LoVecchio Press Conference (8-26-03)

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    August 26, 2003

    Opening Statement:
    ML:"I think we had a good spring and a good fall camp. Now it's game week and we just need to keep preparing for Saturday."

    On game week being different:

    ML:"When you are game planning for an opponent, you focus on the specific plays that you are going to run and the other team is going to give you. It's specific and I think everyone focuses. We have to go out there and practice as an unit and eliminate the mistakes for the first game."

    About the talent on the perimeter:

    ML:"Returning all our skill position players from last year helped, Courtney Roby, Glenn, Johnson and all the receivers out there. As far as recognition and knowing where to be on the field, they're all over it."

    On getting timing down with receivers:

    ML:"They have had a great camp and now it's game week, and I am excited to see what they can do on Saturday. "

    On the team's potential:

    ML:"I think the potential is unlimited. It's a matter of us going out each week and practicing and trying to get better from the day before, eliminating mistakes and focusing, and taking it one play at a time, one game at a time and one practice at a time"

    On preparation for UConn:

    ML: "We went through camp and I think in the beginning of camp you focus on getting fundamentals down and everyone working on the same page. Now that it's time to start preparing for your first opponent, your film study increases, your recognition on what the other team might do on defense increases, you have to know where everyone is going to be on the field. When you are mentally prepared for a football game, I think that enables you to physically go out there and let it go."

    On possibly being over prepared:

    ML: "I think my goal for the first game, and for the season is to just play within the system, not do too much, not force the ball, and just not do things that you're not supposed to do in this offense. I take it one play at a time, go through your progression, go through who's coming on the blitz and do everything you're responsible for. I think if all 11 guys on offense take that approach, take it one play at a time and don't look too far down the line, I think we will be successful."

    On being a leader in the offense:

    ML:"I think the quarterback has to take that approach. You have to be confident in your abilities, confident in the huddle and you have to be all over your material. With that, guys should feel confident in themselves, and you as well. Going out there and working as a unit is very important."

    On UConn and their defense:

    ML:"In terms of the first game, it's going to be important for us to just focus on the little things. Not jumping offsides, making good throws, not dropping the ball, picking up all the guys we are suppose to pick up in terms of protection and just making an effort to be as efficient as we can is going to be important. It's going to be a tough game and we just need to go out there and focus on us."

    On being ready to play after being off a year:

    ML:"It's going to feel good the first time. At practice you watch the guys run by you after you throw the ball, and you think to yourself, on Saturday after I throw the ball, that's going to be a hit. It's a part of playing quarterback, and come Saturday I am ready for it."

    On his confidence in the offensive line:

    ML:"Isaac Sowells has done a great job, and I just think the progress we have made from the spring into the fall camp and then into game week shows that we are improving. It's a matter of us being over the material and on the same page. Knowing your responsibilities as a player is important."

    On the team's confidence:

    ML:"The approach we take in terms of work ethic and how hard Coach DiNardo demands we work, gives us a sense of confidence. Nothing is going to be handed to us, we have to go out each practice and work as hard as we can to earn it."

    On the overall talent at receiver:

    ML:"We returned all the guys from last year and not only are they talented, but in terms of being in the system a year helps. They helped me when I first got here. After sitting out for a year, and trying to learn a new system, I was behind when I first started. They were patient and it helped me that they knew what they were doing. We are all on the same page now and I am excited."

    On the match up with UConn's defense:

    ML:"For the first game, it's going to be a matter of us focusing on us, being over the little things, not making mental errors and beating ourselves."



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