April 17 Practice Report

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    Bloomington, IN - As Indiana looks toward its final week of spring drills, here is what head coach Gerry DiNardo, offensive coordinator Steve Addazio and defensive coordinator Joe Cullen had to say after the Hoosiers' April 17 session.

    Coach DiNardo
    Overall assessment
    "I thought we were really physical today. That was probably as physical a scrimmage as we have had since I've been here. Thursday's practice was not as physical. I asked them to respond, and they did. I thought it was really physical, which is good from that standpoint."

    On a particular format for the April 23 Cream-Crimson Spring Game
    "I will wait until we get the injury report (today), and see how we do Monday and Tuesday before I decide on the format of the game."

    On the progress of redshirt freshman quarterback Blake Powers
    "He has a good, strong arm and has done a good job of learning the offense. He just needs a bunch of reps (repetitions). That's what happens when you redshirt a year. He's like any other quarterback in his situation. He just needs to be soaked."

    Compare this week's scrimmage to last's week's scrimmage:
    "The best thing was that the offense did better in the red zone this week than a week ago. Matt (LoVecchio) threw some good balls today, but when it's your second year in the offense, you should look better."

    Assess the defense this spring
    "Jodie (Clemons) and Victor Adeyanju have looked good upfront. Kyle Killion...Cleo Harbison is a much better player than he was last year. Herana-Daze Jones did well today. Paul Szczesny had a good scrimmage. We're getting a lot more pressure (on the quarterback) than we have in the past.

    Coach Addazio
    General thoughts on offense today
    "We weren't very efficient or consistent in the first half. We came back in the second half and turned up the intensity and played hard. There's two halves, and if you don't play hard in the first half, you better rally in the second half. On a positive note, that's what we did in the second half, we started to rally and move the ball.

    "We're not where we need to be, but we are getting to be a physical bunch. I see a lot of positives, a lot of good things going on, especially for this time of year. That part pleases me."

    Any individuals stand out?
    "At different times, different people have stepped up. Truth be known, we have had some guys step up and do a heck of a job, Now, let's do it all together. That's consistency, that's jell. The wide receivers are stepping up and making plays. They're more attentive to the exactness of things they're doing. We've got depth, so there is a lot of competition."

    On redshirt freshman quarterback Blake Powers
    "Blake is a young guy doing a good job. He's a young quarterback trying to get the offense down. He's done a terrific job handling that, and he'll continue to grow as he needs to."

    Coach Cullen
    Overall assessment
    "The big thing is, we came out with a better attitude. We were a little sluggish on Thursday. Coach DiNardo said that there wasn't as much pad popping. Today, the guys came out with a high level of intensity and did a good job."

    Goals for the defense
    "I think the mentality has to be that we (the defense) has to set the tempo. We can't sit back and let the offense drive the ball. We have to get the offense the ball. We have to win on downs, get the ball back and win field position and get the offense the ball inside the 50-yard line.

    "One of the things we talked about was being able to stop the run. Today, we were much better. We had some problems last week (Saturday) and Thursday. We said we weren't going to do anything special. Just honker down and play our base defense. Let's stop the run and get them in third-and-long. Then we'll cover and blitz."

    How big of a difference is the increased depth?
    "We have some depth upfront. (Martin) LaPostolle and Russ Richardson have some reps, and (redshirt freshman) Joe Kremer is steadily improving. We have Victor Adeyanju and Kenny Kendal who can rotate and play a lot. We also have six or seven linebackers who when they're healthy, will be able to play."




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