Postgame Quotes - Purdue at Indiana

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 30, 2013

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    Purdue vs. Indiana
    Indiana Head Coach Kevin Wilson
    Postgame Quotes
    Nov. 30, 2013

    Opening Statement:
    "That was a pretty solid win. I'm really proud of this team, the seniors, and the captains we voted on this week. Kofi Hughes, Ted Bolser, and Greg Heban were selected captains this week, though this team has several leaders, and I'm happy for those guys. We didn't make a big deal about this week being senior week, about last week, or about us not being a bowl team. But as we always say, we want to get one day better, we made a big deal about this being our best week. Our emphasis was for this week to have our best preparation, our best meetings, and to go out there and play our best. There was a little bit of ugliness here and there, but for the most part it was a good win. I'm happy to get The Bucket for the seniors and for the team. We finished with five wins this season, which shows some improvement, but we have a lot of work to do. I think a strong foundation has been set by these guys and as we keep building we will look back on players like Heban, Bolser, Ewald, Hughes, and Duwyece Wilson as the start of something. They have committed a lot of time and effort to me, to our staff, and to this school, and I think they will walk out of here with their heads held real, real high. Now we have to keep building and cash in on the foundation they have laid, but I think we are capable of that."

    On choosing Tre Roberson as starting quarterback:
    "I think all our quarterbacks are capable of playing well, but I thought today we really needed to run the ball and take advantage of Tre in the space. I think tomorrow he is going to be very sore. Coming off this injury, he got down to 160 pounds. He focused all last season on getting healthy and I don't think he had a chance to develop the same way as the rest of our quarterbacks. We have to keep developing that position because though we have played pretty good at that position throughout the year, there are times where our quarterbacks didn't play good at all. Today, I just thought us running the ball more would be one of the keys for a chance at victory. Over the long run right now I don't think Roberson's body can hold up if he plays that kind of game every week. As we head into Tre's offseason, we will be talking more about how to get better and less about his health. We are going to keep bringing Sudfeld and Coffman along as well and see how everything plays out."

    On the running backs play today:
    "I thought Stephen Houston and D'Angelo Roberts were capable. We had Tevin (Coleman) dressed and he went through yesterday's practice prepared to play. Right now, he is probably just a few days away from being back to normal, but he just couldn't cut the way he usually does. If we were greedy and tried to get him some stats I feel like we would have been jeopardizing his long-term health. He worked really, really hard to get back because he wanted to play with his teammates. I think he wanted to play with his teammates more than he was worried about his stats. It was nice to see Stephen and D'Angelo step up today, however."

    On the seniors:
    "My thought was, `You have a long time to reminisce and remember, but you have one last chance to play this week.' There is a way you prepare and way you have to have your mindset to finish the way you want. That doesn't mean the play is going to be called or the coverage is going to be set so that you make the plays, but it was really good to get those guys involved today. All of our key seniors contributed and we needed them all."

    Postgame Quotes
    Indiana Players
    Nov. 30, 2013 vs. Purdue

    Running Back Stephen Houston

    On getting win over Purdue:>
    "It feels good. There were a couple years in a row we lost and I felt that we should have won. We have worked really hard and this is a great way to go out as a senior."

    On having good games against Purdue and playing them one last time:
    "I was going to leave it all out there on the field because it was my last game, it was my bowl game and my national championship game. I was going to give everything I had and be exhausted at the end since this was my last game in an Indiana uniform."

    Quarterback Tre Roberson

    On getting the bucket back:
    "It is always important to get the win against Purdue. They are our rivals and beating those guys is very important. It was a total team effort out there. I had a good game, but my skill guys made plays and the offensive line did a great job too."

    On capping the season off with the win:
    "We felt really good out there. We wanted to work hard all week. We didn't have the season we wanted so coming out and capping it off and giving the seniors what they wanted was really good."

    Safety Greg Heban

    On getting the bucket back:
    "It was great. I held it and touched it my first year here. To have it back in Bloomington where it belongs is a great feeling."

    On how the program is different than when he came in as a freshman:
    "What Coach Wilson talks about is this class building the program. I think the leadership of this class has improved throughout the years and we have trickled it down to the younger guys for them to build their leadership as well. I think next year we will be even better and continue to grow."

    On the senior class:
    "I think the relationship we have built with Coach Wilson has been incredible. When we first got here we were a little unsure about what he was about, but throughout the years we have grown close to him and with each other and I think seeing us come together as one made him emotional."

    Wide Receiver Shane Wynn

    On beating Purdue and taking back the Old Oaken Bucket:
    "It means a lot, you know. Especially as a rival, we are just glad we got that bucket back."

    On getting himself open for his multiple receptions today:
    "Just beating a lot of one-on-one coverages and the quarterback putting the ball where it needs to be."

    On lining up in the backfield throughout the game:
    "Just trying to put some speed back there. It was kind of like a little package for me."

    Perspective on where this team lies heading into the offseason:
    "We're not where we want to be but we're not where we were before. We just have to continue to work."  

    Wide Reciever Kofi Hughes

    Thoughts on the win
    "It was just a feeling of satisfaction that we finally put it all together. That was my biggest goal for tonight. It wasn't to have a big offensive game or anything like that. I wanted the defense and the offense to be in sync with each other and just go out there and play our best game and I think we went out there and played our best football."

    On where the IU football program stands
    "We've just been working so hard at making this team accountable for their actions and making sure that everyone goes out there and gives their maximum effort, just to leave it on the field every single game. I know that the wins and losses don't really show the production and how far this team has come, but behind the scenes I think that these seniors really set the standard really, really high. I'm really excited to see how this team does next year because I think that there is going to be a lot of good momentum going into next season."

    Wide Receiver Cody Latimer

    On winning the Bucket Game and scoring the most points in a Bucket Game
    "It was great. It was a great thing for our seniors to be able to set the foundation and for them to be able to leave on a mark like that and win the bucket is a great start for us next year."

    On why Tre Roberson was successful today:
    "Just trusting [the receivers] and just the heart. Tre's from Indiana. This is a game he knew we needed. Tre's a great player and he just made plays when we needed it."

    Purdue Head Coach Darrell Hazell

    Opening Statement:
    "Obviously they made plays against us on third down and we couldn't get off the field. Anytime you are scoring as much as they were offensively, it puts a lot of pressure on offense to go out and have to respond and answer those scores. We have a chance to make a few plays when the ball was in the air and we didn't make those plays, which was disappointing. I thought at the end of the game, our team continued to fight. They never gave up when they had a chance to give up. They never gave up. But you need to make those plays in order to be in the football game. We got ourselves in a big hole at halftime and we weren't able to fight back."

    On rebuilding the program:
    "You have to do it right away. We'll give them a little time off, but then you have to get back in the weight room and start working out. Making sure we're doing the right things daily. You have to get players in here that can make plays."

    On what he can learn from other coaches that got off to rough starts to their careers at a school:
    "I think the thing about those guys is that they had a solid plan and they stick to their plan. They understand that things are always exactly the way you want it when you go into a new situation. But you're going to get it to that point where you do want it. "

    On quarterback Danny's (Etling) performance:
    "I think you're seeing a guy who is going to be a spectacular player. I really believe that. I'm not just saying that. You are seeing the poise that he is starting to play with. He is starting to throw the ball with some accuracy. There were some plays where he probably should have thrown the ball away but that is a young quarterback."

    On his evaluation of the program:
    "It's a day-to-day decision where we are trying to get better at every singe opportunity we can. Obviously we are not where we want to be record wise, but we'll make strides."




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