Summer Update with Mark Hill

    Go Hoosiers! Football head strength and conditioning coach Mark Hill talks about voluntary summer workouts.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Football head strength and conditioning coach Mark Hill talks about voluntary summer workouts.
    Go Hoosiers!

    July 22, 2011

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Mark Hill is in his first season as head strength and conditioning coach with the Hoosier football program. He owns 11 years of coaching experience and has been a part of six bowl teams, including the 2000 national champion Oklahoma Sooners.

    During the summer months, Hill is the most important coach on staff. He is the only coach allowed to come in contact with the team.

    Hill talks about that and voluntary summer workouts below.

    How have voluntary workouts gone this summer?
    "Summer workouts are going great. We have the team here trying to prepare them for fall camp and to set the foundation for the season. The approach to it is pretty good on their behalf. We are trying to push them and work on finishing. Everything we do is going to help us finish fourth quarters of games and everything else we do."

    Is the mental attitude around the weight room positive right now?
    "Extremely. We are just trying to continue to preach the message that Coach Wilson wants; the foundation that he set forth when he first got here with these guys. We are continuing to work on the mental edge and that mental approach to the game, because so much of it is mental. When it gets hard you have to reach past being in shape and reach past your athletic ability, and just approach that mental aspect of the game to be able to finish and put forth the effort that we need to get better."

    What is the advantage of the 25,000-square-foot weight room?
    "Guys don't have to sit around waiting on a bunch of machines that can really take up a lot of time. We have so much new equipment that from a standpoint of trying to be innovative and getting things done in a new setting, is great. It is a huge advantage for us not only in terms of getting our guys stronger, but with our rehabbing and pre-habbing guys. It's such a physical and demanding sport, having a great weight room like this is really a plus for us."



    Are you excited for your first game as an Indiana Hoosier?
    "As a strength coach getting guys ready for the season in the eight-week program, you are extremely excited. I can remember when we started back in June and I said to myself `we have eight weeks to get better.' Now that time is dwindling down, that just limits the time I have to get those guys ready and in shape. I think we're going to push up until game week, getting ready, getting mentally ready. Fall camp will be a different challenge, guys start getting the plays. It's then time for practice and time to get ready for Ball State. I think we'll be good. I'm extremely excited. You always like to see a product that you are trying to get better and get conditioned; you actually want to see that product put into play. And that's what I'm excited for. To see these guys play a game, and their hard work and dedication throughout the summer months starts to pay off."


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