Hoosiers Back In Action On Saturday

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    March 30, 2002

    Bloomington, Ind. - The Indiana football team completed its fifth day of practice on Saturday in Memorial Stadium.

    Head Coach Gerry DiNardo and some players spoke about Saturday's practice and the progress of the Hoosiers:

    Coach DiNardo on the defensive effort on day five:
    "There is no question the defense played better. There are several phases to this. Obviously, one is the conditioning part. One is motion, one is attitude and one is actually playing the game well. I didn't think our emotion about playing defense was very good until today. We aren't ready to play yet, but that is only five days into things. That goes for both sides of the ball."

    On developing both sides of the ball:
    "I explained to our players like it is a recipe. You can't have all of this because that will get you beat. You can't have none of this because that will get you beat. You have to have a little of this and a little of that. I think we had some emotion today, we had some pride today and I am pleased with today's effort. Both sides did enough good things to say that they came to practice today. That is the critical thing and we did that. We need to come to practice everyday and make a little progress."

    On the Kris Dielman move:
    "The Kris Dielman move is probably one of the top five decisions that I have made or will make in the first year. It was also one of the toughest as it's not easy for Kris to make. He had done it with a great attitude and I believe it is paying dividends. It is no fun to ask a veteran who has been moved back and forth. Which, I actually did not know at first. I still feel like it was the best move for this team."

    Other Changes:
    "Brandon Hatcher has also been moved from defense to offense. I think they were considering that last year and it looks like a really good move. He resisted at first but has learned a lot and played 36 snaps today. Most of the other changes are minor...moving guys inside or outside and whatnot."

    On the play of Stephan Anthony:
    "He has really had a good spring thus far. He has had a great attitude and comes to work everyday. He is one of those guys who has benefited from change. Moving Kris may have gave him a spark or maybe he hit it off with Mo (Moriarity). He made a big time play today on the catch where he knew he was going to get hit hard. The progress that he has made reinforces moving Dielman."

    What will next week bring?
    "I think we will start to solidify our special teams depth. As your two-deep comes together you find out who your players are. Well, you don't want a non-player on your special teams. Now, we will probably start to sort some of those special teams out. Kicking off the ground looked the best that is has been."

    Kris Dielman on the move to defense:
    "I was a little hesitant at first with it being my senior year and all. My comfort zone was with the offense then I started to talk to Coach Cullen. I fell in love with what he had to say and his passion for defense. I am learning a little more each day and having a lot of fun."

    Stephan Anthony on his progress this spring:
    "I am pleased with my progress in the spring. I knew I had to step my game up with losing a starter in Kris. Coach DiNardo looked at Aaron Halterman and myself to step our games up and fill that spot. Coach Moriarity is a great guy who explains things well. He is a teacher and that is what we need. I am enjoying the opportunity."



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