Comments from Spring Practice No. 14

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    April 17, 2002

    Coach Gerry DiNardo comments:
    "Hopefully we have a good clean scrimmage with no penalties and we look sharp. We will play the No. 1s vs. the No. 2s and it will be the first time that we have had such a match up this spring. Hopefully it will be an entertaining game for the crowd."

    "We installed so much offensively this spring and it was good to get that much in in a short period of time. We were teaching the whole thing this spring and now we will have a reference point in the fall so learning will come faster."

    "One of the key adjustments has been learning a new system. The option (which the team ran last year) is very different so we are asking our players to do a lot of new things. They have really bought into the system and everyone here has been very positive about the changes."

    "We have been working hard to get the message across that we need to be a well conditioned team to have a chance. I think that we have redefined work ethic."

    "The coach-player relationship has developed well in the spring."

    Kris Dielman (DL) comments:
    Regarding the new coaches:
    "I just love the coaches. Coach Cullen just approached me man-to-man and it was an easy switch. He told me that they needed leaders on the defense and they knew I would bring it."

    Regarding how he feels on the field:
    "I feel comfortable. At first I didn't, but the coaches have really done a great job."

    Regarding the new coaches:
    "I love Coach DiNardo, Coach Cullen, Coach Kish, all of them really. They are all great guys."

    Regarding the transition to a new coaching staff:
    "I knew the old staff since high school. When they left, they told us that it wasn't a loyalty thing. They said we should have open arms with the new coaches and do what they say. The guys who couldn't handle that are no longer here."

    Regarding his move from tight end to defensive end:
    "I found out a few days before spring ball started. The coaches said it would be the best thing for the team, so I knew I would do it. I just want to win. I could care less about position. I knew it would be okay because we have good enough tight ends where I could switch and it would not be a big gap to fill."

    Enoch DeMar (OL) Comments:
    Regarding his approach to the new coaches:
    "This is my third coach in five years. It's like one leaves, then you get used to another. Then he leaves, and you get used to another. You learn to deal with it. It's a learning process. You learn what he wants and he learns what you want."

    Regarding offensive line coach Steve Addazio:
    "He is intense. He wants an intense offensive line, and he really gets after you to try to maximize your potential."

    Regarding the switch from an option offense to a West-Coast system:
    "Moving from an option offense to more of a downhill system is something new. We're more balanced now as far as running and throwing the ball and that will help us out and make us more successful."

    Regarding the transition to a new coaching staff:
    "With every coach it takes time to gel, especially when he is putting in a new system. I think we're all getting comfortable with him. Whenever you have coaches out there giving their best and putting their all in the job, it makes you more comfortable in who you're with.

    Stephen Anthony (TE) comments:
    Regarding the new offense:
    "It has been a learning process in the spring and we are learning how Coach DiNardo wants things done. He stresses developing a team culture and that has been a big thing that has been instilled in this team."

    Herana-Daze Jones (LB) comments:
    Regarding the spring game:
    "We are looking forward to this game, we can't wait. We want to go out and not let the offensive unit we play against score at all."



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