Bill Lynch Weekly Press Conference

    Go Hoosiers! Indiana head coach Bill Lynch met with the media on Tuesday to discuss the upcoming game at Illinois on Saturday.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Indiana head coach Bill Lynch met with the media on Tuesday to discuss the upcoming game at Illinois on Saturday.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Oct. 14, 2008

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    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Indiana head football coach Bill Lynch met with the media on Tuesday, Oct. 14, to discuss the Hoosiers upcoming game against Illinois on Oct. 18 in Champaign, Ill.

    Indiana head coach Bill Lynch

    Opening Statement:
    "Recapping Saturday, it was a game where, in the first half, field position was setup partly due to a turnover on our part and not getting some key stops. When it got to the half, we were only down 17-9 and we had missed an extra point and we were only a touchdown behind. Yardage-wise we were pretty even, so I felt we survived the first half when things didn't go all that well, especially from a field position perspective.

    "We came out in the second half and got the ball first and had a three-and-out. We didn't swap field position off the punt and they took it down and scored and from that point on Iowa really dominated us. They are a good football team. But we've got to play better on both sides of the ball. And again, turnovers weren't the determining factor but certainly didn't help, third down conversions certainly were a factor again, letting our opponent stay on the field too long by not getting some key third down stops and offensively we're not converting.

    "We had hung in there pretty good with the running game against all of our opponents until Saturday and then there was a huge disparity which I think is certainly a factor in how the score ended up the way it did. I really do think we felt like going into the game and certainly after Saturday and they're a good football team. They really are close to having a great year going.

    "Now we have another one in Illinois who is a very talented football team and they lost a tough one to Minnesota; but I think we all felt after we played Minnesota that Minnesota was much improved football team as well and they went in to Champaign and beat them. Their other losses were to what look to be great football teams in Missouri and Penn State. But Illinois is very talented on both sides of the ball and I'm sure hurting a little bit after their loss as we are. But it should be a great football environment, playing at night, back on the road. So we're looking forward to having a good week and getting after it."



    On Kellen Lewis' injury status:
    "He's questionable. It's a high ankle sprain. We're hoping by the end of the week we can get him back out there. He's going to be in a boot today and we'll have to see tomorrow where he is. But the same way Saturday he came out, we knew he was hurting, went through half time got re-taped and all that and we thought that it would loosen up and we'd get him going in the second half and it just never really did. Some athletes bounce back pretty quickly. He really hasn't been hurt much so we haven't really been through this in terms of how quickly he can bounce back. Certainly, we're hopeful that a guy like that can bounce back quicker than our 300 pound guys just because of his body type. But we'll have to see as we go through the week. But if you come out to practice today, he's going to be in a boot so it's clear that he's got a ways to go."

    On other injuries going into this week:
    "Deonte's (Mack) probably not going to do much today. Jerimy (Finch) should be able to go pretty good today. I'm certainly hopeful that he'll go pretty well. The other offensive linemen should be, (Dennis) Ziegler is still out but the other guys should be practicing. The D-line, I think everybody should be able to go other than Deonte. Linebackers, we're probably going to hold (Tyler) Replogle out today but he should be back and ready to go tomorrow. In the secondary, we're going to hold Austin Thomas until tomorrow. We held him yesterday, we're going to hold him today and that's kind of precautionary after the injury he's had and he's gone pretty hard on it so he'll take a couple days there. And then corners, Adrian Burks didn't play because of a hamstring and he's still not going to practice probably."

    On whether he and his staff are planning to make significant changes:
    "You know what, ever since Saturday night we spent a lot of time talking. And I think any time you hit some tough times you do that. You re-evaluate everything and I think I probably said that right after the game that that's what we were going to do and we have. We spent all day Sunday and most of Monday, had a good workout yesterday, met quite a bit today and are anxious to go practice.

    "We're not going to do anything dramatically different. Have we evaluated everything, yes. From how we prepare to who's playing to what we're doing. Absolutely. It still comes back to we have to execute better. Most of the things that we have, now when you line up and play Iowa, you don't expect to go up and down the field with the ball. Nobody's going to go up and down the field on Iowa and nobody had all year. We had kind of a fluky game with them last year where we got some big plays but that doesn't happen much against Iowa.

    "Against Minnesota, we didn't have the ball enough. And a lot of that was because we were 10 percent on third down conversions so we didn't give ourselves a chance there.

    "But the things that I think, from an offensive standpoint, that we're going to make a real point of emphasis, and we have but we're going to continue, one is turnovers. We have got to take care of the football. We certainly need to create some turnovers as well but you're talking about offense.

    "Certainly we've got to keep addressing the penalties. I think we were better Saturday. I think my job is I've got to look at the penalty itself too and when did it happen, what were the circumstances, was it a brand new guy? There are some things that always, it's not just the numbers, but that's something we certainly have to address and then just clearly the fundamentals. We've got to sustain blocks longer. We've got to break tackles when we have an opportunity. We've got to make catches. We've got to block downfield with our wideout. Those are the things I see when we have the opportunity to sit in there hour after hour, watch the tape, and break every play down.

    "And why did we come up a yard short? Fourth and one rather than first down, and it's generally one of those things I just talked about, the fundamental part. Now do you make game plan adjustments? Yeah. And we have each week. We did some things a lot different against Iowa than we did against Minnesota, some of it's subtle, but because you have to at this point of the year, prepare for the opponents you have. But we certainly, and I'm going to use this and I'll say it over and over again on both sides of the ball, we're not panicking about what we're doing. We're going to get better.

    "We're at the halfway point in the season and that's why I think you evaluate each week but the game Saturday and the reality that we're halfway through it we really did do a lot of evaluating. Now one guy we're going to move up defensively is Nick Sliger. Whether he plays or not I don't know. But just like we moved (Justin) Pagan up last week to prepare him, we're doing that with Sliger because we are beat up in the defensive line and I think Saturday showed that you've got to have healthy guys in there against a good running football team. And we had some guys who were beat up and I give them credit. They hung in there. But we've got to have good healthy bodies in there against good running teams."

    On whether he's concerned the team is looking ahead
    "Not really. Each game concerns me as a coach. I've been on teams that were undefeated at this point and you always worry about the next one. And when we say we don't look down the road, we really don't. You do in the offseason, but once you get in the middle of it, from the time we got done evaluating what we're doing to really getting into Illinois, you just throw yourself into Illinois and everything that has to do with them and then when it's over then you get on to the next one. I think we felt going in to it, it was going to be a really difficult schedule. At the beginning people said your schedule's this or that but one, we knew Ball State was going to be outstanding and we knew Central Michigan was going to be outstanding which they are, and the Big Ten was going to be better. So Illinois, that's about as much as you can consume yourself with right now."

    On whether this year's trip to Illinois can springboard the team like it did in 2006
    "Oh, I guess you can always look at it. I think we've looked at each of the last few games that way, so this game is the next one that you look at that way and regardless of what happens when Northwestern comes in, we're going to look at that one the same way. That game at Illinois [in 2006] was different in the sense that we were both struggling at that time. And it was kind of a wild game because they jumped way up on us and then we made a long come back. But I think this is a different Illinois team than that one. I know they lost a tough one last week, but they're a very, very good football team. But obviously going on the road, going to Illinois, yeah it's a big football game for us. Like I said, it's a great environment. If you can't get juiced up by going and playing in front of 70,000 people in Champaign on a Saturday night on national television then we're in the wrong business, and I think our players feel that way as well."


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