DiNardo Comments On Day Two of Spring Practice

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    March 24, 2002

    Soundbites from Gerry DiNardo regarding the opening of spring practice:
    "We have had two good days. There are no pads, so a lot of it is teaching. We have gotten a lot of work in on special teams. That is something that you can work on without pads. The guys' attitudes have been really good."

    DiNardo regarding what the strengths of the team are at this early stage:
    "I don't know what our strengths are right now. It is tough to tell. Not until we get out and play our first game are we really going to know for sure. Right now, our strength is that we have a group of good people on this team. From an athletic standpoint, though, it is tough to tell."

    DiNardo regarding how the players are picking up on the coaching staff's system:
    "They are very good. They're very attentive. We are putting a lot in right now and they're bright kids."

    DiNardo regarding the transition to a new coaching staff:
    "We are doing different things. Any time you are teaching, you have to assume that it's new, so as far as having to adjust to new things, I think that comes more on an individual by individual basis."

    DiNardo regarding the players' adjustment to the West Coast offense:
    "It's been good. We have had meeting time before practice. It has really been helping the quarterbacks. The learning curve has been good with the West Coast offense and everything we're doing."



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