Football Game-Day Traffic Info, Fans Encouraged to Arrive Early

    Go Hoosiers! Fans are encouraged to arrive early as road construction is underway on Bloomington's IN 45/46 Bypass.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Fans are encouraged to arrive early as road construction is underway on Bloomington's IN 45/46 Bypass.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Aug. 31, 2010

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    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Road construction is underway on Bloomington's IN 45/46 Bypass, and IU Athletics has been working with the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), local law enforcement and Milestone Contractors, L.P. (the firm heading the widening of the 45/46 Bypass) to limit traffic congestion on football game days. IU Athletics is also enacting a comprehensive communication effort to inform fans of possible delays, alternative routes and construction updates. On game days, Indiana Athletics encourages all ticket holders to arrive at Memorial Stadium as early as possible.

    Construction on the 45/46 Bypass during the football season will focus primarily on widening roadways and clearings for utility access. Lane restrictions are expected and construction on the roadway will continue through 2012, but IU Athletics has been working closely with INDOT, local law enforcement and Milestone Contractors to maximize traffic flow on football game days.

    To help offset confusion and possible traffic delays, IU Athletics will send messages providing detailed traffic information to ticket holders prior to each home game. These communications include letters to ticket holders outlining possible areas of congestion, a Twitter page ( and e-mails containing links to maps and traffic updates. Information regarding game-day traffic patterns can also be found by visiting These efforts are designed to give fans information to help mitigate potential traffic problems.

    Fans are encouraged to review the game-day traffic plan established in 2009 and plan their route accordingly prior to the game. Bloomington residents not attending IU games are encouraged to avoid the 45/46 Bypass and use alternative routes on both football and men's basketball game days.

    In 2009, Indiana University adopted new pre- and post-game traffic patterns based on a consultant's report commissioned by the IU Board of Trustees on ways to improve game-day traffic flow.

    The traffic plan calls for a clockwise traffic pattern to take effect a minimum of two hours prior to kickoff on the roadways surrounding IU's athletic complex. Law enforcement officials will turn Fee Lane, 17th Street and Dunn Street into one-way streets surrounding the stadium. The 45/46 Bypass will remain two-way. However, only eastbound traffic will be allowed to enter the game-day traffic pattern. Westbound traffic will be restricted to through traffic.

    The post-game traffic plan will also focus on one-way traffic patterns to allow vehicles quicker access to highways and main thoroughfares. Dunn Street and Fee Lane will both be one-way northbound to the 45/46 Bypass. The 45/46 Bypass will be one-way westbound from Fee Lane to Walnut Street.

    A post-game pedestrian crossing area will be created on 17th Street between Fess and Woodlawn Avenues to allow foot traffic to more easily cross from the stadium lots to the grass parking lots. On either side of the pedestrian crossing area, 17th Street will be one-way heading away from the Memorial Stadium.

    INDOT has contributed both expertise and resources to the game-day traffic plan. In addition to recommendations from traffic engineers, INDOT will alter traffic signals along both the SR 37 and the SR 67 corridors and at the I-465/ SR 37 exit on game days to manage the increased traffic flow. This will help alleviate traffic congestion coming from Indianapolis and northern Indiana.

    INDOT will also be monitoring several traffic cameras on I-465 and SR 37 and is able to alert motorists via electronic highway message signs to use alternative routes such as SR 67 in the event of accidents or unusually high traffic.

    INDOT is also able to measure average travel times from Indianapolis using a new detection technology that pinpoints drive time from several locations along the route. This data will be used to further analyze travel time to improve game-day traffic patterns in the future.

    Signs to direct game-day traffic will be placed on highways and surrounding streets prior to the first game on September 2. The signs were designed by IU with consultation by INDOT to ensure that directional text is large and easy to read from afar. Additional electronic signs will also be used to route fans without reserved parking passes to available pay lots.

    For up-to-date information on football game-day traffic and parking options, go to, or get game-day traffic updates on Twitter @IUTraffic.




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