April 3 Practice Report (4-3-04)

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    Bloomington, IN - Indiana held its third workout of the spring on April 3, and it was the first time that the Hoosiers were in full pads. Here are some of IU coach Gerry DiNardo's thoughts after Saturday's practice.

    Overall assessment:
    "First day in pads is always a little rusty, and I'd say that is probably where we were today. Effort was good and tempo was good. We have had three good days, and we have to continue working."

    On senior wide receiver Courtney Roby's dual participation in football and track:
    "I think his track experience was positive. He had a real good offseason, and he broke our school record and team record in the 40-yard dash (4.31). He had a really offseason, and he has the ability to be a special player, but he needs to share in that responsibility. The first responsibility is for us (the coaching staff) to put him in that position. So we worked hard during the offseason to make sure that we keep him involved in the offense and give him an opportunity to be explosive, because he is one of our explosive guys, and we have to do that. He had a good offseason and has had a good first three days of spring drills."

    On the development of wide receiver Travis Haney
    Quite a bit. I still think the next step with Travis is to have outstanding games and outstanding seasons. He certainly has done everything to put himself in that position. He's another guy like Courtney, he has some explosion, and we need to put him in that position."

    On the advantage that freshman quarterback Mike Vlahogeorge has in enrolling at IU early and taking part in spring drills:
    "I think it is night and day, When the other freshmen come in, and if you relate it to another freshman, especially with no freshman camp, they (the NCAA) dissolved freshman camp, he is so far ahead. They know the language, they know the offense, they know the tempo. The best example with Mike to me, and this is a prime example is that he didn't even finish the first shuttle (team conditioning) test (in January), and he passed it in March...He's a big, talented guy with a big arm, we'll see how he progresses."

    His early assessment of Indiana's defense under new coordinator Joe Cullen:
    "It looked okay. I need to watch the tape, really... There are certainly advantages (to hiring coordinators from within the staff). The biggest advantage is we're going to play Indiana's offense, Indiana's defense and kicking game as long as I am here. I'm not interested in bringing someone in new every time we lose a coach. That's really the basis of that decision. The second thing is, you have to have someone qualified on your staff. You don't just do it to do it. Joe and Steve (Addazio) on offense, are extremely qualified and both veteran coaches. If we were going to lose guys, this is the pefect time to elevate qualified guys within the system."




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