Inside Look with Andrew McDonald

    Go Hoosiers! Fifth-year senior Andrew McDonald has started 13 games at left tackle, including both this season.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Fifth-year senior Andrew McDonald has started 13 games at left tackle, including both this season.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 14, 2011

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Fifth-year senior Andrew McDonald has started 13 games and played in 26 in his career. The Indianapolis native has started both games at left tackle this season. McDonald sat down with for a quick Q&A:

    Talk about having five upperclassmen (three seniors, two juniors) in the starting offensive line:
    "It's a huge advantage with all that experience. Having that game time and knowing how the game flows. Will (Matte) at center has started a lot (editor's note: every single game, in fact) since coming to Bloomington. And Justin (Pagán) has seen a lot of time as well. We all know what to expect when the lights turn on."

    How's it been having a former offensive lineman as your head coach?
    "Coach Wilson definitely demands a lot of the offensive line, and that's a good thing for us. He's on us all the time. He's got the mindset of an offensive lineman. Coach makes sure we are playing tough and physical. You expect a lot more of yourself when the head coach played your position."

    How's it been working with offensive line coach Greg Frey?
    "The biggest thing is he's down to earth. I also like that he'll tell you how it is. If you're having a bad practice, he'll let you know. That's a good thing, he's straight-forward with you. When you're doing good, he's encouraging you as well. I really enjoy Coach Frey, great guy on the field and off the field. Everyone's come together and really bought into him and Coach Wilson."

    How was it watching a pair of IU tackles get selected in the NFL draft the past two years?
    "I'm real happy for Roger (Saffold) and (James) Brewer and everything they're doing. I'm glad to have the experience of playing with those guys. My mindset is that I'll be wherever God wants me to be. Whether that's in the NFL or doing something else. Obviously, I'd like to have the opportunity to play in the NFL, but if not I'll be fine. Coach Wilson has the experience elevating guys to the next level, and I feel like he can really guide me to the next step."



    Talk about the unique opportunity to play with classmate Chris Adkins in both high school and college:
    "It's real cool. We feed off each other, encourage each other. It's nice to have someone there that has been with you longer than just the college years, because the relationship grows deeper than that. We always help each other get through it, especially through training camp and tough practices like that."

    Favorite thing about Bloomington?
    "I can't deny, it's a beautiful city compared to other cities in other states and other college towns. The trees and the landscape are great. I also like how it's a small town feel, and how everyone comes together for the athletic teams and for the Hoosier spirit. There's a lot to do in Bloomington, tons of restaurants."

    If there was a movie about your life, which actor would portray you?
    "(Laughing) I like Nicholas Cage. I think he'd portray me the best. I can relate to him, he seems very laid back and real chill, yet he's always in all these action movies."

    Plans after your football career ends?
    "That's a hard question, not going to lie. My plan right now is to work out and try to get to the NFL Combine. I'm going to go where God leads me, wherever that may be. I do really like playing video games though. And I think designing video games is something that I'd be good at and really enjoy."

    Why do you wear No. 72, any significance?
    "Not really, I wore 77 in high school. And I wanted that number when I came here, but Josh Hager was so quick to take it! I was thinking `what is going on?' (laughing). Then I just thought; forget it, the number doesn't even matter as long as I just perform. It was pretty funny. If not for Hager stealing my number I'd be 77. I used to give him a hard time about it."


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