Hoosiers Hold Football Media Day

    Go Hoosiers! Head coach Kevin Wilson addresses the media on Tuesday.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Head coach Kevin Wilson addresses the media on Tuesday.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Aug. 9, 2011

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    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - The Indiana football team hosted its annual Media Day on Tuesday morning. Head coach Kevin Wilson and his entire staff along with 15 players met with the media.

    Prior to the interview session, the team took individual and position pictures inside Memorial Stadium. To view a photo gallery from today's events click here. To view Coach Wilson's press conference click here. To view video from today click here.

    Below is a partial transcript from Coach Wilson's press conference:

    On the attitude the team has brought to preseason camp:
    "We have had a lot of the kids here this summer. A lot of guys have embraced our values, or are trying to, but we have a long way to go in understanding the subtle things in how to be demanding of yourself or having high expectations. We are continuing to try to gain momentum in those regards.



    "They were all here this summer, that is a voluntary time. They made the commitment to be here and we had a number of guys in summer school. (Our players) have leaned up and we look to be in good shape. I see a lot of positive deals.

    "Now, we have had one practice and it was a helmet-only practice. For a first go, it looks pretty good, but there is a long way and a lot of water to go across the dam before we play a game. I like the attitude and hopefully we can keep building. It should be better as we go, but that will be tough because as you get into two-a-days they start to hit that wall and have to grind. It will be nice to see that energy and attitude in days 10, 11 and 12. That would be great to see."

    On the quarterback competition:
    "I don't have a timeline or timetable. We did throw (true freshman) Tre Roberson in the mix yesterday and for a young guy he handled it. He has a nice little presence and communicates well. There are kind of five guys going through it (at the quarterback position) and we split practice so there are kind of two practices. For every drill, we are doing it twice to try to get as many reps as we can to increase that. But it was just day one and how we do things.

    "We will probably go through the first week before we, as a staff, really discuss where we think guys are. We didn't even talk about that yesterday. We just practiced. This morning we had some pictures and watched practice with them. I don't anticipate having a daily update on it. I couldn't even tell you their completion percentage. From what I saw, and we are spread a little thin going two drills at once, I think they are all carrying themselves well. I am kind of pleased where it is but we will see.

    "Maybe after this weekend we will talk about it as a staff, because there is a time when we need to, as coaches, just to pare it down for reps. Coming out of summer, in fairness to all the players, we did throw the freshmen in the mix. There are five guys going at it now. I think as we get into two-a-days, which start Saturday, we will probably have a little bit more of a direction on where we are going."

    On using a two-quarterback system: "If you can, but maybe you can't. I have heard people say `if you have two quarterbacks that means you don't have one.' I don't know if that means anything but I hear people say it. But sometimes you have two good ones or sometimes you have guys that bring different things to the table, with the ability to run or throw. The hard thing about two quarterbacks if they are not similar is that for the other, second team players, you don't need two different styles of offense. I have seen some teams where they are very run-oriented with one quarterback and throw-oriented with the other. It's like one team is practicing pass-blocking and routes and the other is practicing all the run game. If you are a second team receiver or guard, who are you matched up with and what if the game doesn't work that way.

    "I think the deal is if you have more than two quarterbacks, you try to philosophically stay similar. We will see where it goes. I am not averse to playing two, I just don't want to feel like one guy is looking over his shoulder if he messes up and playing on egg shells. I don't want them to feel like if they have one bad game or one bad practice that someone is taking my spot. If we have two guys, that means neither one has separated or we think both are bringing something to the table. If it gets to one quarterback, it gets to one. I think you guys have thought about it much more than me, personally. As we practice a little bit and come the weekend, we should see. I do think there is a time where you have to reduce five guys with reps into two or three, just so the first and second guys are getting a bulk of the work for rhythm and timing."

    On the tight end position:
    "For one, I think we need a little more consistency. Ted Bolser catches some balls and has the big play ability, but his ability to concentrate and push himself to be a great player is a long way off right now. He has more talent than his habits are right now, because he has upper level talent. He is pretty good because he has really good talent. He could be really good if he had the focus and drive that we are trying to reach down and dig out of him.

    "Charles Love III is coming on and is very fast. He's a smaller guy that we can move around, and he's a 225-pound kid that you can play in the backfield or move him around. We are actually looking at a couple of linebackers, in particular Dimitrius Carr-Watson, who is moving from linebacker into a little fullback for us now. I would like to see the group, including Max Dedmond, get out on the field and moving around. We didn't sign one so it will be the bulk of the guys that were playing last year. It needs to have a better presence on the field so we'll see. They were gassed yesterday because they did more than what they are used to doing."

    On the running back position:
    "The addition of Stephen Houston was a nice addition, without pads, as well as D'Angelo Roberts. Darius Willis was practicing yesterday and looked fast. Nick Turner looked really good, and after the spring he had and all the work he got, he has a lot of self-confidence and has worked hard. I finally got a chance to see Darius. He looked good, but we didn't have pads on. Antonio Banks was back and Xavier Whitaker looked like they could get in the mix and play. We will have three or four. But similar to the quarterback position, I think you need more than one because they are going to wear out, so you need two or three.

    "I don't know if we have seven guys that are going to jog out there and be starters, but I think we can find two or three that we can play with, and we are going to need them."


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