Bill Lynch Weekly Press Conference

    Go Hoosiers! Head Coach Bill Lynch
    Go Hoosiers!
    Head Coach Bill Lynch
    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 30, 2008

    Press Conference Video

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Indiana head football coach Bill Lynch met with the media on Tuesday, Sept. 30, for his weekly press conference in preparation for the Hoosiers' first Big Ten road game of the year, at Minnesota on Saturday, Oct. 4.

    Indiana Head Coach Bill Lynch

    Opening Statement
    "In looking back at the Michigan State game, I really feel the same as I did after the game. I thought our kids played extremely hard and played throughout the ups and downs of the game. That was one thing that we really wanted to see our football team do. When you are playing in the Big Ten, there are going to be peaks and valleys over the course of the game as the momentum shifts and you have to play through it, whether you are ahead or behind. I thought that was one of those games where there were a lot of those peaks and valleys and momentum swings but I thought our kids really played hard and played through them all.

    "Now we didn't play well enough at times and those are things we can correct, and we will. I think if you look back at it, the biggest number is the turnovers. When you get beat 3-0 in the turnover battle in the Big Ten, it is very difficult to win a football game. That being said, those are things we can certainly address and correct as we move forward.

    "Minnesota is a good football team and a much improved football team from a year ago. They have an outstanding quarterback, a very good wideout in Decker and the defense is very sound. They have some new guys over there that are very athletic. But going back to the turnover margin, they are third in the nation in turnover margin and are leading the Big Ten. I think they are plus-9, which is reflective of teams making a turnaround. I think that points out all the more why it's so important once you get in tough Big Ten football games."



    On the difference in Minnesota's defense from last year:
    "It's not all that much different. They got a new coordinator. And so scheme-wise, it's a little bit different, they give you a variety. The thing about it is when you watch teams is there are so many different kinds of offenses so you'll see different defensive looks based on who you're playing. When you look at who they've played, Ohio State is going to be much different than Florida Atlantic. Bowling Green is a true spread like us. Northern Illinois is a combination. You see a lot of different things, but they are very, very sound in what they do. They play with both 4 down and 3 down so that makes you work on different things. But I think overall there's some good athleticism in the back end of it, where they run and they make plays and they create turnovers and the turnovers that they created made a big difference in quite a few of the games. It always makes a difference but really got them going in those games."

    On using both quarterbacks:
    "I think each game will be a little bit different. I think what we're doing is different. I know what you're saying there that it's like you can't make up your mind who your quarterback is [in a two quarterback system]. I think with Kellen that's a completely different story. Because I think what he can create when he's outside is different. It's not like he'll go sit on the bench a while and watch while this guy plays. When they're both out there I think it certainly creates something for the defense, gives another way to get the ball in Kellen's hands and we have a lot of confidence in Ben being the quarterback. So I think in that sense it's different."

    On when they implemented plays using both quarterbacks:
    "I think in preseason we ran it some. But in preseason, there are so many fundamental things you have to work on to get your system in and new people and all that that we fooled with it. We didn't show it the first two weeks and then during the off week getting ready for Ball State we had some injury situations and some guys not working. But I know once we got to start to prepare for Michigan State we decided that this can give us something we're going to run. But it wasn't something that we had thought about ahead of time, we're going to wait for the Big Ten season. That really wasn't the case it was more of the flow of the first three games. But we did make a conscious decision that everybody was in agreement with it, we would get to it and get to it early in the Michigan State game."

    On using the full playclock in the no-huddle:
    "Yeah, I mean there were times when we played a really quick pace Saturday and times that we caught them off guard I think, the tempo of it. But also Michigan State, we were conscious of the time of possession. The year before when we played it was double or more they had the time of possession, so we didn't want to get in one of those kinds of games with them where they had the ball the whole game so we consciously wanted to use some clock. And that's part of the no-huddle that it doesn't have to be hurry all the time. But Michigan State was one of those games where again, you didn't want your defense to be out there for an extended period of time and then go out and play three plays in a minute and put them right back out there."

    On whether Minnesota is using Adam Weber differently this year:
    "Not really. He's a good runner. I don't know what he weighs? What did they say, 220? But he's a physical guy. And he can run and he can break a tackle. He shows toughness. But I would say it's probably a little bit more by design that they're not running them. They've got good wideouts. Decker is very, very good. And they use him a lot of different places. He's one of those guys they move him around so you've got to find him in the formation. He's not always the split end on the left. They're a spread team so they've got him lined up a lot of different places. He's very good. But I like Weber I think he is a very good quarterback much like the kid last weekend [Michigan State quarterback Brian Hoyer] going into the game, we have a lot of respect for him as well."

    On the similarities between Indiana's spread offense and Minnesota's spread offense
    "Well, Mike Dunbar, their coordinator is a guy I've got a lot of respect for. Mike's been a lot of places. I've coached against him a lot. He was with Gary Pinkel at Toledo for years and of course he's been a head coach a couple of places and had a lot of success and then he was at Northwestern with Randy Walker. And then he went to Cal for a year and then back to Minnesota. So he's been a lot of places and he's had very, very good offenses everywhere he's been. They're a true spread. There are four wides most of the time. They'll play with the tight ends some and they get into some bunch formations and they'll find ways to get a big back in there. So it's like a lot of spreads, they're basically true spread formations but they'll get in some variations to it. But they have good balance. I think probably with Weber the run isn't as big a factor as it is with Kellen in terms of pulling it. But he certainly can do it and you've got to be aware of it. But again I think with the passing game there's a lot of similarities,. But they'll do some different things out of some, bunch formations where they bring the receivers in. We don't do a whole lot of that, but it's pretty similar."


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