IU vs.Wisconsin Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 10, 2012

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    Indiana Head Coach Kevin Wilson -Wisconsin Postgame Quotes

    Opening Statement:

    "It was a poor performance from us; Wisconsin wins the game. They ran phenomenally well. We didn't play good D, we didn't play good O, we just kind of got spanked. We had a good week of practice and felt like we were getting better, and to come out and not play a little bit better is disappointing. We have work to do. We keep saying that, and we have to keep getting better and better and better. We don't like the result of today. We'll see if we have some great leaders and our coaches can pick it up and keep moving forward. Credit it to Wisconsin, they played great.

    On his message to the team after the game:

    "I don't like it, don't want to like it, at the same time, don't want to have any excuses. We all need to do better. I felt, and again, we've been saying it for weeks, that we've been really gaining on it. I thought we had a good week of practice. We did not try to make this game bigger than it was. Give credit to Wisconsin just running it well. I do think we settled down. The offense struggled in the first half; I thought we settled down at the end of the first quarter. We threw the second quarter and that run before the half. We took the wind; we had a great six-minute drive into the wind. We have to make something happen. Let's take it deep, let's get a stop, and let's get off the field. They hit us on a couple third down conversions. I think the game kind of got away there.

    "We played well on defense, but the offense struggled. Offensively, we're looking to run the ball, but we consistently disappoint. We've made some strides, but we weren't very good today. Two games left to go. Two tough opponents on the road. Two big games that mean a lot around here. One opponent coming up we have not had a lot of success against. There's a lot to play for and every game we talk about getting better. We have new leaders; our coaches are doing a great job. We need to come back and have a good week and keep getting better, that's what we need to do. That might be the last game that those seniors had on that field, but we've gotten to a point where there's a lot of great things happening to our program because of those guys. I don't want those guys to think my last time out because Adam Replogle, Will Matte, Larry Black, some of those guys are important in helping us get a little momentum going. I wanted to emphasize to our seniors, `this is not your last day on this field as a club player, we've come a long way and we appreciate you guys for those kids.' I have respect, a lot of love for these kids because they're doing a lot of good stuff."

    On what went wrong against the run:

    "Wisconsin's good. They do some nice little stuff. A little fine motion stuff with their guys to get you out of whack, shift motion a little bit. It's simple stuff what they do. They just block us. I'll wait to see tape, but I thought we had some guys that needed to come up and make some tackles but didn't make it, couldn't get there or got blocked. We just have to tackle better. Schematically, we'll look where we need to pressure more, pressure less, move more, move less, and how we're doing it, but they just blocked us. Those are two really, really good backs."

    On how disheartening Wisconsin's run was before the half:

    "We wanted to take the timeout, see if we could either block the play or see if they could mess something up. Usually, you would just run it down so we thought we had about 20 seconds on the clock. We were just playing base-knee and they just ran it. It looked like a spread-run, where a guy got caught. That was one place where I thought we took some bad angles, and individually, we could do some things to keep the leverage on the ball. They played very well; that was a big play. That opening drive was big too. They did a lot of good things. Those two things took us from a little behind and hanging to falling behind."

    Wisconsin Head Coach Bret Bielema

    On game overall:

    "I'm very excited about the way our guys played today. Going back to the Michigan State defeat to where they moved forward during our bye week. A lot has been said this week about the showdown between us and Indiana and for us to get to Indy. The only way you get there is by taking it one game at a time and one day at a time. We put ourselves in the position to obviously clinch it today. We have very important games in front of us obviously with Ohio State and Penn State. We will celebrate this one; I thought it was a great statement game. Our offense put up record-breaking numbers today, but give credit to everybody."

    On 2012 team:

    "I like my squad. It's the 2012 squad. A lot has been talked about this week of the two teams and showing down, but this is the group I have coached for seven years. This record may not be as high as it's been in years past and our ranking and all that jazz, but we are a really good football team. We get better each week and are going through this with our third string quarterback. I rattled off probably 20 schools last night to our guys in a team meeting that have been right there in the BCS talks the past few years and they've got worse records than us. Give a lot of credit to our guys perseverance because a lot of times people will let go of the rope in this situation or back away from the things that are in front of them, but our guys just charge ahead full speed."

    On how Curt Phillips played:

    "The plan was to not put a lot on Curt, and obviously that worked very, very well. Curt is very good at certain throws, and we got into a situation in the second half where I said `we don't really need to throw it, just keep running it, just keep pounding it'... I thought Curt did a nice job all day with the clock and with managing the situation and everything involved."

    Indiana Player Postgame Quotes

    Adam Replogle

    On his reaction to the stat sheet:

    "We just couldn't stop the run. That's on us as a defensive line. That's on me. That's what it was"

    On what his thoughts were doing the game:

    "We just kept fighting. You know maybe they just kept running, we just tried to stop it as best as we could. Obviously, we need to watch film and see what we did wrong."

    On how good they were compared to other teams they've played:

    "They are a great team running the ball. They are a great team; we knew what they were. It's Wisconsin. They're big, they're physical and they have a great run game."

    On the touchdown run before the end of the half:

    "Yeah, I mean we just missed tackles, and that's something that we've practiced all season long, all week long and we just didn't make plays when we had to."

    On what the next two games mean: "Exactly, two big games coming up and it all starts with Penn State. We're going to watch film on Sunday and see what we need to correct and correct it."

    Cameron Coffman

    On struggling to find rhythm early in the game:

    "I mean we just obviously didn't get in rhythm. They're a good defense, but we should be able to move the ball versus anybody, and we couldn't get in a rhythm and really started off slow and never really got it going."

    On what it was that caused the struggles:

    "Yeah, I think it's a little bit of everything. We can't really pick one thing that it was, but we've got to get going."

    On if he thought he was letting the ball sail a few times:

    "I think a few times I saw some people undercut maybe an out route, maybe undercut a comeback so I kind of purposely sailed it on a few, but maybe I missed a few throws too as well, so I guess that's a good statement."

    Larry Black Jr.

    On his reaction to Wisconsin rushing for 564 yards:

    "Oh man, I didn't even notice that. It's just tough but you know I'm starting to get it out of my head already and start tuning into Penn State. It was a tough game, want to forget about it and keep moving on, but that was a bad performance on the defense and we have to improve."

    On how Wisconsin was on running the ball:

    "They were pretty good, pretty effective team, all credit to them. They came out and played their A-game, and that's a good team so credit to them."

    On what it is that makes Wisconsin a good running team:

    "They're just a good offensive line, they're big up front, but we know we could have played way better but credit to them. That's just a good offensive line, good running back, quarterback they have so we have to improve and keep taking steps."




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