Head Coach Bill Lynch's Weekly Press Conference - Nov. 15

    Go Hoosiers! Head Coach Bill Lynch met with members of the media on Monday to discuss last weekend's game at Wisconsin and look forward to this weekend's contest against Penn State.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Head Coach Bill Lynch met with members of the media on Monday to discuss last weekend's game at Wisconsin and look forward to this weekend's contest against Penn State.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 15, 2010

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    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Head Coach Bill Lynch met with members of the media on Monday to discuss last weekend's game at Wisconsin and look forward to this weekend's contest against Penn State.

    Head coach Bill Lynch

    Opening Statement::
    "Obviously the game on Saturday, after studying it for a day, was very similar to what I said after the game. I've never seen a game change that much with a guy getting hurt. You could feel it on the sideline. It was like the wind was just let out of the sail when Ben went out. That's not an excuse, and that should not happen, but I really do believe it did for a period of time.

    "They [Wisconsin] are a great football team and I mean that. I say that in a sense that I think the Big Ten is very strong this year. Legitimately, very good football teams. And certainly Wisconsin is up there with any of them. But I do think we had a good game plan, we're moving the ball and I'm not sure we were going to stop them throughout the day, but I thought we could control the ball a little bit and put up some points. Then when Ben got hurt we lost that. Again, that's not an excuse, and that shouldn't happen, but I do think it did.

    "With that, we're moving on to Penn State and another good football team. It's a great opportunity for our kids to go into a new venue. I think they are playing in FedExField tonight, so our guys will be able to watch the NFL play on Monday Night Football knowing they are going to play there at noon on Saturday. It's a different kind of trip and going to D.C., staying downtown, going out to the stadium, I know our guys are excited for it. It is a great opportunity playing Penn State, with the tradition of Penn State there in Washington."

    On recovering from a loss:
    "You get that bunker mentality. It's interesting as a staff when we returned Saturday night, go home and get up early Sunday and you're here until late last night, and then you are back here this morning. Everything is focused on reviewing what happened, what mistakes are correctable, correcting them and then getting on to Penn State. That is our mindset and then that's what we pass on to our players. The reality of it is that it was a loss. The points jump out at everybody, but we can't let that affect where we are and what's ahead of us. We're going to Penn State to play a good football team and it's a great opportunity for us. A week ago we sat in here and we were one play away from everybody thinking it was a great football team. You never get too high or too low in this business because the next one is coming up. I've talked to a lot of the guys over the last few days, and they understand that and they will be ready to go."



    On if it's a good time for a different kind of trip:
    "I haven't thought of it that way. I think our mindset all along is that we are going to take this trip late in the year ever since we signed the deal. I think as much as anything, looking ahead knowing that Iowa was our last home football game and we had two in a row with Northwestern and Iowa, so in my mind it's always been this is going to be a different kind of trip. I'm not sure I've ever played in a neutral environment like this in a game like this other than a playoff or bowl game, so it is different in that way. It is still a conference game against a Big Ten foe that we have played every year, so our team knows Penn State. It's not like one of those teams that have been off of the rotation for a few years, and they have a few players back that have played over the last several years."

    On how to prepare for Penn State's offense:
    "It is still Penn State. You have to prepare for a very athletic offensive line and an older offensive line. I don't know what their situation is now and they may need to make some adjustments, but they either have fifth-year seniors or fourth-year juniors throughout their offensive line. I think that's the thing that jumps out at us, how athletic their offensive line is. It's not a huge offensive line like Wisconsin, but it's a very athletic one. They have their all-time leading rusher (Evan Royster), so you have to prepare for him. And that's saying something at Penn State. They have good athletes on the outside, and a unique guy that you really have to account for, Brett Brackett. He is 6-6, 240 pounds, a hybrid tight-end and wide receiver. That being said, then you have to throw the quarterback in the mix. I think we have plenty of tape on both of them and have a lot of respect for them, but we just have to get ready for their total package."

    On Adam Follett:
    "I think (Follett) has had a really good fall. I think he is quietly under the radar in terms of us watching practice every day, he is a great team guy. He'll throw for the scout team if they need a big arm guy. He'll come back and signal, he is very supportive and active in the meeting room. He is exactly what you are looking for and he really has made a lot of improvement without pounding on his chest or saying why not me. I think he is a guy that is prepared if the opportunity comes."

    On splitting time between Edward Wright-Baker and Dusty Kiel:
    "We've split Ed and Dusty quite a bit. We felt like that was the right thing to do because they really have been even. One guy has a better day than the other and then vice versa and week by week so we went with the idea rather than designating this guy is a two or a three. On Saturday we put Ed in first, knowing that if that happened, both would play. Depending on when Ben gets back and practicing completely, Ed is going to get a lot of reps."

    On being beat up at running back:
    "It's a unique situation. We brought in three freshman tailbacks (Antonio Banks, Matt Perez and Xavier Whitaker) and all three of them are out. I've never seen that happen. And then Willis, too. We have had four knees at the tailback position."

    On playing a historically good program:
    "I think it depends year to year and who you are playing. We probably didn't sell it well enough when we went to Ohio State this year. We played poorly in that first half. Different than Saturday where we weren't really slowing them down, but we were moving the ball and we were competitive up until the five or six minute mark of the second quarter. Whereas at Ohio State it was bam, right away. Maybe that was the case. One thing, our guys haven't been to Ohio State. Penn State's funny. Our guys have been there two years in a row and this will be different, too, because it's a completely neutral environment to everybody. I don't really think that's a factor right now, especially where we are in the year right now. We've played Michigan, Ohio State, Iowa, Wisconsin; we've played very good football teams."

    On belief with a team:
    "It's big all the time. That may be as big of thing as there is in athletics. The great teams believe and I don't care what sport it is. Whether its belief, confidence, whatever that term is, I think that's huge. That's something you develop as a team and an individual athlete, and I think that's something you work on all the time."

    On Penn State's quarterback changes:
    "I would say as much as anything, they have added a spark to them. They played well at the end of the first half through the second half versus Northwestern. That was a really good half of football they played. I think sometimes that's just a spark in a different voice and maybe a little bit older kid."

    On Penn State's offensive style:
    "I think that's a characteristic of how they are playing. They take shots and are not afraid of throwing deep. They are a very good screen team, which I think is a trademark of Penn State's offense. They are a good misdirection, naked-bootleg team. They will take shots. Those are things that we have seen on film with either quarterback."


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