Hoosiers Scrimmage at The Rock, Break Camp

    Go Hoosiers! The Hoosiers broke camp after a situational scrimmage Wednesday morning.
    Go Hoosiers!
    The Hoosiers broke camp after a situational scrimmage Wednesday morning.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Aug. 22, 2007

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Before breaking camp at the Summerhouse Inn Wednesday afternoon, the Hoosier football team took a break from the practice field and moved to Memorial Stadium for a situational scrimmage. A majority of the time was spent working on different situations that might come up during the course of a game.

    "We got into a lot of situations today, and that's really what we wanted to do," head coach Bill Lynch said. "We are still teaching and there were a lot of things that happened out there that are going to happen in a game, maybe not in the opener, but somewhere along the line they will. To be able to teach from that today was probably the biggest emphasis that we had coming in."

    After a couple drills to get things started, the first team offense went against the second team defense. The offense had to start inside its own 5-yard line, and they ran roughly ten plays from there. The highlight of this session was a long run on a cutback by Bryan Payton that would have moved the ball out near midfield.

    The first team offense then moved up to midfield to begin their drives in the next session. Quarterback Kellen Lewis was able to convert a third-and-15 to wide receiver Terrance Turner to keep the would-be drive alive. He would then connect with Matt Ernest to get the ball down to the goal line on their final play of the session.

    The second team offense came on next against the first team defense. Redshirt freshman quarterback Ben Chappell found Eddie Miller down the sideline after a double move created enough room for Miller to go up and make a leaping catch for a gain of 30 yards. Chappell would then find tight end Max Dedmond in the middle of the field for a touchdown on third-and-goal from the 9-yard line to cap off the drive.

    Will Patterson and Ryan Marando, who combined to force and recover a fumble on a reverse, led the defense. Brian Faires was also able to penetrate the offensive line to record a sack. They also did not allow the second team offense to gain any sizeable yardage on the first series from the 35-yard line.

    The special teams also had some chances to show what they could do from a number of different spots on the field. Michael Hines logged a 46-yard punt from deep in his own territory that resulted in a fair catch, while Kevin Trulock nailed a 41-yard field goal near the end of the scrimmage.

    "I thought it was a workman-like day," Lynch said. "We went really hard last night (on purpose), so they would have to come back this morning and do it again. We did that because we don't have a chance to do that anymore as the season gets closer. We really have to taper off and get into the Indiana State gameplan now."

    And although the scrimmage took place in the morning, the weather was still a factor.

    "We have had a lot of really hot days here," Lynch said, "but this is the first day we have been down here (in Memorial Stadium for practice) on a hot day. It's a lot hotter down here than it is on the practice field. I think that got to us a little bit early and once it gets to you it is hard to bounce back from it."




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