Hoosiers Complete Third Practice Despite Warm Weather

    Go Hoosiers! James Bailey and the Hoosiers battle hot conditions at third day of training camp.
    Go Hoosiers!
    James Bailey and the Hoosiers battle hot conditions at third day of training camp.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Aug. 8, 2007

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - The Hoosiers continued their preseason preparations on Wednesday in the hot and humid weather that comes with every August in the Midwest.

    Head coach Bill Lynch and his coaches opened Wednesday's practice with some conditioning drills. They also broke the players up by position to work on individual techniques, especially the younger players who are still getting used to the college level.

    "I think this freshman class we brought in is pretty good," Lynch said after practice. "A lot of it is drill work because you just can't get them all in team reps, but we talked about it in the staff meeting today and we feel pretty good about them."

    The weather was definitely taking a toll, as the players were constantly trying to stay hydrated. But that is where Lynch points to the team's depth in helping the players get through these warm days.

    "The biggest thing that stands out in my mind is where we are with depth," Lynch said. "When we run the 1s and 2s out there, it doesn't look a whole lot different, and that's the sign when you start having some depth. Up front on both sides of the ball is where it certainly shows. I think in three days we've seen pretty good progress."

    In the passing drills, sophomore wideout Ray Fisher put his speed on display with a nice run after a swing pass and also used a double move to get open for a 40-yard catch.

    Toward the end of practice, in the 7-on-7 portion, sophomore quarterback Kellen Lewis started by hitting his first three passes before senior defensive back Tracy Porter stepped in front of the next one for an interception.

    Junior wide receiver James Hardy used his size to shield his defender on a short hook route and then turned it up field for an easy touchdown. But even the heat had its effects on Hardy.

    "You just have to get your legs under you," Hardy said. "We haven't been out here running, especially in this type of heat, together. We're progressing and getting better each and every day."




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