April 6 Practice Report (4-6-04)

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    On their passing game:
    "I didn't think we were where we could have been yesterday. Today was a lot better. I think we have to make sure we are doing the right drills as coaches to implement the things we want to do. I was pleased today with the passing game. That is kind of how spring is. It goes back and forth. We have only practiced five days and are only a third of the way through, so we have a lot of work to do yet."

    On the cornerbacks:
    "I think that is something we really have to work at. We have a lot of guys coming in August, but obviously a freshman playing in the secondary in the Big Ten is something you don't necessarily always want to do. We get Cedric (Henry) back in the fall, so that will help. We are not as deep at corner as we are everywhere else."

    On the linebackers:
    `I feel a lot better about it. Our scholarships numbers are up at linebacker. When Brian Faires moved from offense to defense, it's been very good for us. He made a couple good plays out here today and he looks good on tape. We also have Paul Szczesny who is new to us, Josh (Moore) is back and Cleo (Harbison) has started strong this spring. (Kyle) Killion and Jake Powers continue to progress. We have definitely added our depth."

    Defensive Coordinator Joe Cullen:

    On what he's seen with the defense so far:
    "I think the big thing that stands out is the intensity in practice and the effort that the players are putting forth in practice. Not that we didn't work hard before, but we are older and more mature and we have more leadership. Up front, Jodie Clemons has been a guy you can count on from day one. Kenny Kendal is really having a good spring. He has matured and is making some great plays. We have some linebackers that are playing well too. We are moving them all around to see who fits best. They are doing well."

    On linebacker numbers:
    " Last season, I had about four defensive linemen, and (former defensive coordinator) Coach (Tim) Kish at one point had two linebackers that were on scholarship. We went more to the five defensive-back schemes. Now we have Josh Moore, who is banged up a little but getting better, Kyle Killion, Jake Powers, Kevin Smith and Paul Szczesny, who is really doing some great things and learning the system. We finally have some depth at that position."

    On Will Myers:
    "Will is smarter, bigger and faster this year. He is really progressing."




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