Kirlew, Middleton Prepared for Workouts at NFL Combine

    Go Hoosiers! Jammie Kirlew (above) and Greg Middleton will work out Monday at the NFL Combine.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Jammie Kirlew (above) and Greg Middleton will work out Monday at the NFL Combine.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 28, 2010

    Kirlew Audio | Middleton Audio

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Defensive ends Jammie Kirlew and Greg Middleton are two of the four Hoosiers at the 2010 NFL Scouting Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. They met with the media Saturday afternoon and the transcripts are below:

    Jammie Kirlew

    On what he needs to show at the Combine:
    "Everything. When we get to Monday (workouts), I want to show I can do a lot of things, that I can play different positions."

    On himself:
    "I definitely think I'm going to be a guy who's a `tweener.' I'll either have my hand on the ground in a 4-3 or stand up as an outsider linebacker in a 3-4. I need to be able to show I can do it either way."

    On being an outside linebacker:
    "I've been doing that in the offseason. I feel much more comfortable now learning the scheme and physically going out there and doing those motions."

    On showing he can play both positions:
    "With the drills they have put together for us, within the D-line drills there are things that show them what you can and what you can't do. I think they're going to take a couple of D-linemen and have them do linebacker drills. I've been working on those drills and I hope to go out Monday and do well, knock them out."

    On playing the 3-4 at IU:
    "My redshirt freshman year we went to a 3-4 for several weeks, but we ended up going back to the 4-3. I did get some practice at it, but for the most part my hand has been on the ground in a 4-3."

    On being compared to Robert Mathis:
    "I wouldn't mind being compared to him at all. He's a great athlete and he plays in the backfield."



    On playing with Greg Middleton:
    "It was fun. He brought a lot of intensity to the game. We definitely work off of each other and had a friendly competition going."

    On going against Rodger Saffold in practice:
    "He made it tough on us. Going against someone like him, I had to literally create new moves for Saffold because of his athleticism and his love for the game. He would tell me during the game, `this guy can beat me with this move . . . try this move.' He'd say, `this guy's hitting me with this move, maybe you should hit them with the same thing.'"

    On IU producing great defensive ends:
    "Greg and I always used to look in the record book, saying we wanted to beat some of the records. We looked at the history, how well they (Adewale Ogunleye - Chicago Bears, Victor Adeyanju - St. Louis Rams) did at IU. We wanted to be like them and make that transition into the NFL."

    On his community work and volunteering for President Obama's campaign:
    "Any time I say something like that I see the eyes pop up, `Really?' I definitely think it does set me apart. With the community stuff, it shows that I'm not just all about football. I do things in the community and . . . I'm a well-rounded person. That's important. I can put everything into football and still have off-field (interests). You're well-rounded. You're accountable."

    On how hard he works:
    "It's definitely from my upbringing. I had wonderful parents growing up. They definitely taught us about work ethic and working hard. I was working for my dad when I was in the eighth grade. I worked two jobs when I was in high school. It's something I'm used to. I've done it my whole life."

    Greg Middleton

    On what he needs to do at the Combine:
    "Basically to just do my very best. Come in and perform during the interviews, the testing and the physical part."

    On what he will do at the workouts:
    "I will do everything except the bench press."

    On IU producing great defensive ends:
    "I think it's just good players coming in who have developed over the college years and display their level of competitiveness and overall football skills.

    On his career at IU:
    "I actually came close to breaking one of the records I wanted to (career sacks). I fell short. It's definitely motivation to get to this level and try to be No. 1."

    On his position in the NFL:
    "Wherever I'm put. I'm pretty much open-minded to anything that comes my way. I pick up on everything pretty fast. I just want to play football."

    On playing with Jammie Kirlew:
    "It was a lot of fun. It's fun being out there anyway, but when you have somebody on the other side that's a threat, it takes a little attention off of you."

    On going against Rodger Saffold in practice:
    "That's why he's so good. We were together for four years so we got each other better. That's what you're supposed to do."

    On whether he ever envisioned being at the Combine:
    "I wanted to be here. I always wanted to be here. Just to be here is kind of surreal. It's amazing to be here in this position."

    On what he brings to the table:
    "Athleticism, intelligence and speed."

    On what he can provide a NFL team:
    "I'll do whatever they want me to do. If they want me to gain weight and play D-tackle, or whatever, I just want to play."


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