QBs Luck and Sudfeld 'Change the Play'

    July 8, 2014

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    By: Andrew Lentz (@IULentz)

    - Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck was at Memorial Stadium on Tuesday afternoon to promote health, physical fitness and nutrition to nearly 200 kids ages 5-14. Indiana junior quarterback Nate Sudfeld, one of 40 IU student-athletes on hand to assist with Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana Health’s Change the Play program, took a few notes himself.
    “It was cool to pick his brain a little bit about playing quarterback,” Sudfeld said. “The biggest thing I took away is being a leader and keep working hard. Obviously, there are going to be ups and downs as a quarterback. He just reiterated ‘What else would you rather be doing?’ It’s so true. There is nothing better than playing quarterback and leading a team.”
    After starting eight games and appearing in all 12 a year ago, Sudfeld will get the opportunity in 2014 to direct an Indiana team that Luck had nothing but good things to say about.
    “It seems dynamic,” Luck remarked. “It seems like it’s fun to watch and obviously world-class facilities. The guys I’ve talked to are upstanding young men and good football players. I wish them the best of luck next year...unless they play Stanford in the Rose Bowl.”

    While Luck was setting school records at Stanford, Sudfeld was doing the same just two hours east at Modesto Christian High School.
    “I didn’t realize his California roots close to where I went to school,” Luck said. “It’s always fun talking to quarterbacks at any level. I’m sure there’s something he can learn from me and a lot I can learn from him. We enjoy talking about our experiences.”
    Those experiences included yet another one they shared Tuesday, throwing passes to kids while leading one of several activity stations.
    “The goal is to try to reach as many kids as possible, get them outside and get them moving around,” Luck said. “It’s a great summer camp-feel day down here in a beautiful stadium.”
    Luck, who is the face of the Change the Play program and helped develop the initiative, provided an example for more than just the starstruck children at Memorial Stadium on Tuesday.
    “It’s a good organization to encourage playing, eating healthy and being healthier as children,” Sudfeld said. “It was cool that Andrew was behind a lot of this and it’s exciting for the future for these kids.”
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