April 1 Practice Report (4-1-04)

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    Bloomington, IN - The Indiana Hoosiers completed their second practice of the spring on Thursday, April 1. IU will have its first full contact workout on Saturday, April 3. Here is what head coach Gerry DiNardo, senior wide receiver Courtney Roby, senior quarterback Matt LoVecchio and senior safety Herana-Daze Jones had to say after the Hoosiers' second spring practice on Thursday.

    Head Coach Gerry DiNardo
    Overall Assessment
    "Well, there's no question that we have had two great days of work. Our guys have great attitudes and great work ethics. The one thing that separates this spring from the previous two is that our depth is better. We're getting some of our younger players more reps (repetitions) than we have in the last two."

    On Increased Depth In The Program
    "It makes a significant difference in the program, but we won't know how it will impact the season until we start playing games. The way you measure is whether you win or lose the games, but it is certainly a huge step in our program. Hopefully, it is a huge step in our season, but we won't know that until we play it out."

    Have Any Individuals Stood Out In Your Mind?
    "I don't know that I can answer that having only two practices and as you know, football is a contact sport, and we have not had the pads on yet. I'd say in general, I have been pleased with the attitude and effort."

    Senior Wide Receiver Courtney Roby
    Overall Assessment
    "I'm excited. I know that from an offensive standpoint, everyone is buying into what the coaches are teaching. Like our coach said, the wheel is starting to turn, and it's focusing in on what everyone has to do. I am excited about the offensive system, and we'll see. The true test is Saturday when we start hitting, but the first couple of days are looking pretty good."

    Benefits Of Conditioning
    "I feel good, and actually, I think we are doing more rapid fire situations with less rest (between repetitions). So I feel good and well-conditioned, and I think everyone else does, too because I don't see anyone out there slacking, they all look pretty good."

    Senior Quarterback Matt LoVecchio
    Overall Assessment
    "It definitely feels good being back out on the field with everyone finally playing football again. (The increased depth) gives us the ability to work with several different groups getting a lot of reps, which is a positive thing for us. We have been working on timing with the backs and the receivers and the whole offense."

    Senior Safety Herana-Daze Jones
    Overall Assessment
    "I think things are going pretty good right now. Everyone is running around, and everyone is excited just to be out there together. You see a lot of emotion going on right now."

    On New Defensive Coordinator Joe Cullen
    "It's pretty much kind of like the same schemes, but there's some stuff that different. Coach Cullen is real excited and emotional, and he gets you emotional."




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