Coach Wilson's Weekly Press Conference - Sept. 6

    Go Hoosiers! Head coach Kevin Wilson makes his Memorial Stadium debut against Virginia on Saturday evening.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Head coach Kevin Wilson makes his Memorial Stadium debut against Virginia on Saturday evening.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 6, 2011

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    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson met with the assembled media at his weekly Tuesday afternoon press conference. Click here for audio of the complete press conference. Below is a partial transcript:

    On the thought of using another quarterback during the game against Ball State:
    "We had two three-and-outs for the game, so the offense wasn't really bogged down and we didn't have any turnovers. After the nice first drive, we get really good field position on some nice defensive play. We got the ball on the [Ball State] 42-yard line and a play got called backward in communication at the line of scrimmage, and we went the wrong way into a blitz. We threw a quick adjustment pass on second down and on third down we sprinted into a blitz, which was not a good call by me or us as we did it. We moved right into two guys blitzing, and Ed [Wright-Baker] is a lefty going right and we didn't execute that play. That was a three-and-out and the other three-and-out was the first drive of the second half. There were four drives in the second half - the three-and-out, we take it to the 7-yard line and go for it on fourth down, another drive where we get a couple first downs and then stalled, and then we get to the 7-yard line and kicked a field goal at the end. The offense needed to do better, but the disappointing thing was we had the ball on the fringe area and got nothing.

    "We were close to messing up the long field goal opportunity with an error in taking a sack the play prior to kicking the 49-yard field goal. We went two times inside the 10-yard line and got three points. If the offense had some inconsistency...but we were not getting any stops and didn't create anything in the kicking game. We created no turnovers. We just didn't get the ball back. It was a very slow game, in terms of possessions. We had 10 possessions for the game, and typically in a game you will get 12, 13 or 14. Ball State worked the clock well and kept us off the field. They blocked us well and executed on third downs. We could have put another quarterback in there, but I don't know if he would have made any more tackles or gotten off the block up front. And that's not slighting our defense. We just didn't get stops.



    "We can always execute better offensively, but we were 50 percent on third down and no turnovers. It was not a great offensive night, but we did not look like a team that was playing sloppy football. The two offensive penalties were linemen that got their hands up around the facemask. We didn't have any offsides or dropped balls or turnovers. We were reasonably clean, but we were not physical, emotional or executing perfectly, and the same thing defensively."

    On the challenges that Virginia presents:
    "They look pretty good from one game. Coach [Mike] London, who coached at Virginia and went to Richmond for two years and did a great job there. Last year they were 4-8 [at Virginia] and are now in year two of what they are doing.

    "I watched the first game against William & Mary, even though it is a FCS team, they are an upper-level FCS team that has been in the playoffs of the FCS. But Virginia came out and took care of business. They ran the ball for 240 yards with a freshman running back with energy and looked good. They have a big offensive line with a couple really good tight ends that they use a lot with motion-shift to gain some leverage to block down or kick out or run around. As their run game goes, their protection gets easy because now they can run and pass and play-action pass the quarterback. The quarterback [Michael Rocco] was very solid, played within himself and didn't force the ball. He was 21-for-29, so he was very solid.

    "Defensively, they were very active. They have one very good defensive end that does a great job off the edge. The linebackers are solid and they are pretty clean in the secondary with one really, really good corner that gets a lot of notoriety. They will pick their spots to blitz and when they blitz they will play some man, but for the most part they play a 4-3 quarters. It is a defense where they are traditional in the sense that they are aggressive and sound, and they will attack you up front. They will be aggressive with their corners and safeties sitting on routes and supporting the run.

    "To me they looked pretty solid for their first game. It will be a great challenge. At the same time, we missed some things, but I think we got some things in the first game where we can go back, in our world, and they went in our direction like taking care of the ball, which we emphasized. But I don't think we emphasized the energy and passion and enthusiasm that we needed to have. For us to be as lethargic, flat, stale or unemotional, especially from the defensive side and the offensive line play. But those are things we will look to improve upon and we will need that to match what Virginia is going to bring. Because we cannot go out there and be stale this week and match up with those guys. We need to have our hair on fire and flying around on both sides of the ball. All while still taking care of the ball and being good in the kicking game. They will be a great challenge and I look forward to seeing what we have."

    On whether the lack of energy could be attributed to the players thinking too much and not just playing:
    "I think sometimes as coaches, we are responsible for it. As a coach, you have to make sure things are in place so you are always going to be thinking. One of my rules is you can't think, you have to know. Yes, we are new here but the Ball State staff is new as well. They had the same amount of practices and plays, so that's nothing but an excuse. Bottom line, that is my responsibility as a coach on offense and defense, what are we doing in structure and what are we doing in preparation with the hours that we get and our time on task so that we are ready to roll?

    "We started on the bus ride back on Saturday night, saying `what did we do that allowed us to practice and come out and play that way?' That being said, how do we fix it short term? Starting Sunday and going into Monday and Tuesday and as we move through this week to play the game on Saturday and then through the season, how do we keep building what we are doing?"

    On what the team has tried to change:
    "We are limited with meetings just getting started but with Monday being a holiday, we were able to get a little bit more time on task. You make a lot of improvement from week one to week two, most people say, and time will tell if that's true or not. We were able to take our time getting through tape, we didn't have to rush with only 45 minutes and then get to class. We were able to get through all the special teams tapes and get through the game and take our time teaching as well and get a nice, good scouting report and an early start on Virginia.

    "Now the one thing we have talked about - this is a game and we have to have fun. Our kids have worked hard and they have been here. I thought preseason was good and they did outstanding, and we are really proud of what they did. Even though we didn't show it in the game, I thought summer was outstanding. But as we have worked, I think we have gotten into where we don't have that loving feeling, and we don't have the passion and the fun. And that's my responsibility and my fault.

    "Without having a lot of jokes or giggling or goofing around out there, we are trying to have some fun and energy and excitement in what is going on. Yesterday we had a little pep in our step and we talked about it. We showed them clips on tape of a guy making a play and not a lot of energy on the field or sidelines. We showed a guy on offense making a really good play, and we didn't see a lot of energy or support for their teammate and we didn't see it on the sideline or on the field.

    "We saw a couple decent defensive plays - two were right in front of our bench, some really nice tackles - and you didn't see that emotion and fire. But we have to create that ourselves and that has to come from me as the head guy. We talked about that with our staff on Sunday and we showed it to our players yesterday. We have to start fostering that in practice and seeing if that will carry over into game situations. I know our students and fans will do a nice job of helping us in here on Saturday, but we have to start it with ourselves.

    "I showed one clip on tape of a field goal where nine guys were looking to see if the field goal was made, and I think that is a picture of our team. We have a lot of guys looking and waiting for something to happen instead of playing and making it happen themselves. You have to make your own opportunity and make your own energy and make your own attitude and we can't wait for anyone to make it for us. That's how we addressed it and we'll see how we go through the week.

    "We won't change practice. We have been practicing great and have been combative in our practice, but we are not going to beat the guys up or run them to death because we lost a game. We do a lot of running and we are in shape. We are going to practice our formatting and look at the things we are presenting to create more energy for our kids."


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