Postgame Quotes - Iowa at Indiana

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 3, 2012

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    Indiana Head Coach Kevin Wilson
    Nov. 3, 2012 vs. Iowa

    Opening Statement:
    "I'm very excited for our seniors. Those guys are playing a lot to come out and get the `W'. Several glitches, but we're making some strides defensively. Stephen had a good streak with some touchdown runs that went away today, but he was one of the guys I recognized after the game because he's been one of our better players. (He) has been a great practice player and really competing, playing with a high-energy level. He had a turnover and lost his little personal streak. He's one of our best team leaders, so I have a lot of respect for him. It was good to get a win. It was a tough win, but it was good to get one though."

    On how important the defensive line was in stopping Iowa's run:
    "It was very important, very critical. Coach Eckler said it today: our defense has changed because of Larry Black, Adam Replogle, Nick Sliger and three seniors; The way they compete in practice and their relentlessness and their effort and energy. It starts with the whole front, but it really starts inside with those three. Our defensive ends are getting better, but we're playing well on the defensive front. I have a lot of respect for Iowa's offensive line. I expected them to come in today and try to shove it down us, cram the run game like they do. For our kids to rise up and hang in there was pretty strong."

    On Cam Coffman running the two-minute offense:
    "I just felt Nate (Sudfeld) was just out of rhythm early and I felt early that Cam just threw it off his back foot. I think sometimes he's a little cautious. But I think that's his nature, that's how he is. As a quarterback, that's a great quality to have, but you also have to dare and you have to push it a little bit. I thought he was a little tentative with his body language and his demeanor. Nate was ok. I don't want those guys playing on pins and needles. It's not like, you make a mistake, you are done. Coach Johns was asking, `Hey who's going to start? Do you want to tell them?' We didn't tell anybody. They both get equal reps. They are both our number one. I'm glad we have them both. At the same time, I'm very proud of the way Cam came back in because he played solid the second half. The two-minute drive to end the first half was huge to get momentum because we really struggled in the first half."

    On the difference in Cam Coffman the second time he entered the game:
    "My opinion early, I thought he was a little tentative on one of his throws and I said `Hey, you're not going to do that.' His two-minute drive, he was very assertive. He was ripping it, a little shoulder nod one time for a touchdown, he got someone to bite on an underneath route; it was a very aggressive play by him. He came in with some good energy. Like I said, those two guys have a long way to go. They are two good players, there's not a lot of teams this late playing with the second team quarterbacks. That's what we are. Those two guys are getting better. It was a huge deal for Cam today."

    Wide receiver Cody Latimer

    On his game-winning touchdown catch:
    "I feel like it was a great call from my coaches. Kofi Hughes actually pointed that play out. The previous drive he said coach (Kevin Johns) we should throw this way and coach put it in and it just worked out great."

    On Cam Coffman's performance after coming back in the game:
    "Cam did a great job of overcoming adversity. Coach pulled him out but he came back in, stayed warm on the sidelines, and came back in and just made great plays."

    On how encouraging it is knowing they control their own destiny:
    "It's very encouraging but we've just got to get through Wisconsin and get this win. That is the first thing that we're worried about right now."

    Defensive Tackle Adam Replogle:

    On what it is that keeps working for the defense:
    "You just see us carry over what we do in practice on game film. We practice physicality and getting in the backfield and I think that's what you finally see on the game film."

    On if confidence is at an all-time high right now for the defensive line:
    "You know what, we're confident, but then again we've just got to get better every day. That's what we've been doing and that's what you see on the field."

    On what they game-planned to stop the run:
    "We've been doing what we've been doing since week one and you just finally see it carry over to the game film."

    On controlling their own destiny:
    "We're just focused on Wisconsin right now and we're going to take this win as a win."

    Quarterback Cameron Coffman:

    On how it feels to get this win:
    "Oh it's awesome. We're starting to see a little bit of our work paying off, but at the same time nowhere near where we need to be. We've got to continue to work every day and get better every day just like our goal."

    On playing hot when coming back into the game:
    "As it's been all season long, Nate (Sudfeld) and I have to be ready to go whenever, if coach feels like one of us isn't playing too well or the other one needs to go in. We've just got to stay ready on the sidelines, stay warm, keep throwing balls and things like that. Coach gave me the opportunity to go back in. My teammates played great."

    On his ability to move in the pocket and keeping plays alive:
    "I'm just trying to make plays, trying to help the team out. Obviously sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. You've seen in the past two weeks it hasn't worked too well but we were fortunate tonight and we did a little bit better. It feels good to get a win."

    On the game-winning throw:
    "We saw that their safeties were low, we thought we could take a shot and Cody (Latimer) had been hot making plays for us like he always does. Safety was low so we just threw it over the top and Cody made a good catch."

    Iowa Head Coach Kirk Ferentz

    On how the weather delay affected the start of the game:
    "I thought we got off to a great start. I think it was our second possession we took it down and scored. Defense came up with a big play. We got off to a great start and had a 14-3 lead. I think all-in-all, our guys really played hard and competed hard, but the bottom line is we didn't play well enough to win and we didn't play clean enough to win."

    On rotating the defensive line throughout the game:
    "You probably notice they are an up-tempo team and we thought that might give us a better chance to keep our guys fresh out there so they could play a little bit harder and better and I thought that was effective. We had a lot of guys playing out there. All-in-all the effort was good. We missed their quarterback, so credit to him. He got away from us when we had him trapped a few times and those ended up being big plays when you can't get the guy. When you can't get him down that's a big thing certainly."

    On remainder of the season:
    "I told our guys from before the Big Ten season started that I thought we could win any game or lose any game on our schedule. We clearly have work to do right now, but I haven't changed my opinion. We aren't putting the flag up... I thought we improved this week, I thought we were a better football team today than a week ago, so that's our mode of operation we are trying to improve."




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