'Score Six' With Larry Black, Jr.

    Go Hoosiers! Larry Black, Jr.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Larry Black, Jr.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Oct. 26, 2012

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Senior defensive tackle Larry Black, Jr. is set to play in his 44th consecutive game Saturday afternoon at Illinois, and expected to make his 36th start.

    The Cincinnati, Ohio native took a few minutes recently to answer a few questions...

    How do you get out there each and every week, never missing a game in your career?

    "Just toughness. And also being blessed, honestly. God has blessed me to stay healthy throughout my career and I'm proud of that. I pray every night and He's blessed me."

    Which player did you look up to growing up?

    "Believe it or not, Emmitt Smith, the running back for the Dallas Cowboys. I always thought I was going to be a running back. That's probably why I'm so quick and fast now, always trying to imitate his moves (laughing)."

    Post-football plans?

    "Whatever comes, comes. I'm not looking at that right now. I'm taking care of this team right now. Being the best leader and person I can be for this team. Whatever happens, happens. I just know that if I take care of being the person I want to be, all that will work out."

    What will you miss most about Bloomington?

    "Oh man, I'm going to miss game days. I'm going to miss that Mother's Pizza a lot, too. Going to miss being on campus and living in such a nice community. I'm going to miss those things a lot. I'm also going to miss being around my teammates each and every day."

    You've starred in the some plays before. So what's better: hitting the quarterback or hitting the high note?

    "Hitting the quarterback. Best feeling in the world is hitting the quarterback."

    Why are you always smiling?

    "Because I'm here on Earth. Sometimes I see stuff that looks hilarious and I just have to smile. I'm just a happy, joyful person. Why not smile? God gave us another day, so it's good to be happy."




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