Quotes From Cam Cameron Weekly Press Conference

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    November 20, 2001

    Bloomington, Ind. -- Cam Cameron will address the media each Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. to discuss the previous week's game and the upcoming games for the Hoosiers.

    Opening Statement...

    "I'll start with just reiterating what was said in the Big Ten conference call. Obviously, we were disappointed that we were unable to win the Penn State game. I think you'd feel the same way after looking at the tape. We made just enough mistakes that resulted in penalties and we didn't over come those. I thought going into the game our team was hungry and ready to play. They did an excellent job of preparation as you could see early in the game. Again, the mistakes we made resulted in penalties that just crippled us."

    On Purdue:

    "It is nice to have the Purdue game right around the corner, especially here at home. I think our kids are excited to play. I think offensively we will be challenged. I think this is the best Purdue defense that they've had. They have caused 17 turnovers this year. Obviously, that will be a critical factor in the game -- our ability to play aggressively. At the same time, we must handle the ball the way we have all season. This is also the best special teams we'll play because of their kicker. (Travis) Dorsch is a kid we all knew out of high school. He was highly touted and hasn't disappointed. I would think he would win most of the kicking awards this year. He has, from a field position standpoint, really helped their defense. Offensively, they aren't what they've been. However, they've been productive and have done it a different way. They run the football more and have some guys who can really run. As far as quarterback, it doesn't matter who is in there. (Brandon) Hance and (Kyle) Orton are both very similar. They are smart kids who are athletic within that system. We will have to be prepared for either one of those two guys. This is a very solid Purdue team and we will need a great week of preparation. And, we expect to do that."

    Is there that much of a difference in preparing for Orton or Hance?

    "Hance really reminds me physically of Drew Brees. Drew is so smart and was such a great player. With Hance, I see a lot of similar characteristics as well. Orton is a little taller and a bit rangier. He throws the ball with great confidence and seems to have a grasp of what they're trying to do. Their system is what you have to defend, not necessarily the quarterback."

    Coach Tiller has mentioned that he thought some teams were defending them a bit differently. Can you comment on that at all?

    "There are a lot of good coaches in this league and around the country. Northwestern got everybody's attention. Is there anybody's offense that is going to last over time? A spread offense? I don't know. It depends on how talented you are. Ultimately, when you spread everybody out, it doesn't mean everybody is going to spread out with you. (Vinny) Sutherland was very dangerous out there. He could take a pass behind the line of scrimmage and go 80 yards for a score. I think everybody is ganging up on those offenses a little bit. It is a lot easier said than done because you are now stuck one-on-one to the outside. It becomes a matter of how good you are to the outside."

    Montrell Lowe has helped them recently. Can you talk about him for a moment?

    "We actually knew a lot about him coming out of high school in Texas. He is extremely fast. All their backs have great speed. In that system you don't need two backs. You need one back who can fly. They have done a good job of recruiting backs that fit into their offense. He has gotten better and better throughout his career."

    How is the team doing as far as responding to the emotional loss on Saturday?

    "I was impressed with out team's effort in the game. You could have heard a pin drop on the plane ride home. Anybody on that plane knows. I think they were truly exhausted because they played as hard as they could play. I find it interesting and I found out later that a bunch of those guys came right in and looked at the game tape on Saturday night. I think that is an indicator that they don't think this season is over. Trophy games were a big part of their goals and we have two of them left. That is where our focus will be."

    Somebody had mentioned that you are still playing a different type of bowl game with these two games are against Purdue and Kentucky.

    "Is the glass half-empty or half-full? The one thing that really makes this profession and Division One sports unique is that we aren't going to run and hide. We are going out to represent ourselves and represent this university. We will continue to compete as hard as we can possibly compete. We're not going to tuck our tails between our legs and try and hide to get through the next two weeks. We are going to prepare as we well as we can prepare. We are going to play as well as we can play. I'm going to demand that from everyone in this program. And, the type of people we have here I know they'll respond."

    The players on this team haven't beaten Purdue. From a motivational standpoint, does that help at all?

    "We are talking about the Purdue game, which irrespective of what has happened in the past, it is going to be a knock down, drag out type of game. I know this senior class has a lot of pride in them and want to do everything they possibly can to do to go out on top. That is why I'm confident on how we are going to play."

    Can you talk about what the Bucket means to you?

    "Having grown up in Indiana, you hear so much about the Indiana-Purdue rivalry. There aren't too many families in this state that don't have people on both sides of this game. My father-in-law is a Purdue graduate and also has a degree from Indiana. It is something that you hear about 365 days a year. Coach (Lee) Corso emphasized it in a manner that was special. You can go back and learn all about the historical part of it. I take great pride in being a Hoosier. I take great pride in representing Indiana in this game. Now it is a part of the Titan Series. In fact, we had a (departmental) staff meeting this morning and several people commented on needing that point for the Series. There are a lot of things that go into it. That is what college football is all about and these rivalry game are big."

    Did the seniors meet with the team and talk about the remainder of the season?

    "I will say this, we have great leadership across the board. We have a leadership group of a dozen guys led by Kemp (Rasmussen) and Antwaan (Randle El). They have done a tremendous job of keeping this team focused. This week will be no different."

    Does preparing for two quarterbacks cause a problem in practice this week?

    "It is a good question. They are both similar guys to who they've had in their system. Whether it is Billy Dickins or Drew Brees. They both have a good understanding of what plays to get into. They are both pretty mobile and have the ability to throw the ball accurately. With their same style, we won't prepare any different for one or the other."

    The key to stopping Purdue seems to start up front by getting a push and with penetration.

    "It certainly helps. You have to force them to do one of two things. Run the football or throw it. Purdue can really hurt you when they start running the football. They have a good play-action passing attack and can get you going in two different directions. You have to find ways to get pressure of their one-back and their quarterback."

    You mentioned Craig Osika as one of four guys for candidates for all-conference. Can you talk about his growth and what he means to this team?

    "Here is a guy who has adapted relatively quickly. He was moved to the center position after playing tight end for two years. He is a four-year player who would really benefit from a fifth year but he had to play as a freshman for us. I think he has had a tremendous year...a solid year. I think any time you rush for the amount of yards that we have and, secondly, give up as few of sacks as we have, no matter who you're quarterback is, it all starts with the guy who leads the people up front and that is your center. Craig is a guy with an extremely bright future. He still has a lot of room to grow as a player. Given the right opportunity, Craig could play football for a long time."



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