Johnson Press Conference

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    Senior Wide Receiver Glenn Johnson Quotes Opening Statement:

    GJ:"I think we are pretty excited for Washington. We have to come back from last week, and prove a point. I am looking forward to playing Washington."

    On what happened in the UConn Game:

    GJ:"I think we got off to a slow start, kind of like last year. That was one of our biggest problems. We fumbled on the first possession and came out running a lot. Their defense was pretty good, and we just got behind in the first half. We tried to come out strong in the second half, but we got ourselves too much in the hole."

    On whether UConn was a surprise or not:

    GJ:"They didn't surprise us at all. We expected everything they did, all the coverage's, and their offense and defense. We had a lot of time to prepare this team, so we knew pretty much everything about them. I can't really explain what happened. You get out there on the football field and it's more than just watching the films. Sometimes even if you watch the film more than 100 times you are always going to be surprised. One guy might of went into the weight room when you weren't looking and increased his bench by 50 lbs, got faster, or learned different techniques. There is always surprises in football."

    On the team and his attitude after the UConn Game:

    GJ:"A lot of players were disappointed after the game. We had been waiting to play this team for a long time. We were tired of hitting each other, so we were ready to get out there with a lot of adrenaline flowing. At the end of the game when we lost in that manner, it affected us, but not in that `here we go again' type manner, but more of a `we really needed that game.' The coaches were pretty good about it. They were positive and low tempered. They didn't overact or anything, they took it in a very good manner. There is nothing we can really do about it because the game is over, but I am really looking forward to this weeks practices and getting ready for Washington. This is our next chance to show what we can really do."

    On Washington's defense:

    GJ:"I haven't looked at too much film yet, but from what I have watched they have a pretty physical defense. I know in their secondary, they have a lot of fast guys. I know their defensive lineup has big, strong and fast guys. It is similar to the teams in the Big Ten. It will be a big challenge for our offense. I think we can do it. It should be a pretty good match-up.

    On Travis Haney and what is driving him:

    GJ:"The opportunity to go out catch more balls and get more experience. He likes to feel the excitement of the game. He is a pretty good athlete size wise. He has pretty good hands. He went out and played well. He makes some good grabs. He is coming around, he came around in the spring and he did a lot of positive things. He came in and played his role. I think his main focus is to be consistent.

    On taking a leadership role especially after a loss:

    GJ:"I have to. I am kind of a quiet guy, because with the loss from last week and a ranked opponent coming up, the locker room needs someone to keep them focused. It is going to take a lot from the few seniors that we have. We need to come in, and let these guys know that we have a chance to win this game and let them know it's not a fluke that we are playing Washington. I think that is something that myself and all the rest of the seniors have to do this week in practice. We have to pep them up and let them know that we can do this. It will be a pretty big role, but I can step up to the challenge."

    On the conservative run game:

    GJ:" Our emphasis on offense is to be about 50/50. We ran the ball a lot in the first half. I just go out and do my job. I have a couple jobs in this offense. One is to block for my teammates and also catch the ball. Either way coach calls the offense is fine with me. I am pretty sure we are going to have the same game plan for this weekend's game."



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