Lynch Pleased After Start of Two-A-Days

    Go Hoosiers! The Hoosiers kicked off their first two-a-day with a morning practice on Saturday.
    Go Hoosiers!
    The Hoosiers kicked off their first two-a-day with a morning practice on Saturday.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Aug. 11, 2007

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - The Indiana football team kicked off its first day of contact in full pads after completing the five-day acclimation period on Saturday. Head coach Bill Lynch met with the media following the team's morning practice. The Hoosiers will return to the field this afternoon to wrap up their first two-a-day.

    On today's practice:
    "Summer school is over. The true freshmen go through an extensive academic orientation, and that wrapped up yesterday. This morning is the first time we had their full and undivided attention, plus being in full pads, plus being able to hit a little more. I want the ball off the ground and bodies off the ground. Today we starting getting after it and cranked up the intensity a little bit."

    On pressuring the quarterback:
    "It will come. Pressure on the quarterback is as important as a sack. If you are pressuring the quarterback, you may not get the lost yardage but you can get incomplete passes, throwaways or interceptions. One thing we are working on on both sides of the ball is third down. We weren't as good as we needed to be on third down on either side of the ball last year."

    On points of emphasis in camp:
    "As a whole team you want to get competitive. Turnover-margin is something we really stress. The offense needs to take care of the ball and the defense needs to strip and intercept the ball. The next thing is big plays. We feel offensively we can get the big plays. Defensively, we have to stop giving up big plays. That's a big point of emphasis. The three things we have really emphasized have been turnovers, big plays and third down."

    On kickoffs moving back to the 30-yard line:
    "Today, Austin Starr was kicking the ball two yards deep into the end zone. It's going to be a big help for us - a huge difference. You score and you are going to be happy. Then you kick off and they are going to start with good field position. It'll be interesting when the year is over what it does, but I think it will lead to more scoring in college football."

    On sophomore running back Bryan Payton:
    "He is as hard a working football player as we have. He really works hard. We talk a lot about finishing the run, finishing the drill, and he finishes everything. He's an intense, hard-working guy. There is going to be a place on this team for him because he is a worker."

    On how much contact there should be during camp:
    "Everybody in America is talking about that as they do every year. You have to tackle because you can't show up to the first game and not tackle. The worst thing you can do is after the opener say we weren't in shape and we didn't tackle. We have to do live tackling to do it. It's not the tackling you worry about, but all 22 bodies are live. Most times when you get injuries in practice they come from pile-ups or guys getting rolled in to. That's what we're worried about. That's why you have to play physical and with contact to get ready for the opener, but you have to be smart about it."

    On freshman linebacker Tyler Replogle:
    "He's a little bit like Payton. He's really a hard-worker with a high motor, and he's smart. The thing about playing freshmen is you never know who is going to be ready. Some guys can make the adjustments easier. He does seem to be a guy that has made the adjustment pretty well."




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