April 5 Practice Report (4-5-04)

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    Bloomington, Ind.- The Indiana Hoosiers held their fourth practice of the spring on Monday, April 5. The practice marked the second time the Hoosiers have practiced in full pads. Here is what head coach Gerry DiNardo, junior running back Yamar Washington and junior offensive lineman Isaac Sowells had to say after completion of the Hoosier's fourth spring practice.

    Head Coach Gerry DiNardo
    Overall Assessment:

    "We were doing a lot scheme-wise today. We still aren't sharp enough in the passing game at this time of the year. The defense is still ahead of the offense, which is sometimes pretty typical. We just are not throwing the ball well enough offensively right now."

    On the week's preparations:

    "Today's emphasis was on third and short situations. We will work on short yardage and goal-line plays tomorrow. We will do a lot of different situations on Thursday, and try to cover the gamut. On Friday I would like to have an extended scrimmage."

    Junior Running Back Yamar Washington
    Overall Assessment

    "We look kind of rusty, but we are getting better as a team everyday. I just want to get comfortable with the game again. After being out for a long time and going without being tackled, practice can mess with your head a bit, so I am really work on get back into a football mindset."

    On looking forward to the spring game:

    "I want to come out and execute every play. I am working hard on not missing my assignments. I just want to come out and get on the right track."

    On the effort of senior linebacker Cleo Harbison:

    "Cleo had a great practice today. He came out and gave his all. He was throwing all of our running backs around today. I was really impressed with his effort."

    Junior Left Tackle Isaac Sowells
    Overall Assessment:

    "We are feeling pretty good on the offensive side of the ball. It is taking us a little while to learn some of the new plays we have put in this year. Overall we are improving , and as an offense, that's what we need to do."

    On if there is anything he would like to improve on before the spring game:

    "I would like to work on my technique for sure. I have been taking pride on improving my footwork in particular. Coach Addazio has been stressing our footwork, and I have working hard to polish my technique before the spring game."




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