Indiana Football Bowl Possibility FAQ

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 20, 2007

    Insight Bowl FAQ

    1) What is Indiana's current situation, following their regular season ending win over Purdue?

    IU finished the regular season with a 7-5 record, and is one of eight (8) Big Ten teams with records of 7-5 or better. It was a great season for the Hoosiers under the direction of Coach Bill Lynch. The Big Ten has seven (7) contracted bowl slots, and in all likelihood, IU's final post-season destination will not be settled until Sunday, December 2 - when the other BCS conferences finish their regular season play - which includes conference championship games in several leagues. While we are very hopeful that IU will advance to play in a bowl game, that is not a guarantee - due to the number of available bowl slots, the number of bowl eligible teams in the Big Ten and the manner in which the bowls select their participants. (See Question #3 below)

    2) What are the seven (7) contracted Big Ten bowls, and when/where are they played?

    The seven (7) Big Ten bowls are listed below. There is potential for an 8th slot to be opened, should a Big Ten team be ranked #1 or #2 in the final BCS poll and selected to play in the National Championship game - which this year is the Sugar Bowl. This scenario occurred last season when Ohio State played in the National Championship game (the Fiesta Bowl) and Michigan played in the Rose Bowl.

    Rose BowlJanuary 1Pasadena, CA
    Capital One BowlJanuary 1Orlando, FL
    Outback BowlJanuary 1Tampa, FL
    Alamo BowlDecember 29 San Antonio, TX
    Champs Sports BowlDecember 28 Orlando, FL
    Insight BowlDecember 31Tempe, AZ
    Motor City Bowl December 26Detroit, MI

    3) What is the process by which Big Ten teams are selected to play in each individual bowl?

    Unless a Big Ten team is ranked #1 or #2 in the final BCS poll, the Big Ten regular season champion represents the conference in the Rose Bowl each year. Following the assignment of the regular season champion to the Rose Bowl, the other Big Ten bowls select who they want to invite according to the order listed above - similar to a draft. For example, the Capital One Bowl has the next selection, followed by the Outback Bowl, then the Alamo Bowl, etc., through the Motor City Bowl which has the final pick. Fans should note that these subsequent selections are not necessarily made according to final standings or records, but rather according to preference by each bowl from among the Big Ten teams that are bowl eligible. For example, even though the Outback Bowl has the third selection, it is not bound to select the team that places third in the conference during the regular season. As mentioned above in question #1, IU is not guaranteed to be selected for a bowl game - due to the number of available bowl slots, the number of bowl eligible teams in the Big Ten and the manner in which the bowls choose their participating teams.

    4) Once Indiana is selected to participate in a bowl, how will tickets be sold to season ticket holders, Varsity Club members, alumni and fans?

    Bowl game tickets will go on sale shortly after IU's bowl destination is determined through the IU Ticket Office. Fans will be able to either call the Ticket Office toll-free at 1-866-IUSPORTS (1-866-487-7678) or locally at 812-855-4006. Additionally, fans will be able to order tickets on-line at any time by visiting As is the case when any Indiana team participates in post-season play, tickets will be assigned according to the Varsity Club priority point system. For any Big Ten bowl game that IU would be assigned to, we anticipate that an ample number of game tickets will be available, but nonetheless want fans to know that they are encouraged to order their tickets as quickly as possible. The priority seating order deadline will be December 10, 2007. This will be a very festive occasion, and we want as many fans as possible to show their IU pride by supporting the team by attending their bowl game.

    5) Will travel packages for IU's bowl game be made available by the athletic department for season ticket holders, alumni, and fans?

    Yes, indeed. Through the Indiana athletic department's partnership with its official travel agency, Anthony Travel, fans will be able to either call a toll-free number (800-736-6377) or go online ( shortly after IU's bowl destination is revealed to personally arrange their travel and accommodations for IU's bowl game. Anthony Travel will work with each IU supporter to individually plan and execute their customized bowl travel plan that fits their needs - whether they are traveling from a local destination or anywhere else in the country.

    Please note that the athletic department does not plan to sell charter air packages for fans that would originate from Bloomington or Indianapolis. With IU's final bowl destination still to be determined, and knowing that both families and individuals likely already have some sort of holiday plans in place, the commitments that are required to book charters are too uncertain. Instead, we encourage fans to contact Anthony Travel to arrange their needs individually.

    6) Is there anything else that fans should know relative to IU and a bowl game?

    Yes, there is.....beyond a doubt, IU's great fan support made a significant difference to our team and coaches during the 2007 season. Anyone who attended the Purdue game at Memorial Stadium last Saturday knows for certain that crowds do indeed help win games - and that our home field advantage was a huge factor in our 27-24 victory. The Hoosiers made good on their promise to "Defend the Rock" and brought the Old Oaken Bucket back to its rightful resting place here in Bloomington! IU hasn't had the chance to play in a bowl game since 1993. We need and want our loyal and faithful fans to capture the Memorial Stadium magic that was so prevalent last Saturday and bring it to wherever the Hoosiers go to play their 13th game, should they be selected. It's been a long time coming, and the celebration needs to continue. Go Hoosiers!




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