April 13 Practice Report 4-12-04)

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    Bloomington, Ind. - Indiana continued its second full week of spring practice on Tuesday, April 13. Here is what offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Steve Addazio, quarterbacks coach Matt Canada and offensive lineman Adam Hines had to say after practice.

    Offensive coordinator Steve Addazio

    On how the offensive line is this spring:
    SA: "Obviously, we have more depth since we have more numbers. All that is fantastic, but it still comes down to every day coming out and getting better and rising up. It's great to have numbers, but we have to keep growing every day."

    On what are some things he looks to from guard Adam Hines and tackle Isaac Sowells:
    SA: "Leadership, stepping up and in tough situations overcoming. That is what leaders do."

    Quarterbacks coach Matt Canada

    On what is his impression of the quarterback play he has seen this spring:
    MC: "It's been a lot of good things, and things we have to improve upon. Everyday, there are good throws and good plays we make, and then there are days when there are better plays you need to make and better throws you need to make. I think we are improving everyday. We are throwing the ball faster and making our reads faster. We just have to make plays."

    Offensive lineman Adam Hines

    On how depth helps the offensive line get prepared:
    AH: "Depth is really important, because in drills, we have guys who can compete. If you have a good guy behind you who is competing, you realize you have to come and play everyday because it you don't, you are going to lose your spot."

    On if the offensive line is ahead this year with everyone returning:
    AH: "I think we are ahead. There are concepts that we have seen before, and they are not shocking to us. We can make adjustments, and it's not going to take two or three weeks to get it right. It's something we can change in a day, because we have all played against it before and had game reps."

    On what the offensive lines focus is going into next season:
    AH: "As an offensive line we are trying to make an emphasis on protecting better and give Matt (LoVecchio) that extra second or two to deliver the ball, or if a route opens late we can hold the defensive front so, Matt can make plays. It's something that comes with experience and taking pride in making it an emphasis."




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