10 Questions with Tandon Doss

    Go Hoosiers! Tandon Doss spoke with following Monday's practice.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Tandon Doss spoke with following Monday's practice.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Aug. 5, 2008

    Throughout the Hoosiers 2008 fall practice, will sit down and get to know some of the freshmen football players a little better. In the first installment, we asked freshman wide receiver Tandon Doss 10 questions on a wide variety of topics.

    What football player did you look up to growing up?
    That is a tough one. I would say Jerry Rice.

    What is your best football memory?
    Probably the signing day for IU. It was a big step in my life, coming to the next level.

    Why did you choose to come to Indiana?
    The coaching staff is really cool. You build a relationship with them, and they said I'd have a chance to play early.

    What person in your life do you look up to most?
    Probably my mom. She worked so hard to take care of me and my brother with no help, so I just want to work hard like she did.

    What is something about you outside of football that would surprise most people?
    Probably that I sit in the house all day. I don't get out much.

    If you weren't playing football, what sport would you be playing?
    Probably basketball, that is my second love. I have played around but never played for my high school team.

    Did you have a nickname in high school? What's the story behind it?
    People called me TD, my initials. It also is for touchdowns. That is what I do, score touchdowns.

    What have you been doing in your spare time at the hotel?
    I've been hanging out, sleeping, texting my friends back home. That is basically it.

    What is your favorite food?
    My favorite food is spaghetti.

    What are you thinking about majoring in and why?
    Sports marketing and management because some of the coaches have told me not to want to play on an NFL team, but to own an NFL team or run one.




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