Postgame Quotes - Indiana at Purdue

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 24, 2012

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    Indiana Quotes
 Indiana at Purdue

    November 24, 2012

    Indiana Head Coach Kevin Wilson

    On the game:
"This was a tremendous day for Purdue and they played a great second half, but we didn't make tackles. We played a solid game and the guys played good, but when you turn the ball over four times you're not going to win the game. It's sad for the seniors, but we hope to go into the offseason and work on the guys coming back."

    On the team's turnovers:
"We can make better play calls, and I'm just as much a part of that as Cam."

    On momentum
    "We had strong momentum throughout the first half, but when they make good plays it makes it difficult to keep it up. We lost the momentum at the start of the third quarter and it was hard to come back."

    On priorities for the offseason:
"We have 19 guys on offense coming back and only five will be seniors. They have time to grow because they're young and have potential to grow. These last three games have been disappointing, but with the next young players they can make great strides and become the strong leaders that we need. We need to recruit and work on player development because our guys are not physically strong enough to where they need to be."

    Junior Running Back Stephen Houston

    On the momentum in the game:
    "Purdue took the momentum in the second half and we didn't manage it well. We started to move too fast and didn't play sound. When we got in our rhythm, we tied it up, but then we got out of rhythm and the game got away from us."

    On the tempo of the game:
    "We practiced fast but then we wouldn't play like how we practiced. We got ahead of ourselves. That is the main focus of our offseason that we'll fix."

    On getting the ball:
    "I had the hot hand today. My coaches got me the ball. I had faith in the o-line and my coaches just kept feeding it to me."

    Sophomore Quarterback Cameron Coffman:

    On the season:
    "It's disappointing. We didn't win as much as we would have liked, but we learned a lot. We have a lot of potential. We'll relay this into the offseason and come out next season."

    On the team's turnovers:
    "It was disappointing. We can't win football games when we're turning the ball over in the second half."

    On the tempo of the game:
    "There were a few different crazy plays. There was some back and forth, but then it got out of hand. Momentum is a big thing in college football. It was a fun game, but it didn't end like we wanted it to. We're going to work on what didn't go as planned during the offseason and come back next season."

    Junior Safety Greg Heban

    On the tempo of the game:
    "When it came down to it, we had it at 35-35. We thought we had the momentum. We talked about finishing games at practice, but we couldn't finish it like we wanted to today."




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