Postgame Quotes - Indiana vs. Wisconsin

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 7, 2009

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    Coach Lynch Audio

    Indiana vs. Wisconsin
    November 7, 2009
    Head Coach Bill Lynch

    Opening statement:
    "It ended up being a great football game. Early on we played pretty well, but I really thought they dominated. The second quarter they got two big long passes, but then they came back and scored. I thought they really controlled the first half. I was really proud of our guys. We challenged them pretty good at halftime and they came in and played both sides of the ball. I was really proud of that. The other games we have had it's a stop here or a conversion there. I think that is a very, very good football team we played. We have played some good football teams this year, but that is a very, very good football team."

    On challenging them:
    "We challenged them, we have to go to battle. That's exactly what we did. A year ago we played them in a similiar situation and the second half was a completely different story. Our guys responded and we went out and fought like I knew they would because that is the kind of group they are."

    On decision to go for it on fourth and one:
    "That was really dumb wasn't it? That's all part of the game. We came to win the game and there are a lot of things we did throughout the course of the game. Some of them worked, some of them didn't. We weren't trying to make the game close. I thought particularly the second half we really played well offensively. We had the turnover in the red zone when Ben (Chappell) got hit, but other than that I thought it was a really good second half."

    On Wisconsin running backs:
    "They are really good, they really are. That's why I have so much respect for Wisconsin football, because they have had that for a long time. They do a great job recruiting them. For one, they know they are going to carry it a lot and they are going to have a good offensive line in front of them. They all step up and play very well. The thing about them is you have to tackle them. You can get a first hit on them, but three yards later, it's a first down. When you think maybe you have them stopped short, they are very physical and they finish their runs very well. "

    On decision to sit on ball at end of first half with two timeouts left:
    "The biggest thing is we were going dead into the wind with less than 30 seconds and we were in the game at 24-14, you do something dumb there and end up 31-14, we are not in the game. I thought that was the smart thing to do."

    On needing to make big plays:
    " I definitely think we got the big plays on offense that we have not been getting. They were really in control of the game. We had the two long passes in a row. Those were big plays and then, in the second half, we had several of them. We need those, but we gave up another big pass on their scoring drive and get them up 10 again. We gave up a big play there and we gave up a big run in their second drive. For the most part, we made them earn it. They are a good enough football team to earn it and they don't turn it over either. They are well coached and play their strengths."

    On Bryan Payton running the ball:
    "That's Bryan. Anytime you think he's just a backup, that's a credit to who he is. He is always prepared. He is such a team guy and really all he has been doing is on a couple of special teams the last few weeks, but you never have to worry about him being ready. Again, I think what I am proud of is, when you' re with these kids all the time, I mean I was just in the locker room with these kids and they are really hurting. That's because they care and they really put a lot into it. He's one of those guys and a lot of them are guys who aren't playing all the time. And as a group, we just came up short the last three weeks."

    On this game compared with last two games:
    "Sometimes just the flow of the game dictates. Unfortunately we don't get to script the game out ahead of time. We just have to play it as it plays itself out. We were fortunate to jump to big leads in those other games, but we kept playing. We didn't finish the game in the fourth quarter two games in a row, but it wasn't because we quit playing. For whatever reason we didn't, but it wasn't because we quit playing. For that I will fight to the death that we never quit playing. Thought we just came up a play short. I don't know what happens."

    Bryan Payton
    On establishing the tone for the running game:
    "We started off thinking we could run the ball. The offensive line did a great job today. We were confident in what we could do there and I was confident in myself and as always I was ready to go. It was no shock that the holes were there, but I just wish we could have gotten into the end zone one more time."

    On problems in first half rushing the ball:
    "I'd love to give you a good answer for that, but I don't know. We have to block them and we have to run the ball better. I think sometimes in games you are going to have half like that but you just have to go in at half and make adjustments and that's what we did. I don't know that there is a whole lot that they did all the time, but we have to execute. They're a good defense, and we knew they were going to make some plays. We plays in the second half, but not enough."

    On how hard it is to keep coming after these tough losses:
    "It's not hard at all, this is what we do. Football is a game; it's not hard to come back from a loss in a game. We know we have the players to win, we were this close but the little extra things that we need to be doing. We plan to do that this week and hopefully next week is a different outcome."

    Austin Thomas
    On Collin Taylor:
    "Collin is an awesome football player, like the coaches said. He's been around, he has paid his dues like everyone else, he has been working just as hard or harder than everyone else. He's always on time, spending extra time in the weight room, or studying film; when you get that combined with his athletic ability, you have someone that is going to make plays."

    On whether the team needs to learn to win close games:
    "Yes, I would say so. When it comes down to it, losing several games by three or less points, you just have to do more. We have to step up, make more plays than they do, and we have no excuses."

    On what happened on the 3rd & 8 to continue the drive for Wisconsin:
    "We manned up, trying to bring some pressure on the quarterback, and he stepped up and had a little bit extra time. We need to put more pressure on the quarterback and get somebody in his face, but we didn't and he found the open receiver."

    Ben Chappell
    On not quite getting over the hump, yet playing competitively:
    "Yeah, we were close. Again, just a couple plays if they swing our way then we win the game. Wisconsin played well today, and they ran the ball really well."

    On his thoughts after scoring the last touchdown on fourth and goal to cut it to three:
    "I think we had a chance. We believed the whole game if we could just get a break or two here, we knew we could move it on them. We were throwing it very well, so we just wanted to get the ball as much as we could."

    On Wisconsin playing the run:
    "They packed the box on us, and that was fine we could throw it on them. When we had two tight ends in there, they weren't going to let us run it. I think we were a little bit more successful running it with a little lighter box and we had success with that in the second half."

    On Replogle playing offense:
    "We practiced that this week, and it worked to a T. I probably should have hit him on the touchdown pass, but it wasn't a good throw. It was a good package for us."

    Terrance Turner
    On his first career touchdown pass:
    "I'm glad to get it. It's kind of bittersweet; I would take the win any day. But it was good to get it and get the monkey off my back. A lot of people always bring it up, but I was able to look past it and get the touchdown today."

    On the frustration of not closing:
    "It was just frustrating overall not being able to pull it out. We are good on all three phases of the game, but it's frustrating not being able to pull it out. We just have to make the plays when they come regardless of what side of the ball."

    On the frustration on not getting another opportunity on offense:
    "We were just trying to clamp down to get the ball back to give ourselves an opportunity to come down and win the game. Of course that didn't happen, we ran out of time; but it just goes to show you that whenever you have a chance, maybe early in the ballgame, you never know what possession will really change the game. Maybe a play or two in the first half, we would have been up at that point of time so we have to take advantage of our opportunities. Today we did that for the most part but not as much as we needed to win."

    Wisconsin Head Coach Bret Bielema

    Opening Statement
    "I thought our guys, during the course of the week, prepared the right way. I had a feeling that this was going to be one of those where it was a four quarter game and we would have to hang on and do what we did. Unfortunately, when you get those feelings as a head coach, you try to do everything you can to make sure it doesn't come to truth. But Indiana's a very good football team, who has suffered some very close losses. Coach Lynch is a tremendous football coach and their kids play hard. I knew when I was watching the film, and I told our coaches, a lot of times when you see teams in these situations, things just don't go well, but their kids play hard for four quarters every game. I can't say enough about the effort by Indiana.

    "Our kids did enough to win. John Clay, in the first half, was a machine. Unfortunately, he got a slight concussion so he missed the second half. Ball was kind of like the energizer bunny. Every time he got a rep he just kept grinning, smiling, and gaining momentum. Zach Brown went in and did some good things. Probably the play of the day was the play at the end, where I thought it was critical to get the throw to Nick Toon. We thought we'd get the one-on-one coverage. Big time throw, big time catch, big time call."

    On the effect of the wind
    "The wind was really tough. You saw the first play of the game. In combination of that, the way it played out was that the sun was on that far end zone. That's probably why they picked that end zone to warm up in, so we never got to work full length kicks with the sun in our eyes. That look that David got, and then obviously the punt was the same deal. He said he was putting the shield up and couldn't get it. That was a combination of the wind and the sun. Phillip Welch did a great job. He's kicking dead into the wind on that last kickoff there, and put it three or four yards deep and got the touchback."

    On the difference in the offense after the first half
    "I think the success on first down had a little bit to do with it. We weren't able to convert on third. Our offense, because of what we do, we need to have good conversion on first down. We've got to gain four or more yards. Bottom line, we weren't able to close out on third down the way we had in the first half to keep the chains moving. Give credit to Indiana for being able to do that."

    On the Indiana passing game
    "First off, don't take anything away from what they did. Their quarterback was on, they saw some things in the deep dig game. I know we tried to emphasize not giving up the deep ball, and then we gave up some intermediate digs. I thought our pass rush was good, but we obviously need to apply more pressure and get more guys rolling through there. I thought our defense did what they had to do to win today. In my opinion, that's one of the best offenses in the league."




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