Indiana Postgame Quotes vs. Purdue

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 17, 2007

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    Indiana vs. Purdue
    Postgame quotes

    Head Coach Bill Lynch

    Opening Statement:
    "Well, that was a great win for our kids. That's a happy locker room in there right now and its really fun to see those kids that way. You don't don't get that opportunity very often to see a locker room with kids in there crying because they are so doggone happy. That's a neat feeling. They were a little bit like they have been all year, and I use the word resilient. We had a pretty comfortable lead there and we let it get away from us. Purdue is awfully good, but our kids came right back out and had that drive (to get the field goal). And Austin (Starr), he missed one earlier in the fourth quarter but he banged the one we needed. It really was a great team win. I thought our defense really played well, particularly the first three quarters. You are not going to stop that team all night, they are too good, so this is a really good win for our kids."

    On what coach Hep would have said about the win:
    "Probably the same thing I just said. He would be so proud of those kids. We were just in there and just put the "I" in the Bucket and Jane (Hoeppner) put the "I" in the bucket. And the other thing, (Terry) loved Bucket Week. He was a guy that loved the rivalry and loved every part of it. I know he would be proud of those kids."

    On Austin Starr:
    "I was about ready to kill him at the end. He was supposed to squib kick that last kickoff. I am standing there and I see that ball go in the air and (Purdue wide reciever) Dorien Bryant get under it, I thought `what is going on here?' Anyway, we survived it."

    On what he did after the game when the fans rushed the field:
    "I have been caught in those things before. I'm getting too old. I get run over, so I wanted to get the heck out of there. That's all, I just wanted to get to some clear space."

    On what the win means for the program:
    "It's the next step. I think that's the biggest thing. We have seven wins and a winning record. We felt all along that this was a better football team but you have to prove it on the field. You can't just talk about it. I think getting the Bucket back is huge. It hasn't been here in five years. The seniors have not seen it in the complex, so this is big in the program. I think it is all those things."

    On what the win means being from Indiana:
    "It is fun, and I have said that all week. It was a long bus trip home from Northwestern last week, but Sunday morning I said, `It's Purdue week, let's go.'"

    On the defense:
    "I thought they played really well. I thought it was a combination of things. The front got some pressure, which we thought was important. It wasn't just getting sacks, it was getting pressure and trying to get them out of their rhythm. I thought we really did do a good job of containing the running game all the way up until the fourth quarter when they gashed us a couple times. But it was combination of pressures and pretty good coverage and we got some turnovers that helped us. I thought our special teams played well. We flipped field position on a couple situations, little things like that. We took over on the six-yard line and then we were able to punt it down into their end. All of those things are important because if you give them a short field they are going to eat you up. With that fumble in the fourth quarter, we gave them the short field and they are going to score a lot of points if you give them that."

    On Marcus Thigpen's performance:
    "I am really proud of him because he had to go. Here is a guy that didn't play last week because he had a bad ankle and he has been battling it all year. And then Josiah (Sears) and Bryan (Payton) went down in the first quarter, so it was Marcus and Trea Burgess left. But he really stepped up and had some huge plays for us."

    On Kellen Lewis' composure on the last drive:
    "We had really lost the momentum, they had it all. Our guys are on the sideline and you go up and down talking to them. But he had a cool look on his face like, `let's go.' We had the opportunity last week and we didn't get it done, but this week we did, so give him all the credit."

    Junior Kicker Austin Starr

    On the kick he missed:
    "If I would've made that then it wouldn't have been as dramatic of a finish. The same thing happened at Illinois. That is what I thought of. I thought, `Hmm. Where has this happened before? Oh yeah, at Illinois.' This kick was longer and more meaningful."

    On what he is feeling after the win:
    "I'm happy for this team, and how we fought the entire season. We did this together. Look at what everyone on the team did to get to 30 seconds left for me to kick that. I trusted in my holder, Dustin Hass. He has been great all year. I love the kid, and I'm glad he is coming back next year. [Long snapper] Tim Bugg, the guy is money. He has been great all year too. Our unit, the protection was right on. I want to compliment them on what they do."

    On the game winning kick:
    "I knew I was going to make that kick. I got another chance. For the entire week, I honestly had a dream about me doing this. I don't know how far the kick was in the dream, but I did envision and prepare myself all week to be `the' guy to beat Purdue. This game and this season has been for Coach Hep."

    Junior Wide Reciever James Hardy

    On how he feels after the win:

    "It is a great feeling to finally get the bucket and put an `I' on it for 2007. We got the win and we needed the win, and it is just better because it was against Purdue. Now we've got our bowl bid, we're just looking to get prepared for our bowl game."

    On Jane Hoeppner putting the `I' on the bucket:

    "That is Coach Hep basically. He is not here, so that is who we go through to get Coach Hep. I think it is a wonderful thing to finally see her smiling, and know that we reached our goal. Coach Hep is smiling down. I know she was feeling real good."

    On the relief of clinching a bowl game:

    "It is a load off of our shoulders. Now we've got time to recuperate. It is just a wonderful thing now that we've done it. It is a lot of relief we're feeling. Now, we've just got to go and get the job done against whoever we face."

    Sophomore Running Back Marcus Thigpen

    On the benefit of taking a week to rest his ankle:

    "I think having the game off last week really helped me out. That was my first time ever sitting out. It hurt sitting out, but it helped me in the long run."

    On why he was so successful running the ball:

    "I knew they were going to play Kellen (Lewis) differently because he is a scrambling quarterback. They just left a hole wide open, and we just kept hitting them. It was like they didn't adjust to it."

    On the last drive:

    "We were just telling each other to stay composed, just don't let yourself get overwhelmed. We knew we had time to do it. We had enough time on the clock to drive down the field, and maybe score or kick a field goal."

    On the crowd:

    "It felt really good. I hadn't seen a crowd like that since maybe two years ago against Ohio State. It was a good lift for us. I think they helped out a lot."

    Purdue Head Coach Joe Tiller

    On not giving up:
    "I thought they showed some character and came back and made some plays. We tried to change the tempo up and go to what we call an attack offense to try to get them back on their heels. Some guys stepped up and made some plays. We finally got a break, you know, there were three fumbles in the game laying on the ground and two of them bounced back up to their guys. In 42 years of coaching I've never seen a blocked punt advanced by a personal protector. Things weren't going our way early and our guys stayed the course. I said to them at halftime, `you know, this is a great opportunity to come back and win this game on their home field in front of a full house for them,' and we almost pulled it off."

    On the slow start:
    "Well I wasn't really happy with the way we started, in the sense that Curtis [Painter] looked at me and I made the comment to our coaches on the sideline, I said that looked like 2006 Curtis. His adrenaline was really going early in the game, he'd overthrow things, and I didn't think we settled down. We didn't run the ball to their credit. I thought they were stronger in the defensive line than they demonstrated before, and I thought they did a good job of getting a good push. Because we were unable to run the ball, we got into a passing mode and that's never good when you are strictly one dimensional."

    On Kellen Lewis manufacturing some big plays:
    "Well he's more effective, I think, in ad-libbing or off of a broken play than he is running the option. At least when he's running the option from an assignment point of view you've got a chance against him, you've got a chance to get a hand on him. When he takes off back there and scrambles and runs around and you're playing pass coverage that makes it very difficult."

    On the emotions of both teams:
    "I thought our team was ready to play emotionally and I think that they were probably at an all time high. They put a lot into this game, they pulled out all the stops. I don't know what else would have been possible for them to do that they didn't do from an emotional point of view. They had a sold out house, first time I've been here with a sold out house. They had a lot of things going for them, particularly early in the game."




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