it."

    Wide Receiver Cody Latimer

    On today's game: "You saw how close it was. It was a great comeback. We were down 35-13 at one point. It just shows the strength that we have. We just need to start off fast.

    On the quarterbacks: "Like I've said in interviews before, they're both great quarterbacks. Either one can come out and play and throw the ball and make plays for us. So no, it's not a difference."

    Quarterback Tre Roberson

    On the locker room after the game: "We just lost the game so everyone is down. But at the same time, everyone is just ready to get back to work and get ready for next week. We were all down, but it was a loss. We just have to learn from it and get better for next week."

    On responding to the loss: "We're all playing for each other. We still have a shot. We are just going to keep working everyday and try to get that shot."

    Minnesota Postgame Quotes Nov. 2, 2013

    Head Coach Jerry Kill

    Opening Statement:

    "It's a great win for our program. First of all, I would tell you that I compliment Indiana and they're making huge progress in their program. I think coach is doing a great job, and they played hard and well today, and offensively they were very good. I compliment them, but with that, we are certainly excited about our players, certainly excited about our coaching staff; they did another great job.

    "Our kids made plays when they needed to make plays and huge play at the end of the game. We'll take another step. I'll refer back to (Acting Head Coach Tracy Claeys) a little bit. He said `Hey, we want to continue to keep going and our kids have bought into that. We are going to enjoy the win. I've learned that in life, and we're going to enjoy it. Then we move on next week. I really believe our kids understand what they need to do to continue to move on, so I'm very proud of them. I'm very proud of Tommy Olsen coming in. That's hard to do at center, and that's a great compliment to him. Certainly our prayers and thoughts with were Jon Christenson."

    Coach Kill on fake punt attempt:

    "That was a group decision. It was a group decision at Purdue, it worked here when we were at (Western Illinois), and it didn't quite work today. But the headsets we were all on there, and we all were going the same direction. The bottom line is they were moving the offense. The offense was moving the ball. We had to break serve somewhere in there. We tried to do it, and I give our kids credit for keeping their composure and a great call by Coach Limegrover."

    Tracy Claeys on calling a timeout with :25 seconds left:

    "It was a matter of trying to match up with them. You always keep one play in the book for late in the game. So we made that call there late in the game. The timeout was to make sure that they all knew what they were going to do on that call. We practiced it this week, but we didn't use it the whole game there until the very end. We brought two guys off the edge, and brought them off of each edge and forced the quarterback to try to throw the back and it just so happened that he threw it backwards and Aaron Hill had a great reaction of picking up the loose ball. That was what the timeout was for. We just wanted to make sure that everybody knew what was going on on that play."

    Jerry Kill on team success last three weeks:

    "I would go back to it's been more than three weeks. From the outside, everybody wants to see wins. When we broke down the Iowa film, we did some things better than what we did against them a year ago. When we played Michigan, we did some things better than what we did a year ago. It just so happens that bye week we had a bunch of injuries and we only practiced three days for an hour each day is all we did. It let the kids hang around each other. We had a great time during that off week, we really did. They came back focused and since then they really have believed in themselves. We have been telling them all along `You're a lot better team than what you think you are if you just play that way.' How we reacted tonight was just another situation where things were going bad against us there at the end and we found a way to make a play rather than saying `Oh, here we go again' and just let them win. The offense was the one who made the plays. When you get it, kids are just believing in each other and as long as they keep playing hard and believing in each other I think we will have an opportunity to win in the fourth quarter."




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