Players Report For Camp

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    August 5, 2003

    Bloomington, Ind. - The players are back.

    The first marker that the 2003 football season is upon us arrived on Tuesday when the Indiana football players reported for fall camp.

    Perhaps the biggest difference between the 2003 reporting date and that of years past is that several of the players made the decision to remain in Bloomington over the summer to work on their respective games and to participate in voluntary seven-on-seven scrimmages. Among those players to stay were quarterback Matt LoVecchio and record-setting receivers Glenn Johnson and Courtney Roby.

    Several of the newcomers even reported earlier than Tuesday's mandatory report date, including defensive end Ben Ishola and linebacker Josh Moore, both of which could contend for spots on the two-deep during the fall.

    Indiana will have the NCAA-maximum allotted number of 105 players participating in fall camp, plus an additional two (Derek Frye and Yamar Washington) who will be inactive for fall camp and the 2003 season while recovering from surgery (Frye-back, Washington-knee).

    Tuesday's report day saw the players come into the on-campus dorm to get their room assignments and keys, then move into their new rooms. New players filled out additional paperwork prior to moving in. From there, the common scene was players laughing and joking together outside the dorm.

    The players will rest before tomorrow morning's shuttle run. The shuttle run is a 300-yard test that is the emotional precursor to fall camp. Players have set times that they have to make based on their respective position. If an underclassman doesn't make the required time for his position, he must attend early-morning penalty runs throughout fall camp. If a senior does not make his required time, he is off the team.

    Fall camp begins in earnest on Thursday afternoon, when the Hoosiers take the field as a unit for the first time.



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