Head Coach Bill Lynch's Weekly Press Conference

    Go Hoosiers! Tyler Replogle was one of the players to join Coach Lynch at his weekly press conference.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Tyler Replogle was one of the players to join Coach Lynch at his weekly press conference.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Oct. 6, 2009

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    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Head Coach Bill Lynch met with members of the media on Tuesday to discuss last week's game against Ohio State and to look forward to Saturday's road game at Virginia. Coach Lynch was joined by junior linebacker Tyler Replogle and sophomore offensive lineman Justin Pagán. Below is a partial transcript:

    Coach Bill Lynch Press Conference - October 6, 2009

    Opening Statement:
    "Let me start with some announcements. I will talk about some of the awards from the Ohio State game and then get into the game itself. Our One-Play Warriors who are now in the Club permanently were Justin Carrington and Ray Fisher. The third One-Play Warrior was Collin Taylor who was already in the club. We have had a handful of guys who have been very good on special teams to this point.

    "Our Scout Team Players of the Week were Jeff Sanders and Ted Bolser on offense, Jamie Lukaszewski and Kevin Bush on defense, and Nick Zachery on special teams. Our captains for the Virginia game will be Terrance Turner, Bryan Payton, Matt Mayberry, and Tyler Replogle. Those four will be our team captains this week.



    "I do want to talk about a community service event our football program is involved with. I have talked about this in the past. There are two groups our team has adopted. They are the Boys & Girls Club here in Bloomington and Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis. On Oct. 27, there is going to be a Gridiron at Grazie's for the Boys and Girls Club. It is, again, on Oct. 27 and will run from 3:45 p.m. to 10:45.

    "One hundred percent of ticket sales and tips are going to go to supporting the Boys & Girls Club of Bloomington. Jeff Baldwin and his staff do a tremendous job. The tickets must be purchased in advance at or calling 812-332-5311. There are varying ticket prices based on regular seating and VIP seating. There are children's menus as well.

    "Our staff, my wife and I are going to be there for the most of the evening after we get done with practice. We will be saying hello, shaking hands, and really encouraging the event. It is a great fundraiser for an organization that I think the players wanted to adopt because so many players grew up in communities where the Boys & Girls Club had a real impact on their background and gave them the opportunity to be Big Ten football players. I certainly want to support that event and put a good word out for it.

    "Now to the Ohio State game. Probably the biggest thing, looking back at the game, was we didn't play very well in the first quarter. That set the precedent for the rest of the game. We had started the first four games very well. We had scored first and had good drives. We didn't start the game well by giving up a drive and a score. Then, we went three-and-out where we had a couple of opportunities to get a first down in that first series and didn't. We punted and Ohio State came down and made it 10-0. So, we were behind the 8-ball.

    "One of the things we knew by playing Ohio State is we didn't have to take the early lead, but certainly wanted it to be even through the first quarter and try to get our feet underneath us. I think sometimes your kids can get so excited for a game that they don't play as well as they are capable of. I think that was a part of the bad start. Maybe our players were too emotional and did not get their feet underneath them.

    "Then we put together a really nice drive and scored. We were playing fairly even and they came back and had a nice drive. We had another drive going and then an interception late in the first half where they made it 24-7 and made it difficult. I was really proud of our team in how they battled back and played well the second half, particularly defensively. They played the run and pass better, put pressure on [Terrelle] Pryor, and got a couple turnovers so I was proud of them the way they played the second half.

    "I think overall, particularly early, we missed some really fundamental run picks. When I say that, in the running game, everyone has a gap. You have to make sure you are in the right spot and we didn't have the right fits on some of their bigger runs early in the game. They had some 15- and 20-yard gains that were uncharacteristic of us, but we got them straightened out as we went through the game.

    "I think at times we did not tackle as well. You can say they were some awfully good players that were difficult to tackle, including Pryor, but that is really not an excuse. Fundamentally, we were not as good and did not tackle as well as we needed to on defense. The positive is we kept battling and in the second half, we really competed. I think that was key.

    "Offensively, we just didn't sustain our blocks as well as we have the last couple of weeks. I think that Ohio State is a very good run defense and there is no question about that, but I just didn't think we properly sustained our blocks. As a result, we were not able to run the ball as well. Going into the game, if you get in a situation where you are behind and have to throw the ball against Ohio State, that is where their pass rush really takes over. It does not always show itself in sacks, but it shows on hits to the quarterbacks, quarterbacks rushing, quarterbacks throwing out of rhythm, sometimes quarterbacks throwing high, and turnovers. It goes back to the first quarter and not keeping it even early and giving ourselves a great opportunity.

    "On special teams, there were a lot of positives. I thought our kickoff returns continued to be very good. We created some field position with great kickoff returns. We had some good blocking and Ray Fisher is certainly a good returner. Where we let ourselves down was in the punt game. We are not flipping field position the way we can and are capable of in the punt game. There were some times after great kickoff returns, even if we don't get a first down, we have a chance to punt them down inside the 15. We didn't do that. We never made Ohio State play the long field.

    "On the other side, Ohio State punted the ball efficiently and sometimes it is not always distance. We had to take over from the 5 and then 10, for example. That's what good football teams do and that is what Ohio State is. They play the game the way it is supposed to be played and you have to beat them. They will not beat themselves.

    "With that being said, we learn from the game. We certainly had a great practice yesterday and good meetings. Moving on to Virginia, Virginia is a team I think is really coming on. They are well coached and coach [Al] Groh has great experience and success at all the different levels. Virginia's win against North Carolina was impressive because North Carolina is a top-25 team. They went into Chapel Hill and held North Carolina to three points and really played hard. That is one aspect I saw is that they played with great enthusiasm.

    "TCU is a great football team again and have not lost many football games in the last few years. The Southern Mississippi game was on the road and was a shootout. So, sometimes records are deceiving, but I think the football team we are going to see is the football team we saw on tape versus North Carolina.

    "Defensively, they are a 3-4 defense, which we have played some this year, but this defense is a little different than ones we have played. They are very sound and have a great secondary. I think they are eighth in the nation in pass defense and sixth in the nation in third-down conversion defense. They are a tough team to throw against and convert against. They offer a great nickel package, so we have to stay ahead of the chains.

    "They are aggressive in their kicking game and it will be a good challenge on the road, but certainly our guys are looking forward to the game. I like the look of our guys. They went through practice yesterday without hanging their heads. They know we have to work and get better and we didn't make that kind of improvement last week so we have to do it this week before we go on the road."

    On Virginia's defense:
    "It is a true pro 3-4 defense. With their coverages behind the 3-4, to me, it looks like a pro 3-4 defense. Akron played a mix of 3-4 and 3-5 stack defense. It was kind of a blitzing and moving defense. We saw the same thing at Michigan because they played a lot of different coverages. Virginia's defense, on the other hand, is more of a true 3-4 defense. They have a big nose tackle and big defensive ends that play head up on our tackles. They have big outside linebackers that are typical of pro football. They have big and physical inside linebackers as well as a good-looking secondary. I think scheme-wise and personnel-wise, they look like a 3-4 defense seen in the pros. Then they go to a nickel package, which is a little bit different, which I think has some pro characteristics as well."

    On Virginia's offense:
    "They are a spread team that has adjusted a little bit from the first couple of weeks. They are a little more two-back now and run some lead type plays versus the spread empty backfield set. The characteristics are still spread and they have some really good schemes where they run the ball. The quarterback is a good-looking football player. He is a lefty who has a great throwing motion and a good arm. Virginia has designed runs for him and he is a real threat when he drops back and throws the ball. We are getting used to playing that because Michigan and Ohio State had that, so we are going to get another dose for the third week in a row. Gregg Brandon, who was the head coach at Bowling Green for a number of years, has had great offenses and is the new coordinator at Virginia. It will be a real challenge."

    On punting problems during the Ohio State game:
    "We are going to work on punting this week. [Chris] Hagerup is very capable and he will improve because he has punted the ball well in practice. He just really hasn't had the same performance as he had a year ago and as he has in practice. It is not that he doesn't care or is not working at improving, he just has to get back at it in practice. We can't have a bad snap like the one during the Ohio State game that resulted in a safety. I`m just talking about overall pinning the opponent down deep in their own territory."

    On playing Virginia, a team Indiana hasn't played before:
    "Knowing our team, I am not concerned about getting too emotional. Our guys like playing. I think the best indicator is what I saw yesterday in meetings and practice. They want to get better and they want to win. This is a great opportunity and we can finish our non-conference schedule undefeated, which is certainly a goal. We also are a Big Ten school playing an ACC school and our kids haven't played an ACC school. I fully expect a good week of preparation and our guys will be excited."

    On Ben Chappell calling audibles at the line of scrimmage:
    "There is a little bit of audible calling. There are times when Ben will make adjustments in the run and passing games at the line of scrimmage based on what he sees. We also have something we call `Look' where everyone will be lined up and everyone will turn and look to the sideline. That is pretty typical of the spread offense. The `Look' was one of the initial aspects of the spread where you hurry up and no-huddle, make the defense show what they are going to do, and then the coordinator or play caller gets you in the right play. Sometimes, the `Look' is just for show where the play is already called, but we do it anyways. Some of `Look' is for snap-count purposes as well, but Ben has the chance to make changes at the line of scrimmage on parts and others he does not."

    On Ben Chappell handling the blitz so far this season:
    "I think he has done well all season. When we had trouble Saturday night, it wasn't blitz. It was more of a case where we were going to throw the ball and they knew we were going to throw the ball. Going back to sacks, on one we tried to create a big play where we took a risk. There was a blitzer on the outside we felt like wasn't going to come, but if he came, Ben was going to have to throw the ball quickly. It was late in the game and one of those thoughts where we have to try to make a big play. We had one sack on the one-yard line near Knothole Park and had a one-on-one situation where we just flat were beat. A pretty good pass rusher made a pretty good move.

    "Ohio State brought a couple blitzes where Ben threw and incompletion, which he has been pretty good at. For the most part, through the year, he has done well handling the blitz. Ben made some poor throws on Saturday that he would love to have back. He is a competitor and anybody who has played quarterback lining up against a great defense, knows it is a hard position to play against a great defense. It is easy to say he should have done one thing or another. There is nobody I have better confidence in to bounce back and make those plays as we go along."

    On the loss to a good team like Ohio State hurting less than other losses:
    "I hope not. I think you want to get your program to the level where any loss hurts. We know in life you win and you lose, but you pick yourself up and move on. That is something we certainly are going to do from a football standpoint. You want to get to the point where losing is not acceptable. You get chances and you are going to do everything you can to win a football game. You do not want to be in a situation where you just want to keep the game close or be respectful.

    "It's really good our guys were hurting after the game and thought, `we can play better than that.' I think you really have to get your program where all you care about is yourself. You play to your best ability, prepare as best you can, and control what you can versus making excuses about the other team. From the time the game was over, I was the first one to give credit to Ohio State. We played a very good football team. I certainly think you need to get to the point where you don't look and say that was a loss because of so and so. Instead, you say you didn't play very well and execute the things we needed to do in order to win."

    On scoring that last touchdown and changing the mentality on the loss:
    "That last touchdown does not change anything. You want to keep battling and competing. It is no different than the last play of practice where you are at practice Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The last play at practice on Wednesday I want our guys to battle and compete. If you watch the staff and the offense throws a touchdown pass at 6:15 on Wednesday night, the staff and offense jumps up and yells `touchdown!' If the defense makes a stop, they are high-fiving each other. I sure want them to do the same thing in the 60 minutes we are playing on Saturday night. I do not want a football team looking at the score and saying the score looks better than it is. We have to be beyond this mentality where we recognize we got beat. We have to lick our wounds and come back and fight another day."

    On running game not performing as well against Ohio State:
    "It is everyone. I am not pointing fingers. From week to week, I don't think we sustained blocks quite as well. Certainly with the backs, you could say the backs didn't sustain their runs as well. I was just using a generalization. We didn't play as well on Saturday as we have been playing. That is what we have to go back and work on."

    On reasons the the running game didn't get going:
    "I am going to say technique issues and fundamental aspects we can do better. That is the only way you get better. You do not write it off and say those guys are too good because you will never get better. Then you just become an excuse-maker and we are not going to do that."

    On traveling to Virginia:
    "Since we get to fly into Charlottesville, we are going to get to walk through the campus. I think sometimes when you go to a campus you have never been to, our guys like to see what the campus is like. "

    On Darius Willis' injury status:
    "He will do more than he did yesterday each day this week. I expect him to be ready to go. He is like any running back in the Big Ten who is going to get beat up. He went into the game beat up and we were surprised he played against Akron after not being able to play at all versus Western Michigan. He really hasn't been totally healthy. We held him yesterday and I expect him to do more today. I know some schools have big time running backs who do nothing during the week, but play on Saturday. We do not do that."

    On running backs as pass blockers:
    "Darius is a great pass blocker. We throw the ball quite a lot and pass protection becomes a big part of the responsibility of our backs on top of catching the ball out of the backfield."

    On positives taken almost midway through the season:
    "After the first three games, I equated it to being the first quarter and we finished the first quarter well. Coming into the second quarter, the teams did not know anything about us and we didn't know a lot about them. We knew the name of Ohio State and Michigan, but we had not played them. Virginia is the same way. We are two-thirds of the way through the second quarter and we have not had a very good second quarter. We want to go into halftime on a positive. The second half consists of six teams we have played a lot and know a lot more about. They know a lot more about us too. I think this game is very important to us in that we finish the second quarter on a positive and get to halftime."

    On differences in Virginia at the beginning of the season (losing to William and Mary) versus their win against North Carolina:
    "We needed a fumble recovery in our first win. Iowa is a top-10 team, but had to block two field goals in their first game. Every team progresses from their first game. That first game is so different. I don't look at that aspect with Virginia. They are a football team that has progressed the way a coach would want a football team to progress. All I can tell you is the team that played against North Carolina played with a great passion and energy. They were hitting people and taking care of the ball. It is really hard to judge a team based on the first game. There are so many teams around the country where the teams are so different from their first games, including us I think."

    On Tandon Doss and making one-handed catches:
    "He makes one-handed catches in practice a lot. I actually got on him Thursday for making one of those one-handed catches behind him. I told him he needed to get his other hand up there. He gave me a look saying he could not get his hand up there. Then, when I watched the practice film, I realized Tandon was right.

    "The one in the game on Saturday, he could not have gotten his second hand up. He had one in practice last week, where he came off the practice field and Joe Palcic and Billy Lynch said you have to watch this catch Tandon had on tape. I turned on the film and thought, `Wow!' He is a pretty talented player. He is doing it over again and he keeps making those catches over and over again. He is one of those players who the more he plays, the more confidence he has. He can make all of those plays."

    On the illegal substitution penalties in the Ohio State game:
    "Both penalties were completely different. We were in our nickel package and Ohio State was around the 35 yard-line. If we get a stop, we do not know whether they are going to kick a long field goal or punt. With a punt, you often call a punt safety play where you leave the defense on the field. Justin Carrington ran off the field thinking we were going to have our regular punt personnel out on the field. The rule is when a guy runs of the field and is replaces, he can not go back in. He came off and we only had 10 guys on the field, so we pushed him back into the game. My argument at the time was he wasn't substituted for.

    "We will get that communication fixed. My responsibility at that point in the game would be to call a timeout. Later on, the penalty was a technicality. We had one play where we had six offensive linemen on the field. By design, we put Andrew McDonald on and took a wide receiver off. We run subs in a lot and we show what personnel groups are on. Your tackles are not all in tune to making those subs. McDonald was a little slow leaving the field and the officials deemed we had 12 men on the field. I will take the responsibility for that because we were running a unique formation and our guy did not get off the field fast enough. That is why some penalties make me really upset and others do not. The plays were unique situations."

    On the linebacker play against Ohio State:
    "I thought our linebackers played really well. I will start with Will Patterson. He has a lot of responsibility because he plays out in space and plays in the box. With the spread formations he is out on an inside receiver. He has pass coverage and running game responsibilities chasing players down. I think he has played really well. He is fast and tackles very well. He missed one early in the game in the open field, but in terms of chasing Pryor, I thought he tackled well.

    "[Matt] Mayberry is our inside guy and Matt has to get the defense lined up. He has to recognize formations and fronts so he has some responsibility. He is playing like a senior and is playing his best football. He played fast. Tyler Replogle has played excellent. He is as high-energy as anyone we have on the team and makes plays sideline to sideline. Justin Carrington has played quite a bit and comes in during our nickel package. The flexibility all of our linebackers have really is important. Those four guys are all starting linebackers for us."


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