#IUFB Notebook: One Week Down

    Aug. 9, 2014

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    One week down, two to go.

    Indiana's first week of preseason camp came to a close with Saturday evening's scrimmage at Memorial Stadium as the Hoosiers went head-to-head for approximately two hours.

    "Good vibe and energy," head coach Kevin Wilson said of the first few days of work. "We've really structured our practice format in a way that we think our kids are understanding what we want to do. They're attacking practice. We're getting a lot of developmental extra work to bring a great freshman class along. I think we've came out worked hard and it's been really good."

    The majority of the first week has seen the defense in red jerseys, a reward for practicing better than the offense the previous day. But Saturday's scrimmage saw the offense in red, something the defense didn't take lightly.

    Said defensive coordinator Brian Knorr, ""A couple of the guys afterwards said `Hey, maybe we want to stay in these white jerseys.'"

    Although no official score or stats were kept Saturday, the general feel was that the defense would be back in red on Monday.

    "We had a lot of young guys flying around making plays," senior linebacker David Cooper said. "As a whole defensive unit, I feel like we made big strides. We still have a whole lot of room to improve but overall today was a real good day."

    And a real good week in Bloomington.

    "What you want in a good football team is you don't want one side always winning," Wilson said. "You want to go back and forth. You don't want to be personal. It's not personal. 'You beat me but I'm going to beat you.' It's like playing your's competition and that's what we're getting at."

    At the end of the day, that's what the Hoosiers are -- family.

    "It's been great competition," offensive coordinator Kevin Johns said. "I really think both sides of the ball we're getting a lot better. Special teams, we're playing a lot better. Any time as a program you can create that competition, it just gets your guys to go harder and they realize what they're fighting for."


    IU will take Sunday off to rest and watch video before diving into week two of preseason camp on Monday. Here's what Johns and Knorr want to see from the offense and defense, respectively:

    Offensive coordinator Kevin Johns
    "I want to see that next step. The first week, you're installing a lot of plays and thinking. Now it's time for us to iron out those wrinkles and play a lot faster."

    Defensive coordinator Brian Knorr
    "I kind of want to see our playmakers emerge. We had some young men do some good things today. We want to see who is going to be our dynamic playmaker. Who can we count on when things are tough?"


    The Hoosiers installed full pads during Friday's practice and now have two under their belts. Neither day phased IU's newcomers.

    "We have a very physical freshman class," Johns said. "They have a chance to make a lot of plays for us. With physical play, you have to rebuild it every year. We're early on and we have to go back to the basics."

    Senior wide receiver Shane Wynn has been impressed with the quick transition to full pads.

    "A lot of heart from the young guys," Wynn said. "A lot of the young guys usually come in scared to hit or scared to do board drills and things like that. With this group of young guys, they're not scared of anything. They're ready to learn and they're ready to do what you teach them."

    "They have had a heck of a week. To come out with the energy and the enthusiasm, that's what they have to bring every Saturday."
    -Defensive coordinator Brian Knorr on his defense

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