Quotes from Cam Cameron Weekly Press Conference

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    Bloomington, Ind. -- Cam Cameron will address the media each Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. to discuss the previous week's game and the upcoming game for the Hoosiers.

    Outside of Wisconsin and Penn State, everybody is starting again at 0-0 on Saturday...

    "No question, Joe, that's the thing we've talked to our team about. This is the Big Ten season and we look forward to playing Ohio State. We've got some things to get corrected from the Utah game. I think you've seen, we were able to make some corrections from the
    previous game. Defensively, we have to step up our linebacker play. The kicking make progress in one area and lose ground in another. So, we've got to get the field goal kicking and extra point game resolved. Bryan Robertson will get an opportunity this week to do that. Offensively, we have to continue to eliminate unforced errors. Now that's a difficult proposition coming in against Ohio State because of what they were able to do against UCLA. They were able to take a pretty good UCLA offense and turned it into a game where they pulled the ball off seven times, they recovered four fumbles, they really created a lot of confusion in UCLA's offense. We are going to have to do a good job of executing against Ohio State. This is an excellent, excellent Ohio State defense."

    Can you address the linebacker situation?

    "Mental mistakes. We made far too many mental mistakes on Saturday to think that we are going to be a productive defense. The linebackers are the heart and soul of any defense. A lot of those mental mistakes were unforced...there was nothing earth-shattering on Utah's part. They were mental mistakes that you're not going to be able to survive on defense."

    Is that personnel changes, too?

    "You know, we'll see. I would be surprised if (Devin) Schaffer will play much this week. He is banged-up, as you saw he was limping around in the game. And his ankle injury... I am not sure if he will practice today. Justin Smith may or may not play because of a knee injury. Kemp Rasmussen still has a concussion, mild concussion, and an ankle injury. So, in all likelihood, we will go into today's practice and plan on none of those three guys playing. Then we'll see how they come along and now that would mean Robert Brown plays more into the mix, Herana-Daze Jones, Deonte Smith, Steve Williams."

    Are you looking for (Bryan) Robertson to do all of the kicking? And how difficult is it for a freshman to do that?

    "Well, in our opening game (North Carolina State), they had a guy who handled them all and he did them all as a true freshman. If he didn't have the talent, we wouldn't have asked him to do it. But he'll do extra points, field goals and punts. Adam (Braucher), at this point, will still do our kickoffs."

    What kind of kid is (Bryan) Robertson? Can you describe him?

    "He's a competitor. I think he is a good athlete. We knew that in high school watching him play basketball. He was a point guard in basketball and was a baseball player. He really takes a lot of pride in what he does. He's very mature at an early age. And again, I don't want to put too much on him too quickly. But he has all the characteristics, mentally, that good kickers that I have been around have had. And obviously, he has the natural leg strength and 'pop' in the leg that you want out of a good kicker or punter."

    With Ohio State not on the schedule recently and (Jim) Tressel at coach, is it any more or less difficult to prepare?

    "I think the last time we played them it was here and they were the number one team in the country. I think the issue is that they're a good football team and an extremely good defensive football team. And they are going to do nothing but get better offensively. I don't think their offensive performance is anything indicative of what they'll be. I think UCLA really, from what I can see, has just a tremendous defense. We've got two games to look at, just like they do. We're familiar with their personnel just because we have been in most of the high schools and in a lot of the homes of most of their players. As you know in this league, we are all recruiting the same guys. I remember (Steve) Bellisari when he was in eighth grade. He was in seventh or eighth grade when we were recruiting his brother Greg...down at Boca Raton High School. They always said he (Steve) was going to be the best. LeCharles Bentley, (Matt) Wilhelm, like I said I can go through most of their roster. You go
    through Canton McKinley every year and they usually have three or four guys on their team. So, we know their personnel and we know they're good. I have a great deal of respect for Jim (Tressel) and obviously he inherits a team with four All-American candidates...a typical Ohio State team."

    Being Ohio State, is this a chance for your team to
    change the mood?

    "Absolutely. There are always opportunities out there for you. This becomes a great opportunity for us. Irrespective of what happened last week, or a couple of weeks before that, we are afforded a great opportunity. National t.v. to play a very good football team, in Memorial Stadium, in the kind of
    environment that we want to try to create here on a weekly basis. If we can't get excited about this game, then I don't know what you can get excited about."

    What specifically do you see the replacements (on
    defense) focusing on?

    "One, you've got to get lined up based on the call. We're like most defenses in that offensive formations dictate where we're going. Secondly, we've got to read our keys and carry out our assignments. Then we have to make tackles, defend the run and defend the pass...just like any other linebacker's thought progression is. For our linebackers, as a unit, to grade out at 50% (vs. Utah) in any ballgame...we're gonna have a tough time being successful on defense with that kind of mental effort."

    When did the injuries occur?

    "Devin (Schaffer) was hurt in the fist quarter and Justin (Smith) dinged up his knee somewhere along the way. And sometimes those injuries don't surface until Sunday. A lot of times you are injured and you don't know it because of the intensity and emotion of the game. You wake up the next morning and something is a little loose. (Kemp) Rasmussen has a potential concussion and has had an ankle injury since the opening game. So, we'll have to have other guys ready."

    Does anybody's performance (on defense) in particular,
    stick out from the Utah game?

    "Uhh........No. We have a Hoosiers Club that we give an award each week, where you have the right to earn into that club, based on performance. It is an 80% grade minimum and a winning performance. This is the first week that I can remember that no one (on defense) made it."

    What is the mood of the team this week?

    "Well, it is a little like you want it to be. If they come in and have gotten over it by Sunday at 2:00, and
    the game isn't over until the previous night then it probably doesn't mean a lot. It was quiet on Sunday. We did have an underclassman scrimmage which I think is good for our younger players. The veteran guys were very business-like and looking at the tape while holding themselves accountable. Monday is our day off. Now you start getting ready emotionally. By the beginning of Tuesday's practice that other game has to be behind you because Tuesday's practice is critical."

    How does Levron (Williams) keep focused after such a
    nice game?

    "In my mind, he needs to pick up where he left off. That won't be easy to do because Ohio State has an extremely good defense. I think it was a variety of things. Our coaches did a nice job of keeping him involved throughout the game. He had a couple more might have a shot of being an interference we catch that is just out of bounds...we throw him a couple of screens where he can make a few plays...we hit him on a crossing route...we catch him with the option game and obviously that sets up the inside run. We were able to utilize him in a variety of ways and he got off to a good start. Now it is not going to be easy to get off to a good start. The staff and I will have to come up with some creative ways to get him the ball so they aren't keying in on some things that we have done in the past. The other thing that I can say that has been pleasing is he has been our kick returner. He is the right wing on our punt, so he's involved in our kicking game for the first time. He is really making a conscious effort to help out our football team any way he can."

    How has Levron (Williams) developed as a person?

    "I shouldn't single Levron out, but I will. I get water in my eyes and goose bumps when I think of how far Levron Williams has come. If you knew the things that were said when he got here about the things he would never do. Everything that was said that he couldn't do, he's done. And again, he has to continue to improve. I take my hat off to him. He is going to graduate from Indiana. He is continually going to improve. He is a better person for coming to Indiana University and it has been a fun five years watching him develop."

    What do you remember about recruiting Kris Dielman from Ohio? What is his role for the remainder of the season?

    "He was a kid we started recruiting from the middle of his high school career. He is from Troy, Ohio, but has some Indiana ties from the South Bend area and some family in the state. We had him in camp and thought he would be an excellent football player. We didn't know if he would be at tight end or defensive end. He is just a hard-nosed, good football player. He gets a little bit better every snap he takes. Football is extremely important to him. Obviously losing his father two years ago was a tragedy. Actually, it is approaching three years now. He has managed to keep his focus and I think when it is all said and done, he will be as good of a tight end as there is in the league, an all- around tight end because he is an excellent blocker and receiver."



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