Hoosiers Kickoff Camp with the Shuttle Run

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    August 6, 2003

    Bloomington, Ind. - It may not be the best way to start training camp if you ask a player, but the excitement of the Indiana Football shuttle run is unmatched and the event sets the tone for the year. The Hoosiers were tested in the 300-yard shuttle run Wednesday morning and then a number of players met with the media as part of the annual media day as training camp has officially kicked off in Bloomington.

    The shuttle run is the most important day of camp for a senior Indiana football player. You fail the test, you are no longer a member of the team. All seven of the IU seniors passed, and some with record-setting performances. Of the 58 upperclassmen that ran the shuttle on day one of camp, 50 passed the test, 86 percent, an improvement from last season's mark of 81.5 percent.

    The shuttle course if 25-yards in length and each player runs back-and-forth 12 times. Each player runs the shuttle with a partner twice over a five minute period and the average of the two times makes up the players shuttle time.

    Senior strong safety Matt Foss posted the fastest time at 52.86, which was not only the new Indiana secondary record but also the new all-time mark, which Antonio Watson had set last season (53.31). Running along side Foss was fellow senior cornerback Matt Calvert who had an average time of 53.33 for the second fastest mark on the team.

    Senior running back Brian Lewis' time of 53.99 set the new IU running back record while sophomore linebacker Kyle Killion set the linebacker mark with a time of 56.49. Two of the surprise record setters were senior kicker Adam Braucher, whose time of 54.49 set the mark for specialists while true freshman Nick Sexton posted the tight end record with a time of 56.41. Sexton surprised some as a true freshman setting the mark. Braucher is less than one year removed from knee surgery that cost him the 2002 season.

    The top ten included: No. 1-Matt Foss, No. 2-Matt Calvert, No. 3-Buster Larkins, No. 4-Brian Lewis, No. 5-David Lewis, No. 6-Courtney Roby, No. 7-Luke Stone; No. 8-Adam Braucher, No. 9-Damien Jones, No. 10-Duane Stone.

    The afternoon featured a media contingency of over 50 people. Head Coach Gerry DiNardo and selected players met with media from around Indiana and Kentucky.

    The Hoosiers hit the field for the first time tomorrow afternoon.




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