Up Close with Kofi Hughes

    Go Hoosiers! Senior wide receiver Kofi Hughes is 19th all-time with 1,427 yards.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Senior wide receiver Kofi Hughes is 19th all-time with 1,427 yards.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Oct. 3, 2013

    Kofi Hughes became the 35th Hoosier to surpass 1,000 career receiving yards and is 19th all-time with 1,427 yards. The senior out of Cathedral High School in Indianapolis needs one reception to become the 19th Hoosier to reach the 100 and 1,000 barriers.

    What does it mean to you to be selected as a representative of Indiana Football having been a multi-game captain, platoon leader, Big Ten Media Day participant, etc.?
    "It means a lot to me because I've been through a lot in my four years here. There have been ups and downs throughout, but to finish my senior year as a leader is special. I appreciate Coach Wilson choosing me as a leader."

    As an Indianapolis native, what's it like playing for the state school?
    "It's always meant a lot. When I committed as a senior in high school, that was a big thing for me. I've always thought Indiana University should have Indiana guys. We haven't done everything we've wanted so far, but as a senior, I'm taking it as my duty to make sure that this program gets back to where it should. I wanted to leave a legacy here as one of those guys that saw it when it was at its worst and a guy that got it back up to where it should be."

    You've got 99 catches and 1,427 yards. Pretty cool to become the 19th player in school history to eclipse both 100 catches and 1,000 yards in a career?
    "It feels good. That's something I don't ever really think about because as long as I play the game the way I should, play the way I've been coached, everything else should take care of itself."

    Much attention has been given to the talented, deep receiving corps Indiana has this season, but who is the best in other competitions?

    "That's so hard because when we go out and play, we all do different things. I'm the post man. You would think Duwyce (Wilson) is a post man, but he's our outside 3-point threat. Shane Wynn has all the handles and a 3-point shot. Then Cody (Latimer) is just our bully. He'll dunk on anyone and guard the other team's best player."



    Ping pong?
    "Ping pong is kind of shaky for the receivers. I want to say myself, but Ralston Evans (offensive lineman) is probably the best on the team. We duke it out pretty good."

    "Mitchell Paige for sure. He's definitely one of the best golfers on the entire team."

    Video gamer?
    "I'd say Zek Roundtree. And I hate admitting that. But Zek is the best gamer, it doesn't matter what game. We went and picked up NHL Hockey 2008 the other week. We put it in, no practice, and he just whooped me. I don't understand it, but he really is the best gamer."

    Favorite helmet?
    "Favorite helmet for me is the two-tone, the white and red. But after seeing the chrome helmets on TV and how good they looked with our jerseys, I was surprised."


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