Bill Lynch Weekly Press Conference

    Go Hoosiers! Head Coach Bill Lynch
    Go Hoosiers!
    Head Coach Bill Lynch
    Go Hoosiers!

    Oct. 7, 2008

    Press Conference Video

    Head Coach Bill Lynch

    Opening Statement

    "Well, we obviously lost a tough one up at Minnesota on Saturday but I thought overall our defense played very solid. The one area there that we talked about was the third down possessions. They were close to fifty percent and, as well as we played, we needed to get them off the field a few times. Minnesota was able to control the ball.

    "On the other side of it, we did not play well enough offensively. I think that was really from start to finish and the possession downs there were a big factor, where we were ten percent. So if you take what they did on third down versus what we did on third down, it probably is the most revealing statistic from the game as we came out of it."

    On the team's health after the game:
    "We came out of it relatively healthy. Nick Polk and Austin Thomas in particular, are in good shape. They practiced hard yesterday so we feel like we're in good shape there. Will Patterson was back practicing yesterday after not being able to finish the game, so I think from a health standpoint we got through it in good shape."

    On Iowa:
    "Iowa is a very good football team. They are within a few plays of being 6-0. They have gotten beat by three very good football teams - Pitt on the road, Northwestern, who is undefeated, in a very close game and then lost a tough one to Michigan State at Michigan State on Saturday. And it's interesting, we both come into it having lost three games. The combined records of the three teams that beat us are 16-2 and the combined records of the three teams that beat them are 16-2. I don't know what that tells you other than we both are in need of bouncing back and having a good week."



    On Iowa's defense having allowed just over 10 points a game:
    "That to me a trademark of Iowa football. They play great defense. They always are very, very good in scoring defense and rush defense. They've got a great scheme and very good players and they play hard. But things that I think are staples of Iowa defense, they don't give up big plays, they're very tough to run on and, as a result of not giving up big plays, they don't give up a lot of points. They force a lot of field goal attempts. This team is very much the same."

    On not having the offense and defense at their peak in the same game:
    "Well, that's football. And we're striving to develop the consistency it takes to be a good football team. And you've got to be solid offensively, defensively and in the kicking game if you're going to win in the Big Ten. We have not done that and that's certainly something that we're working towards. I think from a positive standpoint, I do feel like our defense is coming along in the last two weeks. Now you can say, `well Michigan State had a bunch of yards and points,' but I think we all felt like they played well. I feel like they played better against Michigan State and I think they carried it over at Minnesota. I thought they played with a confidence and great effort and made some plays to knock the ball loose. The only thing we need to improve upon is we've got to get the other guy off the field and we've got to stay on the field. That's why there was such a disparity in time of possession and number of plays."

    On the difference between last year's team and this year's:
    "Each team is different. Even though each year there's a lot of returning players and guys that have played, but the personality of each team is different there's no question about that. And I can't put my finger on one particular thing. We are sitting here with the record that we have and understanding that we're not too many plays away from being somewhere else right now, so that obviously changes your outlook on everything but that's part of it. And we certainly have talked a lot to the team about that and that's why you learn in this business it's like life. You've got to move on. You can't dwell on the past, you learn from it and you correct the mistakes and you move on. And we've got a great challenge this week with Iowa. I like this football team, I like the way they work, I like their attitude. But I think it's really hard to say one team is completely different than the other. With any team you lose not only players but some personalities and the personalities of a group make up a lot of what the team is like."

    On the offense having a slow start on Saturday:
    "I think that's almost every football team in America. I think we can go back to last year's football team and we could say the same thing about different games. Some of it is how the other team plays. I think we were ready to play Saturday. We didn't get them off the field the first drive although we held them to a missed field goal and then all of the sudden we didn't get a first down. We came up with a third and two and gained a yard, didn't get it and had to punt. And then we didn't get it stopped and all of the sudden the quarter's over so it was a strange game. To say that one side of the ball wasn't ready to play, I don't think that's the case. Each game has its own personality as well. I mean we've got to get better. I'm certainly not down on this football team and I think we've done some things well. We're not sitting with a record that we had hoped to have at this point but I said this too, there's a whole bunch of teams around the country saying that right now and there's a whole lot of football left. We've got seven games left, as do most teams. So it's all about improving and going back to work and playing better on Saturday."

    On Iowa's Offense:
    " I've got a lot of respect for Iowa football and Kirk [Ferentz] and how he runs the program. And I think that the thing that they're so solid about year in and year out is they have a system, they believe in what they're doing and they do it well. They are a big, physical offensive line and they are a very physical running football team. Now they are different than Michigan State in that they are primarily a zone blocking team, they have real tight line splits and they come off. But they really get after you with a big, physical offensive line. They're like Michigan State in that they play with a fullback, which not a lot of people play with anymore. They've got a good back that's a downhill guy, good zone runner. They seem to plan [Ricky] Stanzi as their quarterback and he's a big, rangy guy. They're a good play action team like Iowa generally is, being a good running team. But in terms of the Iowa football team you'll see it will be similar to what you're accustomed to seeing from them."


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